eCom Elites Review – Real Student & Unbiased

eCom Elites Review

Hey! In this review, I am going to be breaking down everything in the eCom Elites Course including common questions and concerns.

I am going to be giving a fully unbiased and honest review on eCom Elites so, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to buy it.

In this eCom Elites Review, I will cover your top questions and concerns including:

  • What eCom Elites is about?
  • Is eCom Elites legit or a scam?
  • Are students actually getting results?
  • Are there any hidden costs/upsells?
  • How much money do you need to start dropshipping?

Now before I begin, I want to let you know that I have actually bought the course.

Why is this important?

There are people reviewing the course without even purchasing it. Yet their articles are ranked pretty high on google.

I am a real student who bought eCom Elites a couple of years ago. You will see I made a video review where I personally show you how the course looks like.

Before we get into the review, I just want to address some questions some of you might have.

Is Dropshipping still a viable business? Is it even possible to make a long term sustainable business with Dropshipping?

You see many gurus nowadays, claiming you will become an overnight millionaire by buying their thousand dollar course.

In short, the answer is still yes, it has definitely gotten harder than before however, Dropshipping still to this day is one of the best beginner-friendly business with low start-up capital and build a long term sustainable business.

eCom Elites Video Review

eCom Elites Course Overview

Don’t have much time and just want to get a super quick and brief summary?

What is it about? Dropshipping and eCommerce course to help you out on your dropshipping journey.

Price: One-time payment of $197 or $297 (Depends on the version you buy)

Positives: Super affordable and has over 200 videos that are super in-depth.

Negatives: Information overload & Facebook group support can be improved by Franklin.

Where to purchase: You can buy here on this page here.

Final Verdict: eCom Elites is definitely worth buying if you want an in-depth dropshipping course that is also affordable

I prefer you read through the entire review to see if it’s right for you, I want you to make a conscious and well-informed decision because this is not an impulse decision.
I don’t want you to be trapped in the shiny object syndrome where people keep recommending courses after courses then one new scheme than the other.

What is eCom Elites?

Ecom Elites is a robust online course that is clearly broken down into several modules. In total, there are more than 170 videos to study, with each video providing a good insight into a specific topic.

While the overall course aims to focus on e-commerce and drop shipping, the marketing content that is included is worthy of a course in its own right. The videos are hosted on Vimeo to ensure that people get the best quality regardless of the speed of their Internet connection.

The modules that are included on the course are:

  • Setting up Shopify
  • Finding Products to Sell
  • Setting up Facebook Ads
  • Getting Traffic Through Instagram
  • Using (and tracking) Email Marketing
  • Growing your store with Chat Bots
  • Building effective sales funnels
  • Using Google Ads
  • Getting Organic Traffic Through Google SEO

There is also some bonus content and ‘top secret’ videos, on topics such as coupons, warranties, and review websites, as well as ‘spying’ to find new niches or audiences. New for Version 2.0 in the Ultimate edition is extra content on ad copy, custom conversions, and finding effective niches through Flippa sites.

Buyers can also take advantage of Q&A sessions with Franklin. There are weekly videos with Q&A sessions, and there is a Facebook group where members can discuss the course and share tips with each other. At the time of writing, the Private Mastermind group was thriving.

It’s a closed group, and while the membership is smaller than that of many public groups, it is well worth joining because the exclusivity of it means that the content is so much better than in public groups.

The people who are taking part in the group are people who have paid for the product and who are therefore serious about making dropshipping work. This makes the group a hugely valuable resource. Use the Q&A time and the group, and you can get genuinely personalized help.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett is right for you or not!

eCom Elites Pricing – How much does eCom Elites Cost?

eCom Elites comes in two different pricing plans, one which is the standard plan costing $197 and the other one which is $297 for the super plan pack.

Both of these versions are a one-time payment with no hidden monthly fees to join.

