How to Create Your Flipbook in Designrr

How to Create Your Flipbook in Designrr

Trying to make a compelling and engaging flipbook that gets your customer’s attention? Designrr is the easiest way to go about that. 

Generally, it’s not easy to make a flipbook, for it requires basic technical know-how, such as how to write in HTML5 language. Designrr is meant to simplify that creation process for you and make publishing an easier task as well.  Keep reading, I’ll tell you how you can create a flipbook in Designrr and provide some useful tips to ensure that you make the best possible flipbook.

Can I Create a Flipbook in Designrr?

Yes, you can create a Flipbook in designer with minimal effort.

With Desginrr, you can customize your Flipbook to make it as aligned as you need it to be with your brand identity.

There are several ways to turn your boring flipbooks into the most vibrant and interactive ones through audio podcasts, visual content, welcoming videos, shopping carts, pop graphs, and many more.

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How to Create Your Flipbook in Designrr

You have 3 ways you can get started with making your eBook.

For one, you can start from scratch. You can also use existing content from one or more PDFs to create a flipbook. 

And if you’ve got a pre-designed project, you can even convert that into an interactive flipbook.

Here’s a guide to each of the ways you can make a flipbook in Designrr.

Create Flipbook from Scratch using Designrr

When you create a flipbook from nothing, it will allow you to have more control over what you want to add and how you wish for it to look and feel. It’s more personalized and customized to cater to specific needs. 

Building your flipbook from scratch also makes your interactive publication a lot more unique.

 Here’s how you can make a flipbook in just 6 steps: 

Step 1:  Go to your Designrr login.

Step 2: Choose if you want to create an empty project or import your content from your desktop, a Word document, a Facebook page, or an URL. Even if you are starting from scratch, you can still use pre-made templates and designs to give you a head start.

Step 3:   Then, choose one of the design templates for your cover design. You can see a preview of the template. 

Step 4:    Click on next to land on the Designrr builder where your project will be drafted. You can start working from the previous draft any time you want.

Step 5: Use editing options to add or edit to your flipbook draft. You can add images, one or multiple, grids, videos, and flipbook animation in this stage.

Step 6:    Save your draft by clicking on the save option located at the bottom of the page. Once done, scroll down to the bottom and click on an export option.

Create Flipbook from an Existing PDF

Want to save time by using existing content from one of your PDFs to create a flipbook instead? Here’s how:

Step 1:  First, click on Create New Project and enter the name of your project to proceed.

Step 2: Scroll further down to choose how you want to create your flipbook. Choose PDF to Flipbook.

Step 3: Click on Next to be directed to a page where you are prompted to write a title for the pdf, and an optional description or footer.

Step 4:    On the same page, provide a link to the PDF or you can upload it from your browser.

Step 5: Finally, Designrr provides you with a link that you can share wherever you want. And your flipbook is ready.

Turn your Designrr Project into a Flipbook

Creating a flipbook from a project is even faster than doing so from scratch or PDFs. You can also convert your eBooks and draft projects.

For that, you have to:

Step 1: Go to the Desginrr dashboard that you used to create the project you want to convert

Step 2: Click on Create Flipbook option. The option is displayed like a book icon.

Step 3: You will be provided with a link to your flipbook. Just copy and paste it, to share it wherever you wish.

How to Embed a Flipbook using Designrr

Once you have created your flipbook, you may want to embed it on your website or share it with others. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Generate the PDF version of your flipbook, go to your dashboard and click on the “Publish” button at the bottom of the elements section. 

Step 2: Select Adobe Reader and wait for the PDF to be generated. Keep in mind that syncing will be easier if the size of your media files is smaller.

Step 3: Go to your dashboard and click on the three dots at the top right corner of your flipbook’s thumbnail. Select “Generate Flipbook Embed Code.”

Step 4: A popup window will appear with the option to “Generate and Copy” the embed code. Click on this option to copy the code to your desktop or other location.

That’s all, now you just need to paste the embed code into your website’s HTML code.

If you want to disable or enable the download option for your flipbook, go to your account settings and select “Hide Share and Download Option.”

