Savage Affiliates Review (2021 Edition)

Is Savage Affiliates 2.0 worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!

Savage Affiliates Review

Starts at 197$

Important Info (Don’t Skip This)

I am a real student who bought Savage Affiliates a couple of years ago. But, the big question is it worth it nowadays? Is the content outdated?

I am going to be giving a fully unbiased and honest review on Savage Affiliates.

Now, if you’re in a hurry I suggest just watching these video’s below and skipping to my verdict on Savage Affiliates, however, I prefer you read through the entire review to see if it’s right for you, I want you to make a conscious and well-informed decision because this is not an impulse decision.

I don’t want you to be trapped in the shiny object syndrome where people keep recommending courses after courses then one new scheme than the other.

Before we get into the review, I just want to address some questions some of you might have.

Is Affiliate Marketing still a viable business? Is it even possible to make a long term sustainable business with Affiliate Marketing?

You see many gurus nowadays, claiming you will become an overnight millionaire by buying their thousand dollar course.

In short, the answer is still yes, it has definitely gotten harder than before however, Affiliate Marketing still to this day is one of the best beginner-friendly business with low start-up capital and build a long term sustainable business.

If set up right, it can be quite passive.

Savage Affiliates Video Review

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course which teaches you on how to start affiliate marketing. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is basically where you get a commission for referring a product or service to someone.

Affiliate marketing is actually a great way to make passive income online. If you set it up right using free traffic, you can have a site making you money for years without even touching it again. It is one business where you don’t need a lot of money to get started. Anyone can do it as long as you put in the work and set it up correctly.

NOTE: However, Savage Affiliates is more than just running affiliate marketing niche sites like he has youtube, paid ads and other ways of affiliate marketing.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett is right for you or not!

Who is Savage Affiliates For?

Savage affiliates course is for anyone looking to make money online via affiliate marketing. Even if you’re a complete beginner who doesn’t know what affiliate marketing is and wants to learn how to make money online or, your an intermediate affiliate marketer whos already making a full-time income.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchet Savage Affiliates

Franklin Hatchett is the author of Savage Affiliates Course and makes over 100,000$+ from affiliate marketing alone on his website and plenty more from his other niche websites. (He shares many of his other ones in some of the modules!)

He also does e-commerce, dropshipping mainly for anyone wondering, you can read my review on his ecom elites 2.0 course.

Now, there’s a lot of fake gurus out there online so, it’s important to do your research on people. Franklin is one of the most trustworthy guys online, his FREE content is better than 99% of the premium content that gurus charge 1000’s of dollars for!

I mean people have gotten results just by watching his free youtube videos, and after getting the course made even more money.

Now, you might think I am biased towards Franklin, but, I also point out fair criticisms below as well!

Fun Fact: Savage Affiliates 2.0 is already out! So, you only need to pay for the 2.0 and you get Savage Affiliates 1.0 FREE!!

What is included in Savage Affiliates?

The product contains 9 Modules which have over 100+ amazing videos containing a chuck full of information!

He also includes his exclusive Savage Affiliates private facebook group where unlike many other gurus out there, he answers your questions and truly cares for your success.

Module 1 Affiliate Introduction

Savage Affiliates Scam

Module 1 contains 6 different videos

  • How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • The Results
  • How We Use Free Traffic
  • How We Use Paid Traffic
  • Quick Traffic SEO Video
  • (Watch) Important Steps

The Savage Affiliate’s first module aims to welcome you to the course, and in it, Franklin will give you a breakdown of the modules inside the class. There are great videos in this module that you should watch, like the video about learning the basics of SEO.

SEO is the key to utilize free traffic and develop a passive income for yourself.

This module was made for you to understand what is the course about and pick up the basics.

Finishing this module should result in you having the full picture on how the business model works.

Module 2 Niches and Products

Savage Affiliates Alternative

Module 2 contains 12 different videos

  • Welcome Video
  • Getting Started
  • Looking At Niches to Use
  • Find Affiliate Offers
  • Finding New Products
  • Using Clickbank
  • Using Amazon
  • Using JvZoo
  • Using Health Market
  • Web Hosting Offers
  • Using Share A Sale
  • CPA Networks

The module breaks down which niches you should use, and how to find affiliate offers.

The course shows you how to promote and find the products to do it and how to find specific marketplaces with products to support as well.  You’ll find videos inside this module about ClickBank, Amazon, Jvzoo and Health Market.