You can pay via the standard forms of payment like Paypal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Standard Plan ($197)

  • Over The Shoulder Dropshipping Training
  • Full Niche Research Training Using Franklin’s Methods.
  • Complete Store Setup & Training
  • Complete Facebook Ads Setup & Training (VERY THOROUGH)
  • Complete Instagram Training
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training
  • Complete Google SEO Traffic Training
  • Expanding & Getting More Sales With ChatBots
  • Facebook Group with Franklin
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates

Super Pack Plan ($297)

This is the Super Pack Plan which contains extra things other than the ones listed above.

  • Full Step By Step Sales Funnel Training
  • A Whole Google Shopping Ads Mini-Course
  • Franklin’s Top 6 Figure Selling Product List
  • Franklin’s Top Selling Niches

If you’re wondering what’s the main difference between this and the other super plan pack, it’s just that you get 3 extra modules on Sales Funnels, Google Shopping Ads, his top 6 figure selling products, and his top-selling niches.

Is there a Discount Code?

There are many other blogs claiming that if you purchase through their link you get a discount OR the price will change if you don’t act immediately.

I hate it when people aren’t transparent.

There is no discount/coupon for Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites course.

There are other sites claiming they either have eCom Elites Coupon or eCom Elites Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, eCom Elites Nulled or eCom Elites Free is not a thing.

Who is Franklin Hatchett, The Founder of Ecom Elites?

Franklin Hatchet Savage Affiliates

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur and the founder of Ecom Elites. He is passionate about teaching people how to make money online and helping people to improve their lives in a way similar to how he escaped his tedious 9-5 job.

There was a time when Hatchett was stuck in a dead-end job driving a digger for very little pay. He could not even afford to have a basic social life, and he wasn’t sure what he could do to change his situation. He was desperate for change, and he turned to the Internet, making websites and ranking them in Google, then making money off people clicking the ads on the sites. This made a small amount, but not enough to make a difference to his lifestyle.

Now, Franklin Hatchet has done dropshipping even before it was trendy and when every other guru talks about it nowadays. If you don’t believe me you can check the date out on some of his oldest videos.

Franklin Hatchett understands that it can be confusing to get started in the world of online marketing. He offers tips on every step of the process from finding a profitable product to comprehensive Facebook ads training that will make you money.

And unlike many other gurus, Franklin doesn’t charge extra whenever he updates the course. (Yes he does in fact update the course quite frequently.)

What is included in eCom Elites?

Ecom Elites is an online training package that includes several sections, each of which contains numerous videos. There is also a bonus section that includes reports, lists, and other information that will help people to build up a successful online store.

Fun Fact: eCom Elites 2.0 is already out! So, you only need to pay for the 2.0 and you get eCom Elites 1.0 FREE!!

There are more than 170 videos in the course, divided up into several modules:

Module 1 Setting up your shop

eCom Elites Alternative

This module covers how to set up Shopify, including how to configure the eCom Turbo theme which Franklin uses. You are not obliged to use the same theme as him, but he has enjoyed a lot of success with it so it could well be worth a look.

Module 2 Finding products to sell

A lot of people who want to get started with e-commerce aren’t actually sure what they want to sell. Even people who do know what niche they want to operate in may not be sure which products would be profitable. In this part of the course, Franklin explains how to find reliable drop shipping companies and products with margins that will allow you to make money.

Module 3 Facebook advertising

Dropshipping Franklin Hatchett

Once you have a shop and something to sell in it, the next step is to get an audience. Facebook advertising is a good way of attracting customers, and if you do it right, you can reach a big audience for a small amount of money. In this module, every aspect of Facebook marketing and analytics is explained in detail.

Module 4 Instagram marketing

Franklin Hatchett Ecommerce Course

Instagram is another good option for reaching prospective customers. Finding the right influencer can make you a lot of money. The emphasis here is on working with influencers rather than on using Instagram’s own ad network, although Instagram ads are touched on as well.

Module 5 Email lists

Franklin Hatchett Dropshipping Course

This module explains how to build up an email list and how to use that list to promote your store and to get new customers or get previous customers to come back and buy from you time and time again. Email marketing is incredibly effective when it is done right.

It takes repeated contact (seven times or even more) for people to decide to open their wallets, and email is a low-friction, low-cost way of reaching potential buyers.

