How to Make Money On Youtube Without Showing Face Or Talking!

How to Make Money On Youtube Without Showing Your Face Or Talking

How to Make Money On Youtube Without Showing Your Face Or Talking! (2021)

Are you wondering how you can start a channel without showing your face or talking? How can you make youtube videos without showing your face or talking? For the longest time, I had been searching for a way to create youtube videos without showing my face or talking and make money from those videos.

So, that’s why I created this step by step guide on how you can start making youtube videos without showing your face or talking and start making money from it.

STEP 1 Picking A Profitable Youtube Niche

Pick a Profitable Niche

Start by picking a profitable youtube niche where you can make videos. I generally recommend going with educational type stuff. You can try to aim for getting a ton of views but, you just won’t make any significant amount of money by just uploading videos on a small youtube channel.

Sure, you can make a decent amount of money after your channel is big, but, most people won’t even get to that stage which sucks.

What you should do is leverage affiliate marketing to help make you money.

You’d be surprised to know that even small channels with a few hundred to a few thousand subscribers can make thousands of dollars each month. Subscribers don’t really matter with the amount of money you will make from youtube. It’s the number of views you get and yes you can still make a decent amount of money from a small number of views.

What you want to do is essentially create a profitable niche channel around a couple of products which you can promote.

I recommend you first pick an offer you want to promote on Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can find affiliate products that you can promote. Essentially you get a link from Clickbank and every time someone buys through your link, you get a commission. It can be about anything really, however, I highly recommend you pick something that you like at least. Knowing about the niche will make it easier but, you don’t need to know anything about it.

You can always learn, remember you don’t need to be an expert on something to make a video about it. You just need to be better than others.

Make sure you sign up on Clickbank then try to find products. It is ideal you find products which have a gravity score under 80 and above 15. Gravity is just an indicator which shows you how many different people are promoting that product. I say 80 to 15 because sometimes products with really high gravities tend to be super popular and much harder to promote as other people are promoting them as well.

After you have found few products, make a niche youtube channel around it. Ideally, you want to create a website around it as well however, you don’t need to.

If your new to affiliate marketing make sure you check out Franklin Hatchet’s Savage Affiliates Course which teaches you literally everything about Affiliate Marketing. Franklin Hatchett makes seven-figure income online and I have personally tried a ton of affiliate marketing course out there and none even compare to Franklin Hatchet’s Course. I did a review on Savage Affiliates you can check out if you’re wondering what it covers.

STEP 2 Planning Your Youtube Videos

Plan Your Youtube Videos

Now, there are 2 different methods for planning your youtube videos:

  • Modelling Top Videos
  • Low Competition Long Tailed Keyword Videos

If you’re doing the Modelling Top Youtube Videos strategy find videos around your niche which have a TON of views. This method can really make your videos go viral. All you do is type in a keyword around your niche and look if the top 5 results all have 100,000+ views on each video.

Now, all you need to do is create a video around this same exact subject with a similar title. Don’t copy their exact title but, Mimic it.

For example, if their title is: How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week, Your title will be: How you can get Rid of Belly Fat in 1 Week

Then, you want to write a few paragraphs briefly explaining the video (Make sure not to rewrite the whole video in the description or else people won’t even need to watch the video). Why? Because it will be more likely to be found by youtube search.

Now, it’s important that you do this, make sure you copy the tags of all of the top 5 search result videos which have 100,000+ views. Why you may ask?

Well, the whole point of this is so that your video will show up as suggested video after they have watched the videos which have 100,000+ views. This is a great way to get a TON of views and many YouTubers are using this to get lots of views.

Quick Guide on How To View Tags on Youtube Videos:

  • Right click on the page outside the video frame
  • Click on View Page Source
  • Press Ctrl + F
  • Type keywords
  • Click on the little down arrow beside the search box
  • You should find the keywords near there

After you have found their tags, just copy some of their tags as well as their channel name in your tags and you should be good to go.

The Low Competition Long Tailed Keyword Strategy relies on long-tailed keywords which have low competition but, they have medium volume. I personally use the tool TubeBuddy which helps you find out low competition keywords which have a large or medium volume.

Go over to the tube buddy icon when you’re on the youtube homepage. Then click on the Keyword Explorer then enter a keyword you think is related to your niche and something you can create a video around. And it will show you if your keyword is easy to rank for or hard to rank for.

It will also show your related keywords on the side so you can find long-tailed keywords which can really help your videos rank up so, over time you will get more and more views.

Don’t forget to let the viewers know that you have a link to their problem in the description below which is your affiliate link. Now, anytime the viewer sees your video and clicks on it, you will get a commission.

STEP 3 Create Engaging Videos

Create Engaging Videos

Now, this is the part where a lot of people struggle because they don’t want to show their face nor do they want to talk on a microphone. So, what can you do??

Let me introduce you to a fantastic tool called Content Samurai. Now, this tool is perfect for you because you don’t need to show your face nor talk on the mic.

Content Samurai is a tool which allows you to quickly create stunning videos without knowing any video editing.

Take a look at the video below of what Content Samurai is:

You can create absolutely stunning videos which can get a lot of views, look at this video which got over 2 million views.

Content Samurai Results

Yup, this was made with Content Samurai!

The best part is you can literally try out Content Samurai for FREE (7 Day Trial)!

Now, you may be thinking okay that’s great but, I still need to talk through a microphone right?