Keep in mind that once you embed your flipbook, you will not be able to edit it. To make changes, you will need to edit the original PDF and generate a new embed code.

Things To Know Before Creating a Flipbook using Designrr

Before you create a Flipbook using Designrr, here are a few tokens of information that you would want to keep in mind:

Don’t Confuse Flipbooks With eBooks

While both eBooks and flipbooks can be designed using Designrr and serve similar purposes, it’s important to distinguish between the two formats. 

eBooks are typically designed for reading on electronic devices and may include text, images, and other media. Meanwhile, flipbooks are meant to simulate the experience of flipping through a physical book or magazine.

 Because of that, you’d have entirely different layout and design ideas for either format.

Flipbooks are not downloadable: 

Flipbook is all and only cloud based.  There are no download options unlike PDFs. 

This means that every time you want to access a flipbook, whether it is your own or another, you would need to get on the server. 

This is because flipbooks on designrr are merely hosted on the designrr server. 

No audio or visual content on flipbooks: 

If you add visual or audio media files on your flipbook that you designed on Designrr, your reader would not be able to listen to or see them. The file formatting does not support other interactive media. 

Generate PDF for editing flipbooks: 

You should remember that it’s not possible to edit your Flipbook even through your Designrr dashboard. 

Every time you want to make any change, you would need to generate the PDF version to edit it.

How Do I Share A Flipbook in Designrr?

Once you have created your flipbook, you would want to share it. 

Whether you wish to share it on any web page, blog, community, or social media pages, here’s what you would need to do:

Step 1: Select Open Flipbook through that pop up window that will come up on your screen. From there, you will get an URL. 

Step 2: Next, copy the URL of your Flipbook and paste it on any text file.

Step 3:  To share the link on any social media, say Facebook, just paste the URL on the post. 

Step 4: Now, Click on publish. If you were wondering, How do I publish my flipbook to my website, that’s how.

Step 5:  To share your flipbook on other websites or blogs, set in the link of your publication to an HTML code. 

Pasting it on your website will do the job.

How can Flipbooks help you?

Flipbooks can be a powerful tool in your arsenal if you make them write. 

For starters, with a flipbook,  you can get a higher engagement rate than what you’d get with a traditional eBook, or a PDF. It has been proven that 50% of businesses saw an increase in their customer engagement when they started using flipbooks. 

You can also get the following benefits through this interactive digital publication:

  • Just cut, copy and paste the link to insert your Flipbook URL just about anywhere.
  • You can reach a bigger audience base by embedding and linking flipbook URLs. 
  • You can track and  understand your progress through conversion rates, landings, views, etc.
  • You can use it to save money as well since it is a cost effective advertisement option. 
  • You can have the freedom to customize the flipbook according to the brand image. All thanks to the availability of a wide range of features to choose from.
  • Enjoy  better search engine optimization, reach more customers, and push more revenue.

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 Can you turn a PDF into a flipbook?

It is possible to turn a PDF into a flipbook. You can do so by simply clicking on PDF to Flipbook option in the menu, once you have chosen the name of your project. You would be able to copy the link or simply upload it directly through your dashboard.

Can you save a flipbook as a PDF?

Although flipbooks designed on Desginrr are not downloadable, you can generate a PDF of your flipbook and then download the PDF version of it.

How many pages is good for a flipbook?

For flipbooks, the most recommended number of pages is 25 to 30. You can also add more pages according to your content.

Are flipbooks outdated?

With the changing digital scenario, flipbooks are not the hottest attraction anymore. However, flipbooks are still widely used and cannot be considered obsolete. If any kind of online publication is still considered interesting, it’s digital flipbooks.

Final Thoughts

Interactive content like flipbooks are replacing traditional PDFs and even eBooks. While they can be fun to read through, creating one could be intimidating. However, when it comes to eBook making and flipbook making, Designrr can easily be your best friend.

You can import your PDFs to create a flipbook and even have the liberty to start from zero. You can even import content from social media, and word documents. 

The best thing about Designrr is how easy it is to add interactive media. Plus, you get to choose from myriads of designs and Designrr templates to create a unique flipbook!

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