How to Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ In Under 7 Minutes

How to Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ

How to Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ In Under 7 Minutes (2021)

Find out how to use Commerce HQ to set up a store Below!


Commerce HQ is everyone’s new favorite dropshipping platform. It is so easy to set up a store on Commerce HQ that you can find people doing it in under 9 minutes. Today, I will show you how you can do it in even lesser time, 5 minutes, and 7 seconds! I can’t lie. I was pretty happy with myself. But what this also shows is that Commerce HQ makes it so easy to set up a store! This tutorial goes through the basics of building a high-converting store from adding a domain, to uploading a logo at the checkout page. You will have a store ready to sell your first product!

How to set up a store with Commerce HQ below 6 minutes

According to the store setup checklist, elements that need setting up include buying or connecting a domain, setting up payment processors, shipping prices, adding your first collection, adding first products, and then uploading a logo to your checkout page. Before we begin, this tutorial does not include a logo design tutorial, but you can find many free logo design tools on the internet. These 6 minutes do not include logo design, and to reach this setup goal of under 6 minutes, you need to have a logo ready to upload onto your page.

Buy Or Connect Domain Name

Here, you can either connecting an existing domain name or buy a new one. If you are using an existing domain, click and enter your domain name. Copy the name servers so you can change it to the custom nameservers. Then, click ‘Add.’

Setup Payment Processor

Select the type of currency your store will be using. Then, you will have the option to accept either PayPal or credit cards. For example, if you wish to use PayPal, click on ‘Setup’ to enter your details, activate it, and you are done.

Setup Shipping Prices

Click on ‘Create my first shipping zone’ and input the new zone details and ‘Save.’

First Collection

Set up your first collection by giving it a collection title, good quality picture, and compelling descriptions. Once you are done, click on ‘Publish’, and you will have your first collection.

First Product

Enter product details and detailed, compelling narratives for your product, including price, shipping weight, tags, etc. Here is also where you should add good quality product images and ‘Publish.’

Upload a logo

Choose how many steps checkout you want and then upload a Header Logo and ‘Save.’

There you have it! Now you have your brand new store on Commerce HQ all set up in under six minutes.

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