Dropship Profit Secrets Review

Dropship Profit Secrets Review (Kevin Vang Google Ads Course)

So, here I am again, bringing you a brand new review on Kevin Vang’s dropshipping course. The name of the course is ‘Dropship Profit Secrets’ and has been released just a few weeks back. It’s a short course worth $ 497, which basically deals in how to market your store and products by focussing on Google ads.

Let’s find out if his new course is worth your money and time, or not. So, are you ready?

Dropship Profit Secrets Pros & Cons


What is Dropship Profit Secrets?

Dropship Profit Secrets is a Google Ads Course created and designed by a budding YouTuber and drop shopping entrepreneur – Kevin Vang. It is one of the latest dropshipping courses available on the internet. The course offers step-by-step training where you learn how to use Google Ads the right way and achieve success with Shopify Dropshipping.

The course consists of 7 chapters with 26 sections in all. The chapters include topics like how you can find the winning products, or how to have the right conversion tracking strategies. It also talks about how you can increase your Google Traffic or what you need to do to take over the market and Automation.

The course includes 3 bonuses which are as follows:

  • One to one call with Kevin.
  • A tool worth $997, which enables you to look for products by reverse engineering competitor’s stores.
  • A reveal to you how to achieve massive success (which seemed somewhat laughable and desperate to me).

There is an Earnings Disclaimer page also, which says that you are unlikely to make money using the content of this course. To sum it up, the Earners Disclaimer states that there is no guarantee of earnings (which is fair enough and pretty honest of Kevin), but there is a line which says that “You agree that we will not share in your success,” which seemed confusing to say the least. Isn’t that exactly what Kevin is doing by posting Earning screenshots of his members on his Sales page?

With a price of $497, you get to access all the modules on his website and learn about Google ads, which is in itself a difficult but profitable marketing strategy.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Dropship Profit Secrets by Kevin Vang is right for you or not!

Who is Dropship Profit Secrets for?

Dropship Profit Secrets is basically for beginners and people who are clueless about what they want to do in their lives. Or rather, for people who want to do something in their lives, but don’t know how to get there. He is dedicated to helping people who want to do more with their lives and become successful entrepreneurs.

Who is Kevin Vang, The Founder of Dropship Profit Secrets?

Kevin Vang is a YouTuber and a blogger. He also has his own Facebook group on Shopify Dropshipping, which he created in the year 2017, where he teaches members the best tips and strategies of dropshipping. He is also an entrepreneur and has a few videos on Dropshipping for beginners. His videos get, on an average, about 500 views or so. Plus, his subscriber count is around 3000. All in all, I can say that he is pretty new in this field and still has to establish himself in the vast field of Dropshipping. He claims that his goal is to share his entrepreneurial journey and teach people how to make money online.

He tries to make the complicated courses on Google Ads, simpler for beginners and has built a simple system on the usage of Google Ads to create a successful Shopify DropshIpping store. He also claims that after switching to Google Ads from Facebook Ads, his Shopify store is ranked on the first page of Google; though I have to verify that!

What is Included in Dropship Profit Secrets?

The course consists of 7 chapters. Let’s talk about them one by one, to give you some idea about the complete course.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 begins by talking about how you can create the best 1 product store. Kevin deals in only 1 product store and does not cater to students who want to learn about a comprehensive e-commerce store. It includes various sections like – ‘How to structure your product pages,’ ‘How to price your products’, and ‘Reviews that want to make the customer purchase your product.’

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 talks about how you can find winning products. For this, he teaches you methods of spying on successful Facebook pages and other Dropshipping stores. He helps you in finding unique winning products and instructs on how to get suppliers.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a comprehensive guide for tracking conversions. An important observation here was that it is paid Google Advertising. He deliberately omits talking about how you can get traffic for free from other sources, or how content marketing can help you in your outreach efforts.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Kevin talks about various Google Traffic Secrets like negative keywords, finding profitable keywords, bid optimization and how to get your ad on Google’s first page. All very highly useful content in Google Paid Ads. Although, I personally felt that this chapter could have been longer and more comprehensive.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has four short videos telling you about scaling of Google Ads. You get to know how you can achieve a higher conversion rate and how to go about stealing of competitor’s customers ethically.

