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Rocktomic Review


Today, we’re going to review Rocktomic. It’s a company that lets you use private labels on their own products so you can sell them as yours.

Most of the time, using white labels means that you have to place large orders to keep in your inventory before shipping to your clients. However, Rocktomic is a combination between white labels and dropshipping.

In other words, you can create your own brand with their products and have Rocktomic ship out your orders like your standard dropshipping supplier.

Sounds interesting? Let’s learn more, then.


Of course, you’re limited to selling the products they already offer, so we need to take a look at their current catalog. They have around 120 supplements and similar products, and their categories are fairly standard: general, men and women’s health, weight loss, sports, pet supplements, beauty, etc.

Weight loss has 17 available products as both pills and drops. They’re fairly standard natural products including African mango, LCA, etc.

For general health, you have 5 more products, and you’ll mostly find pills here. They cover liver support, moringa, fish oil, saffron, etc.

Men’s health has 5 products, focusing on prostrate and sexual health as well as a very interesting product named “Horny Goat Weed”. On the other hand, women have 3 focused products focused on hormone support and vitamins.

Let’s close it with sports nutrition, which has 14 products. They’re your standard supplements: vitamins, shake powders, PCT, and others you probably can expect already.

If you’re interested in another category, don’t worry; you can find all the information necessary on their site. I just listed the ones I thought would interest most people reading this.

What you get for joining

They seem like they plan to add a monthly fee for $99, but you still have the chance to bypass that as an early adopter for a flat $997 fee. Sure, it might feel like a lot, but if you stick with them for over a year, you’re only paying for 10 months.

There are also great additions for this package, including a logo creation service. Sure, it might not be the $2,500 value they claim, but I definitely wouldn’t expect a $5 value either.

Remember that they benefit from the sales you make; they’re the manufacturers, after all. And your branding and logo goes a long way in increasing those sales, so it’s in their best interest to help you boost those sales.

Ergo, the service must be good.

However, they don’t stop with the logo. You also get some templates for your marketing, including some funnels, and everything is customizable. They claim it’s a 37% conversion rate, but remember this might be less or even more depending on your target audience.

Finally, you have access to monthly trend reports and Rocktomic’s support team. For additional support, you can access the private Facebook group to meet other members.


I’ll admit it feels like a great idea. Back then, you could only contact the white label manufacturers to order their products before slapping your logo by yourself. It’s actually quite a popular approach, and you can even see people offering Alibaba products on Amazon using this approach.

Do note that white labels aren’t really new to dropshipping. Print on demand is very common for dropshippers, and there are entire companies dedicated to this. However, it’s just a type of white labeling; it’s not the same thing.

Rocktomic takes that concept and applies it to nutritional products, opening an entirely new market for people with interest or experience in the field. You don’t even need to place minimal orders. Your customers can order as few as 1 bottle, and they’ll still ship the product to them.

Not everything is perfect, though. You really need to trust your manufacturer, and your clients really need to trust you before anyone sees any success with this model. Remember, people consume these products waiting for them to change their health.

Would you take a pill from a company you’ve never heard before?

That means you really need to put a lot of work into your brand before you can see real profits. Trust is key.

Luckily, that won’t be for nothing. If you can dedicate the necessary time and investment for your brand, then you can be quite successful. Just keep in mind you’ll have to focus on trust-oriented strategies: retargeting, outstanding copywriting, managing reviews and testimonials, and convincing others in general.

Thankfully, Rocktomic aids you with that, and it’s because they need you to succeed. The more sales you get, the more money they earn.


While it’s a great opportunity, keep in mind that there are more options out there. If you’re new to dropshipping, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to limit yourself to nutritional products.

Not only that, but you’re also competing with companies who have the funds to invest millions on marketing, so it’s not the easiest niche for newcomers.

However, if you feel interested about dropshipping in general, you can access myriads of products to sell with much less competition and maybe even larger profit margins.

If you feel interested in that, then you should take a look at eCom Elites, a course focused solely around dropshipping. It’s definitely my favorite dropshipping course right now, and it goes for just $197 ($297 if you want to go for the premium version).

It doesn’t come from some random guy, either. Franklin Hatchett is the author of the program, and he’s been a 2-Comma Club winner for making millions with the business model. He builds and manages his stores, so you’re learning from someone who knows all the in’s and out’s.

Still, you won’t learn solely about building stores. Over 200 videos will teach you virtually everything there is to learn. He also keeps updating the course with new content.

You’ll learn how to find profitable niches and products, how to add them to your store, how to find your ideal target audiences, and then how to advertise to them using dozens of channels. These include your standards: Google, Facebook and Instagram; but they also cover more obscure options like LinkedIn and even Snapchat.

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