Savage Affiliates Review

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review: Franklin Hatchett Course Worth? [2023]

Hey! In this review, I am going to be breaking down everything in the Savage Affiliates Course including common questions and concerns.

I am going to be giving a fully unbiased and honest review on Savage Affiliates so, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to buy it.

In this Savage Affiliates Review, I will cover your top questions and concerns including:

  • What Savage Affiliates is about?
  • Is the course legit or a scam?
  • Are students actually getting results?
  • Are there any hidden costs/upsells?
  • How much money do you need to start affiliate marketing?

Now before I begin, I want to let you know that I have actually bought the course.

Why is this important?

There are people reviewing the course without even purchasing it. Yet their articles are ranked 1st on google.

Look at this image below:

Savage Affiliates Not A Member

Look at the image above, I won’t mention which website that is but, you can probably guess if you have looked around at other blogs on google.

Savage Affiliates Course Overview

Don’t have much time and just want to get a super quick and brief summary?

What is it about? Affiliate marketing course to help you out on your affiliate marketing journey.

Price: One-time payment of $197 or $297 (Depends on the version you buy)

Positives: Super affordable and has over 200 videos that are super in-depth.

Negatives: Information overload & Facebook group support can be improved by Franklin.

Where to purchase: You can buy here on this page here.

Final Verdict: Savage Affiliates is definitely worth buying if you want an in-depth affiliate marketing course that is also affordable

I prefer you read through the entire review to see if it’s right for you, I want you to make a conscious and well-informed decision because this is not an impulse decision.

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an online course created and taught by Franklin Hatchett, which aims to help you make money online through affiliate marketing.

It contains around 10 different modules which are taught through video format.

Every time Franklin Hatchett updates this course, you get the new version for FREE as long as you have bought the course before.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett is right for you or not!

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchet is the author of Savage Affiliates Course along with many others. He is also known as Frank Hatchett online and lives in New Zealand.

He is a full-time internet marketer who has over 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing.

He makes over 100,000$+ from affiliate marketing alone on his website and plenty more from his other niche websites. (He shares his other websites in some of the modules in Savage Affiliates Course!)

He also does drop shipping, youtube, domain flipping, investing cryptocurrency and he even owns his own software company.

But for most people, he is quite known for his large youtube following in the make money online niche!

Frank even has the 2 comma award which is given to you if you make more than a million dollars or more online!

Franklin Hatchett Two Comma Club

Now, there’s a lot of fake gurus out there online so, it’s important to do your research on people. With Franklin, I found that some of his older videos are kind of clickbaity, however, if you watch him regularly, you would know that quite often he gives great tips and tricks which help even advanced affiliate marketers such as myself.

Despite the clickbaity videos he sometimes makes it’s worth checking his content out because if you take a look at a lot of his courses are reasonably priced and contain a ton of information.

Not only that, he constantly updates his courses but, unlike many other gurus which charge you to buy the 2.0 version of the course, Frank gives it for FREE. (As long as you bought the same old course)

Savage Affiliates Pricing – How much does Savage Affiliates Cost?

Savage Affiliates comes in two different pricing plans, one which is the standard plan costing $197 and the other one which is $297 for the super plan pack.

Both of these versions are a one-time payment with no hidden monthly fees to join.

You can pay via the standard forms of payment like Paypal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Standard Plan ($197)

  • Over The Shoulder Affiliate Training
  • Full Niche Research Training Using Franklin’s Methods.
  • Complete Website Setup & Training
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training
  • Complete Funnel Setup & Training
  • Complete ClickBank Training & BONUS Funnels
  • Complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training
  • Paid Traffic Academy To Explode Predictable Growth
  • Free Traffic Academy To Explode Organic growth
  • Facebook Group with Franklin
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates

Super Pack Plan ($297)

This is the Super Pack Plan which contains extra things other than the ones listed above.

  • Full Step By Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy
  • Franklin’s Secret Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre Made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

If you’re wondering what’s the main difference between this and the other super plan pack, it’s just that you get 3 extra modules that go over Clickfunnels and the other 2 about launch jacking and Webhosting.

Is there a Discount Code?

There are many affiliate blogs claiming that if you purchase through their link you get a discount OR the price will change if you don’t act immediately.

I hate it when people aren’t transparent.

There is no discount/coupon for Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates course.

There are other sites claiming they either have Savage Affiliates Coupon or Savage Affiliates Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Savage Affiliates Nulled or Savage Affiliates Free is not a thing.