The module includes a general lesson on Shareasale, which is a famous platform for contacting retailers and getting digital products. A video about CPA Networks closes. While useful, it’s worth noting that payments here take particularly long—sometimes up to two months! It’s one thing that can stop you from trying that method out. Fortunately, there are some other methods that you can try out as well, something that we get to talk about in the other modules.

The best of this course—and this module, in particular—is that the videos go straight to the point; they are not long enough to bore you, and Franking doesn’t fluff.

Module 3 Building Your Assets

Savage Affiliates Franklin Hatchett

Module 3 contains 9 different videos

  • Building Assets Intro
  • Buying A Domain Name
  • Starting Your Website
  • Navigating Your Website
  • Must Have Plugins
  • Email Assets (Platforms)
  • Creating Landing Pages & Forms
  • Facebook Chat Asset
  • Power of Social Accounts

If you want to learn how to develop a website, this section shows you how in simple terms. You’ll be able to learn how to choose a domain name, how to start your site, and how to do it using WordPress.

This module is for the ones that have no experience developing WordPress websites, and if you already know what you want from WordPress but you want to know how to set up your web assets, this module will teach you that too.

You’ll learn about the relevance of social media and Facebook’s social chatbots. Also, this module will explain to you how to use an email platform to create and manage your list of subscribers. Any successful marketer will tell you that you’ll find the money in your list of subscribers, so it is highly recommended that you start one.

There are expensive alternatives and free ones too; you have to find the one that fits you the most.  Inside the module, you will be able to learn how to develop forms and landing pages.

The module ends with the last videos focusing on chat bots for Facebook and the overall power of these platforms. It’s a particularly interesting topic that many experienced members may not know. Given it’s usefulness, it can be better than email marketing on occasions.

Module 4 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Franklin Hatchett Savage Affiliates

Module 4 contains 27 different videos

  • Welcome Information
  • The W8-W9 Form
  • Starting Clickbank Account
  • The Main Traffic We Use
  • You Can Sell Anything With The Right Structure
  • CB Graph (Stats)
  • ClickBank Facts
  • What We Will Be Building (Examples)
  • Some Product Overviews
  • Getting Started (First Step)
  • Finding Keywords And Using Tool
  • Checking The Top 10
  • Buying Articles (If you don’t want to write)
  • 1 vs 1 Article Structure
  • Review Articles
  • Adding Article To Site
  • Installing Your Theme
  • Edit Sidebar
  • Edit Site Menus
  • Paid Google Traffic And Landing Page
  • Building A Simple Funnel – Part 1
  • Building A Simple Funnel – Part 2
  • The Red Detox Diet
  • The Singing Product
  • CB Passive Profits
  • Numerology Product And Youtube
  • Module Recap (Please Watch)

This module is one of the longest in this course, and it does get inside Clickbank and how to use it. It gives you a real idea of what you’re getting with it.

Creating a Clickbank account is free and easy. It is an intuitive platform to use and sign up to. It doesn’t have any hassle or problematic forms to fill out first, and once you get started, you’re in it; you’ll begin getting paid every two weeks.

You’ll learn how to set up your account and fill the boring stuff such as tax forms, but once you are done with that, you’ll start to watch how to choose the services or products to sell (especially how to choose the right ones) and how to use the platform.

This module teaches you how to develop a review-style website, to develop your website for marketing inside ClickBank, and how to set it up to the right way. It shows you the structure of the articles and how to install themes, site menus, and widgets.

One of the best parts of this module is that it shows you how to set up funnels with a real-life example. This is the part where you set up your customers’ journey and build a relationship with them, so these videos are a must-see inside this module.

Overall, this section is great thanks to the fact that its length translates into varied and in-depth content, which can be a rare sight among today’s online courses covering similar subjects. Anyone who’s seen this module in its entirety can exit with a clear understanding on how to create their own Clickbank account and functions for their websites.

Module 5 Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Franklin Hatchett Affiliate Course

Module 5 contains 21 different videos

  • Amazon Affiliate Intro
  • Amazon Website Examples
  • 30 Million Dollar Amazon Site
  • Buyer Intent Keywords
  • Ideal Amazon products
  • Amazon Niche Research
  • Aliexpress Niche Research
  • Fun Way To Find Product Ideas
  • Seasons and Trends
  • Using Flippa For Research
  • Analyze Top 10 Search Results
  • Quick Tip On Finding Information
  • Niche vs Authority vs Hybrid Site
  • Structure Your Amazon Site
  • Slow Cooker Niche Example
  • Steamer Niche Example
  • Smoothie Niche Example
  • Outdoor Backpack Niche Example
  • Snow Blower Niche Example
  • Website Basics and Creating Cool Stuff
  • (Extra) Big Boy Keyword

Inside this module, you’ll see Amazon affiliate sites examples that will make you want to start yours right away, including one that is worth 30 million dollars. You have to take your work seriously.