Module 6 Using Chatbots

eCom Elites 2.0 Review

Chatbots are an often overlooked aspect of online marketing. Even people who are experienced marketers often ignore them because they are nervous about setting them up and think that they might be a lot of work.

In truth, chatbots are easier to use than you might think and they are also a great time-saver. Your audience wants answers to their questions very quickly, and chatbots will deliver that while reducing the burden that you face in terms of customer service.

Module 7 Sales Funnels

If you purchase the final version of the Ecom Elites course, then you will get a module on sales funnels. This is an advanced marketing technique, and while it is very useful, newbies have a lot of other things that they should be focusing on first of all, which is why this is not in the basic course.

The module uses Clickfunnels, but there are alternative options if you don’t want to shell out for Clickfunnels just yet. Once you get to grips with sales funnels, though, you will likely find that it is worth investing in Clickfunnels because it will make you back its outlay and more.

Module 8 Google Ads

eCom Elites Review 2019

Google advertising is something that every business owner should be doing. This module explains the benefits of Google Ads and how they differ to Facebook Ads (there are reasons for using both), as well as how to use your Google Shopping account to reach a wider audience.

Google advertising is a good source of traffic, and having your products listed in Google Shopping will bring in people who have strong ‘purchase intent’ and who are willing to buy from any store that offers a good deal.

Module 9 Organic Traffic

Best Dropshipping Course 2019

Google Ads aren’t the only way to get traffic from Google. If you have good content on your website, then you can get traffic from SEO as well. This section of the course covers how to use SEO to build up ‘page authority’ and how to build links to support this.

SEO is useful for generating traffic that will keep on coming even if you stop paying for ads. You need both approaches since SEO takes time and is not always easy, but with slow and steady SEO work you have a good chance of getting a solid base of traffic.

Additional Content

In addition to the content listed above, buyers also get the chance to take part in regular Q&A sessions and to join a Facebook Group with other online marketers. The group is a good support network and a motivational tool. The people who are a part of the group are highly motivated dropshippers and, and you will benefit from bouncing ideas off them and networking.

There are other bonuses, including reports and tools, depending on the package that you buy. If you are a beginner and very strapped for cash, then the basic package is more than enough to get started with building an online store. However, the extra $100 for the Ultimate edition is worth the investment since it will make you more money in the long run and save you more time.

Really, you will need some budget to get started in the world of drop shipping, so if you don’t have that extra $500, then you might be better off starting a smaller online venture first of all like Affiliate Marketing (Seriously, check out his Affiliate Marketing Course it’s actually really good). Aim to have a budget of at least $10 per day to build up an audience once you get started with the Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads modules of the Ecom Elites course.

Personal Experience With eCom Elites Course

Ecom elites is a drop shipping course brought to you by Franklin hatchet who has educated many students to become part and full-time entrepreneurs.

Today, many of his students have been able to earn between four and five figures each and every month whilst following the strategies laid out in the course. (NOTE: I am not allowed to post student results, you will have to visit the official site to view them.)

Now, I am already a seasoned drop shipper and internet marketer. That being said, I definitely learned A LOT from the course.

Most courses always provide generic information. For example, his Facebook ads PART of the course is INSANE. I am pretty sure the stuff he teaches relating to that is not even present on thousand-dollar courses which ONLY teach you Facebook ads… It’s insane.

Some of the things he teaches in the course can definitely increase your conversion rates by 10%+. 10% conversion rate is A LOT! If you are an intermediate dropshipper you know how crazy that is.

However, recently I haven’t been focused on dropshipping. I have been focused on affiliate marketing and creating niche websites. Franklin also has a course on Affiliate marketing, I did review on Savage Affiliates here.

Is eCom Elites Legit or a Scam?

eCom Elites is FAR from a scam. It has an active community that is pretty large, the course contains a TON of content that is constantly updated and there’s a 30-day refund policy.

On top of that, Franklin NEVER charges an additional fee for course updates.

This isn’t some 1000$ overhyped course that is poorly thrown together to try to rip you off.

eCom Elites is definitely NOT a scam!

eCom Elites Refund & Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day refund policy.

There have been no problems with Franklin offering refunds to those who aren’t satisfied.