What is included in Savage Affiliates?

In this section, you will learn what Savage Affiliates 2.0 contains!

Module 1 Affiliate Products To Promote

Savage Affiliates Module 1

Module 1 contains 8 different videos

In this module Franklin basically goes over what niches should you promote, he shows another way to think about it like where shows how to find a problem and then offer a solution. Then he has 6 different videos going over specific affiliate programs including Clickbank, Clickfunnels, GetResponse, Bluehost, Muncheye, Amazon Associates Program.

These are pretty much all the affiliate programs he himself has promoted.

Module 2 Building Your Website Asset

Savage Affiliates Module 2 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 2 Part 2

Module 2 contains 17 different videos

In this module, he introduces you to understand how websites are like digital assets. He goes over how to pick your domain name, setting up your WordPress website, what plugins to delete, which plugins to install, plugins to get, what WordPress theme to install, how to add articles, how to create categories, how to create about and legal pages, how to collect leads/emails on your WordPress blog.

Basically, this goes over how to create a WordPress website and all the technical things you need to look out for like creating an about page, install themes and such.

Module 3 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Savage Affiliates Module 3 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 3 Part 2

Module 3 contains 18 different videos

In this module frank covers Clickbank. This module alone many gurus would charge a lot of money for. There are so many different Clickbank courses out there. Anyways, so, Franklin goes over everything about Clickbank, including how to understand the stats and how to find good products.

He also goes over a ton of different Clickbank niche and product examples, he shows examples of what you should create, what keyword tool to use (keyword tools can be expensive so, he shows a cheaper solution.), then he goes over where to find keywords, basically keyword research, how to create different types of articles which rank on google and lastly where to get article writers if you want to outsource and scale doing this method.

Module 4 Clickfunnels with Websites

Savage Affiliates Module 4

Module 4 contains 8 different videos

This part of the course contains information on how to promote Clickfunnels via blogging/websites.

So he just goes over how to find keywords for Clickfunnels, he has like two separate videos on this because keywords really matter a lot for something like this. You want to target low competition keywords to get more traffic.

He also shows a website where you can get free keyword ideas, how to create the article, what call to actions to add to your article and how to start getting Google Traffic.

Module 5 SEO Google Traffic Training

Savage Affiliates Module 5 Part 1Savage Affiliates Module 5 Part 2

Module 5 contains 20 different videos

This is my second favourite part of this course.

This is literally a whole SEO course an affiliate marketing course.

Not only did you get some SEO training on the previous 2 modules but, you also get it here.

He goes over how Search Engine Optimization works basically explaining search engines like Google, how to track your keywords, boosting your website speed because you know about the Web Core Vitals update.

Frank then shows the Content relevance method which actually works really well, you can outrank domains with way more authority than yourself with this.

He then has 4 different videos on how to do on-page SEO, and lastly, he has 4 different videos which explain the backlinking process to do. He used to recommend Web 2.0s a lot before in the old version of the course however, he has changed his methods now as times have changed. He has 3 different backlinking stages, make sure if you do get the course to go over these.

It’s really helpful even to advanced SEO’s.

Module 6 The Funnel Academy

Savage Affiliates Module 6 Part 1

Module 6 contains 11 different videos

In this module, Franklin basically goes over funnels. His software of choice is Clickfunnels for creating funnels.

He goes over creating a lead magnet, example funnels, affiliate quiz funnels, how to import share funnels, and more.

This is more useful when it comes to paid traffic however you can also utilize this with free traffic.

Module 6-2 The Email Automation Academy

Savage Affiliates Module 6.2 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 6.2 Part 2

Module 6-2 contains 13 different videos

In this module, Frank basically goes over email marketing. Again I swear, a lot of gurus have Clickbank courses, funnel courses, SEO courses and email marketing courses. Yet franklin put all of this in 1 course.

He shows what email responder he uses, he goes over it, how to hook it up to Clickfunnels, understanding and increasing Open rates, how to not go in the spam box, setting up a domain email like, creating a newsletter and setting up automated segments. He actually has a pretty advanced email automation segment which he showcases in the videos.

Module 7 Done For You Affiliate Systems

Savage Affiliates Module 7 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 7 Part 2

Module 7 contains 20 different videos

This is something new he added where he has Done for you affiliate system basically a funnel where you send traffic to and focus on optimizing your ads or just getting traffic.