This one starts with an introduction and then goes to show you how to do research using Amazon and Aliexpress the right way, even a couple of interesting ways to find products you could review. Amazon is known to be a great way to start making passive income for yourself.

Savage Affiliates will guide you to analyze and exceed the top search results on Google. These videos are meant to transform you into an expert and excel at these points. Not only that, but the objective of this module is for you to outperform the same results and place before them.

You’re able to take a look at their backlink usage and shares on social media. It’s also coupled with some tips on how to use Ahrefs to accomplish the same purpose, which sets you up for improving your ability to study the websites of your competitors more efficiently.

You are going to be able to discover and acquire how to set your own Amazon Affiliate site, and all about the article structure, even the site layout, keywords, and how to develop a niche, hybrid, or authority website.

You’ll end up knowing everything you need to know to start the right way and make money.  It depends mostly on the themes you want for your articles. 

The videos explain how to take advantage of seasons, if you have a seasonal business, and how to use them and trends to make money.  At the end of this module, this course will show you five real-life examples and teach you to step by step how they work.

It includes some keywords with a lot of weight and how to use them to outrank the competition.

Module 6 SEO Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Course Franklin Hatchett

Module 6 contains 29 different videos

  • How Google Works (Think of Spiders)
  • Google Ranking Factors
  • Doing On Page SEO
  • Website Speed
  • How Web 2.0’s Work
  • Analysis Competitor Anchors Text
  • Buying Web 2.0s
  • Create a Web 2.0
  • Power up Web 2.0s
  • Building Blog Comments
  • Find Blog Comments
  • Quora Backlinks
  • My Backlink Process
  • Relevant Outbound Links
  • Setup Google Webmasters
  • Website Sitemap
  • Find Extra Keywords & Improve Rankings
  • My Secret Links
  • Spam Isn’t Working Anymore
  • Click Through Rate & Engagement
  • Reverse Engineer Your Competitors
  • Buying PBN Links
  • Social Signals
  • Website Structure (Silo)
  • Skyscraper Technique for Backlinks
  • Fiverr Backlinks
  • How To Track Keywords
  • Recap – Please

Here, you’ll acquire the basics to use search engine optimization to rank higher. This module contains 29 videos where Savage Affiliates will teach you how to use SEO, how to perform it, how to do it on pages, how to structure your site the correct way, and at last, how to do link building.

This course will also show you what web 2.0’s are and how to do the linking (doing them deep and building social accounts to them), how to buy web 2.0’s, and how to create and power them up. At the end of this module, you will know how to track keywords and what kind of tools Franklin uses to do this.

Other videos included in this section cover topics like website structure and social signals, as well as how to optimize them for SEO purposes. That’s especially important because Google also takes into consideration the influence of your website, and having no followers is enough to provide Google with the reasons to suspect your site of using tactics that could violate its terms.

The module is great overall, and it covers one of the most important (yet often overlooked) topics related to online entrepreneurship. It’s even as good as other SEO-focused courses that charge as much as (or more than) what Franklin does for this entire course.

Module 7 Paid Traffic

Franklin Hatchett Savage Affiliates Course

Module 7 contains 22 different videos

  • Paid Advertising Intro
  • Who Is Your Buyer?
  • Simple Affiliate Tracking (ClickBank)
  • (Facebook Ads 1) Facebook Overview & Creating A Page
  • (Facebook Ads 2) Facebook Ad Examples
  • (Facebook Ads 3) Looking At Funnels
  • (Facebook Ads 4) Buy eBook Cover
  • (Facebook Ads 5) Installing Pixels
  • (Facebook Ads 6) Advanced Link Tracking & Split Testing
  • (Facebook Ads 7) Creating Facebook Lead Ad
  • (Facebook Ads 8) What To Track on
  • (Facebook Ads 9) Check Facebook
  • (Facebook Ads 10) Scale Facebook Ads
  • (Solo Ads) Intro Video
  • (Solo Ads) Creating Tracking Links
  • (Google Ads 1) Google AdWords
  • (Google Ads 2) Google AdWords Pixels
  • (Google Ads 3) Starting A Google Ad
  • (Google Ads 4) Maximum Bid
  • (Google Ads 5) Tracking on Google
  • (Google Ads 6) Audience & Display
  • (Google Ads 7) Scale Your Google Ads

This module is a paid traffic training; you will watch videos about Facebook ads and Google Adwords, where you can learn the basics about them and how to use them step by step.