Nope, Content Samurai has a voice over feature where it will read what you write in 5 different voices.

You may be wondering “Oh those sound like robot voices and no one likes listening to them”.

You’re not wrong, however, Content Samurai actually has naturally sounding voices where you can adjust their speed.

Video Creation With Content Samurai

  1. You can either start by picking a template on Content Samurai or doing it without one. (I recommend doing it with a template)
  2. After that, you write an engaging script which will educate and maybe entertain your users.
  3. Pick the narrator’s voice you like the most and the one you think sounds the best
  4. Add in video clips to make it engaging, simply type a keyword relating to your niche and it will show a plethora of clips which you can use! (They have a HUGE library of clips to use from)
  5. After you have picked out all the clips, do finishing touches to your video and you can even edit the timeline.
  6. Let, the video process and download it once the video has finished processing!

If you want to learn more about Content Samurai make sure you check out my Content Samurai Review to see if it’s right for you or not like the Pricing of Vidnami and what not.

STEP 4 Promoting Those  Youtube Videos

Promote Those Youtube Videos

After you have your videos up on youtube, you should actively try to promote your video so, you can really start boosting your youtube videos and make a lot of money. When starting Aim for 1000 subscribers. The reason why I say 1000 is because as soon as you hit 100 subscribers youtube starts to promote your content a lot more.

That’s why you will see that after you get 100 subscribers it’ll be way easier to reach 1000 subscribers.

There are a few methods which you can do to promote your youtube videos:

  • Video Reminders
  • Comment Posting
  • Reddit Posting
  • Guest Video Posting
  • Facebook Group Posting
  • Quora Posting

Video Reminders

A great way to increase your engagement on your video is just reminding them to like, share and subscribe if they found your video helpful. Now, say it both start of the video and at the end so, they remember to like, share and subscribe.

Another great way to increase engagement and boost your video up is by asking a question to make the viewers comment below. When youtube sees engagement in your videos, youtube generally tends to rank your video higher.

For Example, on a weight loss video you can say something like:

“Thanks for watching make sure you like, share and subscribe and Don’t forget to hit the bell icon so, you get notifications when I upload another video!”

“Have you guys ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar before? Let me know in the comments below if you have or not!”

Comment Posting

Comment posting is when you post comments on other videos. When starting out, I recommend you to do at least 15 comments on 15 different videos. I have seen channels go from 0 subscribers all the way to 500 subscribers just using this method.

The key to this method is providing value when commenting on another channel which is related to your niche.

For example, on a weight loss video you can comment something like:

“Great video, those were some great tips. I will be documenting my journey and will use your tips to see how much fat I lose!”

“That’s awesome! You must feel great after losing 30 pounds. I myself am working on documenting my own transformation and I am feeling great after losing 10 pounds. I can only imagine how good it will feel when I lose 20 more pounds!”

Try to find the last video that was uploaded by another channel which is related to your niche, make sure you watch it so you can provide valuable information to that viewer. After you comment, people are going to see that and if it’s a really valuable piece of information a lot of people are going like it which will bump it and make more people view it.

Over time people will see that you constantly provide valuable information and they will check out your channel and possibly subscribe.

Facebook Group Posting

You essentially find facebook groups about your particular niche and post your videos on there.

Don’t just spam your videos on there. What you can do is help out people in those facebook groups, answer some questions and if you come across a question which your video answers, make sure you link to it.

You don’t want to spam or you will get banned from that facebook group so, you want to be VERY careful when doing this.

Guest Video Posting

Now, this is a bit more advanced tactic and it will require you to already have some subscribers and engagement over on your channel.

What you can do is reach out to other channels in your niche and ask them if they could make a video over on their channel while you can create a video on their channel.

That way you both expand and increase your audience.

Quora Posting

You basically go on Quora and find questions relating to your niche, and what you can do is drop your youtube video to those that are asking questions relating to your niche. Make sure to actually provide value.

Always provide value.

This way they will start to upvote your answer so, it gets bumped to the top where you will get a lot of traffic from there.

Reddit Posting

You will need an aged Reddit account, so I recommend making one right after you create your youtube channel and let it age until you do all the other promotion methods.

Go over to Reddit and try to find subreddits around your niche. Every subreddit will have their guidelines make sure you read them before blindly posting them.

Again you do the same as you do with quora or facebook group posting, you first provide value and then link your video.

Forum Posting

With Forum Posting, you find forums around your niche. Basically, just type in Your Niche Forums to find other forums which are related to your niche. Then there are 2 ways you can basically promote your videos.

The first way is where you provide helpful information and drop your youtube link.

The better way I think is better is having links to your youtube channel and video in your signature. After you have done that, just go around and answer people’s questions without promoting your channel/video. The more answers and useful things you write the more people will view your signature.

This is a great way to get more views to your videos because it will continue to keep sending viewers from that page years after you have posted it.


I hope you learned how you can start to make money on youtube without showing your face or talking. Don’t just ignore this, make sure you guys actually take action, you won’t see any results if you don’t actually go out there and create your channel and start making youtube videos.

There are people making a TON of money doing just this. I highly suggest you follow through and take action.

If your new to affiliate marketing or want to know more and start making money online to where you could quit your 9-5 job and work at home from anywhere check out Franklin Hatchet’s Savage Affiliates Course, his students have made a lot of money from his training and I personally have increased my online income by 3x – 4x because of him.

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