He has a whole funnel with a lead magnet and email follow-ups, along with setting up ad images, setting up quiz funnel, and has like a couple of different videos just on promoting Clickfunnels by using his funnel.

He also has a video on Solo Ad traffic which is pretty cool since most affiliate marketers never include anything about solo ads unless it’s a CPA affiliate marketing style course.

Module 8 Free Traffic Training

Savage Affiliates Module 8 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 8 Part 2 Savage Affiliates Module 8 Part 3

Module 8 contains 25 different videos

This module is all about free traffic. There are SO many videos on this module alone. He has a mini Facebook Traffic and group course where he shows how to get traffic to your profile, adding value, how to build a Facebook group and grow it.

There’s also a whole mini Youtube Course, with 13 different videos.

Then, he has 2 different videos on how to get traffic from Forums and how he gets traffic. There is also a video on how to get traffic from quora and then there’s Instagram.

Module 9 Paid Traffic Training

Savage Affiliates Module 9 Part 1 Savage Affiliates Module 9 Part 2

Module 9 contains 19 different videos

This module has training on a couple of different ad networks.

Keep in mind if you’re going to do paid ads, make sure you get a course because if you don’t you will end up losing A LOT of money.

He goes over Facebook ads, where he teaches everything like creating a page, installing Facebook Pixel, creating ads, understanding CBO, creating custom audiences, and how to analyse the ad data to optimize.

Then he has a whole mini Google ads course which goes over the basics, installing google pixel, creating search Ads, Youtube Ads, Youtube ad placements, and how to optimize and scale.

(Bonus) Frank & Student Case Study

Savage Affiliates Bonus Frank Student Case Study

This bonus module contains 10 different videos

This is by far my favourite module because Franklin lets a student teach us about how he made $19,000. There are literally 4 different videos by him.

He also shows his case study on commissions from his blogs, Sharefunnels, and few other things.

This is not only motivating and inspiring but, it gives you a lot of ideas on what you can do.

This is why I recommend getting the Super plan because this module ALONE is worth it in my opinion.

(Bonus) Launch Jacking & Web Hosting

Savage Affiliates Bonus Launch Jacking Web Hosting Part 1 Savage Affiliates Bonus Launch Jacking Web Hosting Part 2

This bonus module contains 13 different videos

In this module, you learn everything on Launch Jacking and how to do it along with promoting Web hosting. Franklin doesn’t just show one way of promoting these but, several ways.

He goes over shows you how he gets his commissions, beginner method that you can do, advance method, getting sales from Pinterest traffic, how launch jacking works, how to do launch jacking using youtube and how to find bonuses so people purchase from you whilst launch jacking.

Definitely a solid module.

(Bonus) Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Savage Affiliates Bonus Amazon Affiliate Marketing Part 1 Savage Affiliates Bonus Amazon Affiliate Marketing Part 2

This bonus module contains 15 different videos

I personally don’t promote Amazon products anymore because of the amazon commission cuts but, you can still do good with Amazon since they convert much better.

So, he goes over signing up with Amazon associates. This is sort of tricky because if you don’t get a sale within like 3 months then you will be kicked out of the program.

He goes over different Amazon Affiliate Websites, Creating Buyer Intent articles, A lot of keyword research videos, what a niche site is and what an authority website is, Silo structure, how to find new products, finding a niche, modelling what has already worked for larger sites.

And then he has 3 different product/niche examples that you could do.

(Bonus) Extra Free Gifts

Savage Affiliates Bonus Extra Free Gifts Part 1 Savage Affiliates Bonus Extra Free Gifts Part 2

This bonus module contains 13 different videos

This is the last module and I honestly don’t like it. I think it’s not that helpful. It has like a 3 video blog training, and mini Email Marketing course.

Nothing crazy like the other modules.

Personal Experience With Savage Affiliates Course

Now, I am an experienced online marketer. Even I learned A TON of things from this course. This is not just an Affiliate marketing course, it has like over 20 SEO videos. A lot of people charge 197$+ alone for basic SEO and the SEO covered in this course isn’t even covered in courses that are over 1000 dollars.

With this course alone I was able to increase my traffic on some of my niche websites by quite a bit. The thing about this course is that you can even APPLY these things to your e-commerce dropshipping store however, Franklin Hatchett does have another course which is Ecom Elites 2.0 which goes more on dropshipping!

There are days where I look back at the course and I learn something new each time, the reason for this is because it has so much information I didn’t finish all of it before.

Is Savage Affiliates Legit or a Scam?