About Facebook, you will be able to check out pixel setup and configuration, all about eBook cover creation, and funnels. Also, you’ll see how to track valuable campaigns. In fact, the module dedicates ten videos to Facebook Ads solely.

Another excellent addition is the tips on finding good sellers since there’s unfortunately a large amount of people who just want to take your money, so being able to discern between the legitimate and the mediocre sellers is a lifesaver.

The only issue I had with this module is that it still leaves out many important social plaforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. These channels are overlooked very often by most courses, and seeing such a full-featured course like Savage Affiliates repeat the same mistake is a bit of a letdown.

Module 8 Free Traffic

Savage Affiliates Course Review

Module 8 contains 15 different videos

  • Free Traffic Intro
  • Collecting Free Traffic Leads
  • (Forum Traffic 1) Growth Hacking
  • (Forum Traffic 2) How I Get Forum
  • (YouTube 1) Youtube Intro
  • (Youtube 2) How To Get Started
  • (Youtube 3) You Need This Free Tool!
  • (Youtube 5) Checking Out Keywords To Rank For
  • (Youtube 6) Ranking Factors
  • (Youtube 7) How To Rank Your Video
  • (Youtube 8) Getting Youtube To Promote For Suggested Views
  • (Youtube 9) Youtube Thumbnails
  • (Youtube 10) Youtube Retargeting
  • (Youtube Bonus) Easy Traffic Trick

This section focus on being an expert at SEO and how to choose the right products. It teaches how to make money daily without a lot of effort. Inside, it shows you how to get started and rank the correct way, as well as setting up retargeting.

As an entrepreneur, your objective must be to be able to gain your income regularly even while you’re on vacation or enjoying yourself during your free time. This section shows you how to achieve that in a manner that’s easy to understand.

Some of the methods included are YouTube and forum traffic to gain access to email leads. It’s worth noting that this module creates a perfect synergy with the previous one about SEO to give you a strong influx of free traffic to save you a lot of money.

There are more than 10 videos related to YouTube and how to start and gain the best rank, also going over setting up your thumbnails and finding the best keywords.

Module 9 Email Marketing Training

Savage Affiliates Franklin Hatchett Course Review

Module 9 contains 9 different videos

  • Little Intro To Email Marketing
  • I Don’t Use These Landing Pages
  • Getting Started First Step
  • Creating Email Automation
  • Creating And Send Newsletters
  • Email Open Rates
  • Contact Flow Walkthrough
  • ClickFunnels Automation Funnel
  • eCom Automation Funnel

The final module in the course focuses on a relatively old marketing technique which has seen somewhat of a decrease in popularity with the popularity of social media and more modern methods.

It introduces you to the email marketing approach, starting with how to gain a full view of the strategies it allows for. It then moves on into optimizing your campaigns all the way to fully automate them, so you can rest assured that they won’t stop once you take a break. It also includes some great information on setting up newsletters from scratch.There’s one issue only when it comes to this particular module, especially when compared to most of the others in Franklin’s course. I’m talking about the fact that it lacks depth despite the standard set by the previous sections.

In fact, it seems like it was included for the sake of having an email marketing module. It even features some strange decisions like including tips on how to integrate it with eCommerce and Clickfunnels.

BONUS Funnel Training

Savage Affiliates Franklin Hatchett Review

BONUS Funnel Training contains 6 different videos

  • Part 1 – Funnel Intro
  • Part 2 – Funnel Bait
  • Part 3 – Building Funnel
  • Day 4 – Building eCom Funnel
  • Part 5 – Email Blueprint
  • Part 6 – Getting Traffic
Savage Affiliates Bonus Module Funnel Training (Brief Summary)

Part 1 – Funnel Intro

Franklin created this as a bonus, this basically goes into everything about funnels, why you should use them and how you make money from it.

Part 2 – Funnel Bait

He explains what to offer so, that you can get people in your funnel. He shows few cool tricks to use free stuff and give it away for free so you can get them in your funnel.

Part 3 – Building Funnel

Franklin talks about a few different types of funnels, and how to make them, what to write and make it look like.

This video is literally 51 minutes long lots of value!

Day 4 – Building eCom Funnel

He goes into making an ECommerce funnel, so if you do dropshipping this is really helpful.