Many courses do say that they offer refunds but when the time comes to actually refund most people give poor support.

Even the blog owners who talk poorly about the course do admit that there have been 0 complaints about refunds from Franklin.

eCom Elites Criticisms

I am going to be unbiased and I do agree with the fact that some of Franklin’s videos are Clickbaity however, this has nothing to do with the course. He is just trying to get more views on youtube.

And last criticism I would agree on is the lack of support on the Facebook group by Franklin himself. However, he has said that he will be making a new Facebook group for all the active members so, that he gets notified about questions more often and will be able to answer them.

Franklin Hatchett Facebook Group

eCom Elites Hidden Cost

There are no upsells after you buy the course however, you should at least have 500$ to spend on tools such as Shopify and Paid Advertising.

Are eCom Elites Students Getting Any Results?

If you are in the eCom Elites Group you know that people do get results and some of them talk about it in the group.

Also, I along with many other affiliates are not allowed to post student results in our review.

However, James summons it pretty well.

Franklin Hatchett Student Result Comment Two

Who is eCom Elites For?

So, who should buy eCom Elites 2.0?

This course is for you, if:

  1. You want to learn from an expert in their field
  2. You are willing to put in the work and aren’t lazy
  3. You are a beginner who wants a solid foundation, or;
  4. You are an advanced dropshipper who wants to take your skills to the next level
  5. You have time to learn and apply dropshipping and eCommerce

This course is NOT for you, if:

  1. You get distracted by shiny object syndrome who lacks any focus
  2. You have no time to work or learn eCom Elites
  3. You are not willing to put in the work and are lazy
  4. You don’t have at least 500$ extra for ads.
  5. You plan on refunding after like 1 week because it’s “Not for me”

Which eCom Elites Plan Should I Buy?

If you do plan on buying eCom Elites, you are probably wondering which plan should you pick?

Now, if you have the money to get the Ultimate plan I highly recommend it because it has the Email Marketing module which could increase your conversions and sales so, I definitely think it’s worth it.

It also includes a whole module on Google Shopping Ads.

I mean, you might as well get the Super plan because the price compared to 99% of other courses is still unbeatable.

You want to treat this as a business or else it won’t work if your always looking to cut corners.

Where Should I Buy eCom Elites From? eCom Elites Discount Coupons

There are no discounts available for eCom Elites. Make sure you only buy eCom Elites from the official website here, since there are fake sites claiming to offer a discount.

eCom Elites Final Verdict

In my experience, Franklin’s eCom Elite course is structured and built for everyone. It really doesn’t matter if you are an experienced marketer or a newbie like me, this course definitely has something and everything for everyone.

Honestly, I have reviewed so many garbage to subpar dropshipping courses on my blog, it’s insane how people are charging thousands of dollars for such short and outdated content.

Some of these gurus have come to me and asked me to promote their garbage course, offering upfront money and high commissions.

Other than ethics, the reason why I don’t do this is that it won’t give you any results. Recommending garbage products is a surefire way to make people NOT trust you. Sure, it might make money in the short term but, long term you won’t succeed. (Some gurus have sent lawyers after me to get some of their garbage course reviews taken down. Instead of improving their course they try to censor others.)

The information in eCom Elites that you will learn by following live examples are priceless. Thankfully, I can say that the eCom Elites is definitely worth $197.

If you truly want to make money from drop shipping, you should definitely give this course a try.

UPDATE: He has actually streamlined the course even more, and has added tons more content.

You can always ask him a question on the eCom Elites exclusive private Facebook group where he answers all the questions.

EDIT: Many people complain about Frank not being as active on his Facebook group but, you have to realize there are tons of other people on Facebook who have made money and have tons of experience in dropshipping who always are willing to help out.

Check out eCom Elites for yourself! It has a money back guarentee, so try it risk free!

My Exclusive eCom Elites Bonus

Here is how it works, I am offering bonuses for anyone who decides to purchase eCom Elites through my link here!
All the bonuses I offer are all extremely high quality and none of them are nulled or pirated.