Savage Affiliates is FAR from a scam. It has an active community that is pretty large, the course contains a TON of content that is constantly updated and there’s a 30-day refund policy.

On top of that, Franklin NEVER charges an additional fee for course updates.

This isn’t some 1000$ overhyped course that is poorly thrown together to try to rip you off.

Savage Affiliates is definitely NOT a scam!

Refund & Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day refund policy.

There have been no problems with Franklin offering refunds to those who aren’t satisfied.

Many courses do say that they offer refunds but when the time comes to actually refund most people give poor support.

Even the blog owners who talk poorly about the course do admit that there have been 0 complaints about refunds from Franklin.

Criticisms About Savage Affiliates

I am going to be unbiased and I do agree with the fact that some of Franklin’s videos are Clickbaity however, this has nothing to do with the course. He is just trying to get more views on youtube.

Another criticism about SA is that it contains a ton of ways sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick a specific method and stick with it. If I were to recommend you anything, it would be that you focus on building a brand/authority. Meaning doing Youtube, Blogging and social media to promote and complement each one of them.

And last criticism I would agree on is the lack of support on the Facebook group by Franklin himself. However, he has said that he will be making a new Facebook group for all the active members so, that he gets notified about questions more often and will be able to answer them.

Savage Affiliates Facebook Group

Are There Hidden Costs?

So other reviews have said how there are hidden costs like hosting, domain name, Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Thrive Leads, Ahrefs and others.

This is not required. It’s nice to have but it’s definitely not required.

Again if you have bought the course you know that there is a student case study that showcases how a student earned like 19k or more from youtube alone.

All this depends on which route you’re going. It should be obvious that if you’re planning on doing paid advertising that it will cost WAY more.

There’s not a set amount that you need with paid ads.

To say Frank should mention the specific amount to invest in the sales page is quite stupid.

The course definitely has methods where you can make $100 or more if you have nothing to start.

You can definitely get results without spending money, you can just start a Wix website or on Medium.

But, I highly recommend you do have enough to buy hosting and domain for 1 year at least (if you’re doing blogging/niche site).

Is Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Course The Same As Savage Affiliates?

Yes, they are the same courses but named differently. But they are exactly the same!

Are Students Getting Any Results?

There are few reviews attacking Savage Affiliates on the lack of student results.

If you are in the Savage Affiliates Group you know that people do get results and some of them talk about it in the group.

Also, I along with many other affiliates are not allowed to post student results in our review.

However, James summons it pretty well.

Savage Affiliates Student Result Comment Two

Who is Savage Affiliates For?

So, who should buy Savage Affiliates 2.0?

This course is for you, if:

  1. You want to learn from an expert in their field
  2. You are willing to put in the work and aren’t lazy
  3. You are a beginner who wants a solid foundation, or;
  4. You are an advanced affiliate marketer who wants to take your skills to the next level
  5. You have time to learn and apply affiliate marketing

This course is NOT for you, if:

  1. You get distracted by shiny object syndrome who lacks any focus
  2. You have no time to work or learn affiliate marketing
  3. You are not willing to put in the work and are lazy
  4. You plan on refunding after like 1 week because it’s “Not for me”

Which Savage Affiliates Plan Should I Buy?

If you do plan on buying savage affiliates, you are probably wondering which plan should you pick?

Now, if you have the money to get the Super plan I highly recommend it because it has the student result case study where the study teaches how he made like 19k from youtube.

It also includes a whole module on promoting Clickfunnels, web hosting and launch jacking as well.

I mean, you might as well get the Super plan because the price compared to 99% of other courses is still unbeatable.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy It?

This course is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there. I have bought a lot of different affiliate marketing courses which I actually have reviewed a ton of them on here.

Hands down, this one is the best outta all of them.


So many of them are garbage and overpriced. Keep in mind that, there are many affiliate course instructors who have reached out to me offering me a high commission to promote their overpriced garbage course.

However, those courses just are too expensive, with very little info, outdated information a lot of the time.

He has over 200+ videos with 10 different modules and on top of that, he keeps it updated.

I personally think Savage Affiliates is a great product for a great price. For just 197$ you get an affiliate marketing course which is better than all the 1997$ courses out there.

Check out Savage Affiliates for yourself! It has a money back guarentee, so try it risk free!

Video Review on Savage Affiliates

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    1. I believe to get the Frank’s bonuses you will need the 297 package which contains the Clickfunnels modules, launch jacking and webhosting modules. For my bonuses it can be either.

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