Part 5 – Email Blueprint

In this video of Savage Affiliates, Franklin Hatchett shows you one of his businesses which is a million dollar company. He shows all the ads, analytics and funnels for it.

Part 6 – Getting Traffic

He goes over how to get traffic, it has a lot of information. The video itself is 42 minutes long!!

Make sure to check out the bonuses (worth $2985) I am only offering for those purchasing through me!

Personal Experience With Savage Affiliates Course

Now, I am an experienced online marketer. Even I learned A TON of things from this course. This is not just an Affiliate marketing course, it has like 29 SEO video. A lot of people charge 197$+ alone for basic SEO and the SEO covered in this course isn’t even covered in courses which are over 1000 dollars.

With this course alone I was able to increase my traffic on some of my niche websites by quite a bit. The thing about this course is that you can APPLY these things to your e-commerce store however, Franklin Hatchett does have another course which is Ecom Elites 2.0 which I actually did do a review on as well!

There are days where I look back at the course and I learn something new each time, the reason for this is because it has so much information I didn’t finish all of it before.

UPDATE: he is constantly updating his course, he literally has a case study from another student who showcases how he makes money in the course. I know some elements of this review are old but, that’s because he updates the course so often! You will see the screenshots I posted above are the old Savage Affiliates, he has streamlined the content and added much more content. What worked back in the day is different now, so that’s why he has newer modules and different methods now.

Savage Affiliates Scam?

Nope, this is FAR from a scam. It is a Franklin Hatchett Course, he’s here to help you out, I mean this isn’t some 1000$ overhyped course which is poorly thrown together to try to rip you off. There is a 30-day guarantee so, Savage Affiliates is NOT a scam.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates course. Every one of his is course is at 197$ price.

There are other sites claiming they either have Savage Affiliates Coupon or Savage Affiliates Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Savage Affiliates Nulled or Savage Affiliates Free is not a thing.


A lot of videos are really high quality and really long!

Ease of use

The user inferface is quite easy to use, instructions are quite clear.


The amount of information offered is not even comparable to other courses.


The facebook group is quite helpful, however emailing seems to be the quickest.

Savage Affiliates Final Verdict

Let me start by saying that, I personally love the content Franklin Hatchett posts on his youtube. But, this course is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there. I have bought a lot of different affiliate marketing courses which I actually have reviewed a ton of them on here.

Hands down, this one is the best outta all of them.


So many of them are garbage and overpriced. Keep in mind that, there are many affiliate course instructors who have reached out to me offering me a high commission to promote their overpriced garbage course.

However, those courses just are too expensive, very little info, outdated information a lot of the time.

He has over 100+ videos with 10 different modules and on top of that, he keeps it updated. The bonus module he uploaded not too long ago.

I personally think Savage Affiliates is a great product for a great price. For just 197$ you get an affiliate marketing course which is better than all the 1997$ courses out there.

One thing Franklin Hatchet can improve on would definitely be if you were stuck on what to do or people who have limited time and want just one easy method they can do and focus on that will make them money.

UPDATE: he has actually streamlined the course even more, and has added tons more content.

You can always ask him a question on the savage affiliates exclusive private Facebook group where he answers all the questions.

Many people complain about Frank not being as active on his Facebook group but, you have to realize there are tons of other people on facebook who have made money and have tons of experience in affiliate marketing who always are willing to help out.

Check out Savage Affiliates for yourself! It has a money back guarentee, so try it risk free!

Savage Affiliates Bonus Which Franklin Hatchett is Offering!

Franklin Hatchett the author of Savage Affiliates is giving 3 bonuses when you purchase the course.

  • You get an Insane High Converting Template
  • You also get an Email Capture Page Catching 70%
  • Finally, you get a Complete Affiliate Marketing Funnel!

My Exclusive Savage Affiliates Bonus

Here is how it works, I am offering bonuses for anyone who decides to purchase Savage Affiliates through my link here!
All the bonuses I offer are all extremely high quality and none of them are nulled or pirated.

Youtube Ads Excellence (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Youtube Ads ExcellenceYoutube Ads Excellence is a program which comes an in the ebook where they cover all the youtube basics, linking your adwords account, setting up your video campaign, advanced techniques, youtube remarketing, creating stunning youtube ads, creating videos without a camera, and much more!

Split Testing Profits (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Split Testing Profits

Split Testing Profits is a small ebook which teaches you about split testing. Split testing is a very important skill to learn especially if your internet marketer since, you can gather data from your split tests into improving your landing page and thus earning you more money!