Chapter 6

The next chapter deals with taking over the market. This again has four videos in which Kevin teaches you how to leverage past your competitors or get better page headlines, taking your winning product to the next level.

Chapter 7

The last and final chapter is a very short one and is titled automation, and deals in what all you have to do to automate your Dropshipping store.

The course also offers three bonuses to gather more number of students and make it more lucrative and enticing.

  • The first bonus is a one-to-one call with Kevin Vang himself, where he will discuss with you the overall strategy and how you can create ads for your store.
  • The second bonus is what Vang calls a ‘tool’ that can help you find the products you can see – what Vang says is worth $997 on its own. The price honestly is somewhat exorbitant, because you can find a lot of free strategies on free online platforms like Facebook search.
  • The third bonus is somewhat funny and strange. It’s a ‘Crystal Clear Future Tool,’ where he will reveal to you how to become a massive success and how to have control over your life.

Personal Experience With Dropship Profit Secrets

Well, there are a few pros in this course, but a lot more cons actually. The course is concise, simple and for beginners. But then, I must say, it’s too simple and you will get almost all the content which Kevin has shared, free of cost on YouTube tutorials and Google searches, so why pay such a high price of $497 for this course.

Kevin does give a one-on-one mentorship call, but again, how much can you gain from one call. It can hardly be called as mentorship.

There is no mention of General or Niche Stores. And according to Kevin, Facebook ads are a waste of time and money, which is not true. Instagram Ads and influencers are very crucial in Dropshipping, which he makes no mention of whatsoever in his whole course. Thus, the whole course has a very narrow outlook.

There is also a refund policy, but it comes with its own set of conditions. You get to ask for a refund, but only if it’s lesser than 14 days and you have watched less than 40% of the course material. The only thing is that the course, itself is so short that you will probably have watched more than half of the course before you know it.

Dropship Profit Secrets Scam?

Nope, Dropship Profit Secrets is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Kevin Vang’s Dropship Profit Secrets course.

There are other sites claiming they either have Dropship Profit Secrets Coupon or Dropship Profit Secrets Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Dropship Profit Secrets Nulled or Dropship Profit Secrets Free is not a thing.

Dropship Profit Secrets Alternative Final Verdict

All I can say is, that although Kevin has made an honest attempt to make a concise and simple course for beginners in Shopify Dropshipping, but his course doesn’t do justice to the $497 that he is asking for its purchase. The course is too basic and doesn’t cover a lot of topics like SEO, content marketing and other free traffic sources.

Well, the program isn’t really a scam, but it isn’t great either. I do not recommend you to take a look at Dropship Profit Secrets Review simply because there are better-priced courses out there that offer a lot more. You will also have to dish out an extra $997 for just a tool that you can use for finding products. Pretty expensive, I say!

The course is too short for my liking and doesn’t provide any practical information on how to build or manage a successful Dropshipping store.

The course just caters to and talks about Google Ads, as if there is no other or a better alternative for that. I do agree that Google Ads is a profitable marketing strategy, and you can pursue it, but there are other options too, which Kevin Vang has completely neglected to talk about.

To sum it up, I can say, it’s an overall average course, and you could have gone for it if it would have been priced less.

Dropship Profit Secrets Alternative

Now I have personally bought a ton of dropshipping courses out there. I even review a lot of them on my blog. Generally, these gurus try to sell you a lifestyle of getting rich and successful that’s why they charge a ridiculous amount for the information they sell.

Their courses typically aren’t even comprehensive at all. They focus all their efforts trying to market their course so, they can make more money from course sales.

I do however think that dropshipping courses are worth it if they are good. They will save you a ton of time and hassle that’s why I highly recommend a solid dropshipping course.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and I highly recommend you check out this course called eCom Elites. (I did a review on this, make sure you read it!)

It’s by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping WAY before it was famous. 

This course definitely has helped me increase my eCommerce income before. However, I don’t do dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

Now, this is not another expensive garbage guru course. It’s one of the best & most affordable dropshipping / eCommerce course out there.

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