Youtube Ads Excellence (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Youtube Ads ExcellenceYoutube Ads Excellence is a program which comes an in the ebook where they cover all the youtube basics, linking your adwords account, setting up your video campaign, advanced techniques, youtube remarketing, creating stunning youtube ads, creating videos without a camera, and much more!

Split Testing Profits (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Split Testing Profits

Split Testing Profits is a small ebook which teaches you about split testing. Split testing is a very important skill to learn especially if your internet marketer since, you can gather data from your split tests into improving your landing page and thus earning you more money!

WP Backlink Checker (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus WP Backlink Checker Plugin

WP Backlink Checker is a WordPress plugin which helps you check your backlinks automatically. You can monitor your backlinks automatically, monitor your backlinks with anchor texts and receive email notifications for changed or removed backlinks and set reminders to renew your paid backlinks!

Twitter Marketing (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is an ebook which teaches you all about marketing on Twitter. It covers why you get an advantage when using twitter marketing, learn how you can create effective brand awareness, and techniques and tactics you can use for twitter marketing!

The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing (Value 295$)

Snag Success Bonus Expert Guide to PPC Marketing

The expert guide to PPC marketing is an ebook which teachs you about pay per click marketing. It goes in depth with how you can create a profitable PPC campaign management, PPC Bid Management, PPC affiliate programs and much more!

Solo Ad Mastery (Value 249$)

Snag Success Bonus Solo Ad Mastery

Solo Ad mastery is a video course which teaches you about solo ads. It contains various chapters on Arcamax, Newsmax, Internet Markets, Demc which are all solo ad providers. It also contains a lot more information to help you master solo ads!

Social Media Authority (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Social Media Authority

Social Media Authority is a program which has both an ebook and videos which include how you can build your social media authority. It goes over building your social media profiles, getting followers and boosting engagement, maintaining your social media profiles, social media automation with scheduling and how to leverage twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, instagram and pinterest.

Snapchat Marketing (Value 297$)

Snag Success Bonus Snap Chat Marketing

Snapchat marketing is an ebook which teaches you about Snapchat marketing. It teaches you on things like why pick Snapchat, what exactly is Snapchat, basics, advanced features, how to get your initial following, building fans through stories, how to use live events to get followers, running contests & promotions on Snapchat, integrating Snapchat with your site & Social Media and MUCH more!

Six Figure E-commerce (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Six Figure Ecommerce

Six-figure ECommerce is a video course which teachs you all about ecommerce. It dives deeper into the formula to succeeding with your own online ecommerce store, picking your niche (Three Different Methods for Picking the Right Niche), sourcing your products, how to choose the best units, dropshipping or Amazon, the importance of creating a brand and how to create a brand, how to drive traffic to your own website or leveraging amazon traffic.

Pinterest Traffic Ninja (Value 79$)

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Pinterest Traffic Ninja is an ebook which teaches you about pinterest. It contains the basics for pinterest, how to setup your site for pins, how to keep your pins interesting so you can repins, what gets pinned the most, powering up your pinterest traffic, finding out who is pinning your content and much more!

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Marketing Lessons Taught by Pyschopaths

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths is an ebook which essentially teaches you about marketing lessons which are taught by pyschopaths. This is valuable since a lot of psychopaths tend to be good in business and marketing. It goes over techniques such as flattery, favors & gifts, false intimacy, false expectations, silent treatment, over asking, false equivalence, fake normal and much more!

Killer Video Conversions (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Killer Video Conversions

Killer Video Conversions is an ebook which contains 7 killer tactics on how you can make visitors who view your videos to go straight to your site! These are really great tactics you can use to improve your video conversions by a lot! Also, there are some tools and resources provided as well!

Invoice To Go Plugin (Value 34$)

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Google Position Checker (Value 29$)

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Google Position Checker is a WordPress plugin which Google position checker WordPress plugin is a useful keyword rank checker tool which helps determine your website’s relevance for specific keywords. It also shows where in the SERPs (search engines) your keyword is ranked at.

To claim your bonus simple just purchase through the link below and comment:

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    I am a newbie at drop shipping and e commerce, I am going to need step-by-step instructions on how to develop and maintain my businesses. I have done some research and eCom Elites seems to be the most complete course that I feel is worth investing in.

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