WP Backlink Checker (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus WP Backlink Checker Plugin

WP Backlink Checker is a WordPress plugin which helps you check your backlinks automatically. You can monitor your backlinks automatically, monitor your backlinks with anchor texts and receive email notifications for changed or removed backlinks and set reminders to renew your paid backlinks!

Twitter Marketing (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is an ebook which teaches you all about marketing on Twitter. It covers why you get an advantage when using twitter marketing, learn how you can create effective brand awareness, and techniques and tactics you can use for twitter marketing!

The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing (Value 295$)

Snag Success Bonus Expert Guide to PPC Marketing

The expert guide to PPC marketing is an ebook which teachs you about pay per click marketing. It goes in depth with how you can create a profitable PPC campaign management, PPC Bid Management, PPC affiliate programs and much more!

Solo Ad Mastery (Value 249$)

Snag Success Bonus Solo Ad Mastery

Solo Ad mastery is a video course which teaches you about solo ads. It contains various chapters on Arcamax, Newsmax, Internet Markets, Demc which are all solo ad providers. It also contains a lot more information to help you master solo ads!

Social Media Authority (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Social Media Authority

Social Media Authority is a program which has both an ebook and videos which include how you can build your social media authority. It goes over building your social media profiles, getting followers and boosting engagement, maintaining your social media profiles, social media automation with scheduling and how to leverage twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, instagram and pinterest.

Snapchat Marketing (Value 297$)

Snag Success Bonus Snap Chat Marketing

Snapchat marketing is an ebook which teaches you about Snapchat marketing. It teaches you on things like why pick Snapchat, what exactly is Snapchat, basics, advanced features, how to get your initial following, building fans through stories, how to use live events to get followers, running contests & promotions on Snapchat, integrating Snapchat with your site & Social Media and MUCH more!

Six Figure E-commerce (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Six Figure Ecommerce

Six-figure ECommerce is a video course which teachs you all about ecommerce. It dives deeper into the formula to succeeding with your own online ecommerce store, picking your niche (Three Different Methods for Picking the Right Niche), sourcing your products, how to choose the best units, dropshipping or Amazon, the importance of creating a brand and how to create a brand, how to drive traffic to your own website or leveraging amazon traffic.

Pinterest Traffic Ninja (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus Pinterest Traffic Ninja

Pinterest Traffic Ninja is an ebook which teaches you about pinterest. It contains the basics for pinterest, how to setup your site for pins, how to keep your pins interesting so you can repins, what gets pinned the most, powering up your pinterest traffic, finding out who is pinning your content and much more!

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Marketing Lessons Taught by Pyschopaths

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths is an ebook which essentially teaches you about marketing lessons which are taught by pyschopaths. This is valuable since a lot of psychopaths tend to be good in business and marketing. It goes over techniques such as flattery, favors & gifts, false intimacy, false expectations, silent treatment, over asking, false equivalence, fake normal and much more!

Killer Video Conversions (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Killer Video Conversions

Killer Video Conversions is an ebook which contains 7 killer tactics on how you can make visitors who view your videos to go straight to your site! These are really great tactics you can use to improve your video conversions by a lot! Also, there are some tools and resources provided as well!

Invoice To Go Plugin (Value 34$)

Snag Success Bonus Invoice To Go

Invoice To Go is a WordPress plugin which lets you create personalized pricing pages for your clients. You can create your own invoice pages on your wordpress site!

Google Position Checker (Value 29$)

Snag Success Bonus Google Position Checker

Google Position Checker is a WordPress plugin which Google position checker WordPress plugin is a useful keyword rank checker tool which helps determine your website’s relevance for specific keywords. It also shows where in the SERPs (search engines) your keyword is ranked at.

To claim your bonus simple just purchase through the link below and comment:

Snag Success Author Adam

About Me

Hi, I am Adam. The founder of this blog Snag Success & many other niche sites.

I’m a full-time internet marketer. I have done Dropshipping, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing, and a ton of other online businesses!

I share a lot of the tips and tricks I learnt along the way. I discuss various tools, courses, deals and discounts on here as well.

A lot of the times you will end up saving a ton of money on great products from my blog!


I’ve put a ton of research & effort writing this blog post to provide you with the best information I can.

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Appreciate It! ♥️

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    • I believe to get the Frank’s bonuses you will need the 297 package which contains the Clickfunnels modules, launch jacking and webhosting modules. For my bonuses it can be either.


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