Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Buttons: Sell Products on Other Websites

Find out about the Shopify Buy Button and More Below!


Shopify requires very little capital to start an online business. It comes with free trials, different features, theme selection, content creation templates, payment processing fees, support, and more. It is considered one of the best platforms for online businesses.

However, due to the inability to create cash flows from the traffic, it is hard to get users. And even if you get the traffic on your website, it is hard to convince them to pay you.

You should aim at attracting as many customers as possible during the sales funnel process and ultimately convert the visit into paying buyers. It is when Shopify Buy Button can prove to be effective.  

The Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify Buy Button is a CTA (call to action) button that provides a way to sell on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, or MailChimp. It gives your shoppers a free purchasing experience that means it offers your customers a direct way of purchasing on various websites. Buy buttons are customizable so you can create a suitable look for your website’s pages.

It is a positive step towards the world of online shopping. Not only does it help you as a business owner, but it also helps the public as potential buyers. Shopify Buy Button gives you all this while still serving the purpose of great analytics and secure checkouts. You can build your business with the help of buy buttons by using several ways:

  • Sell your products or websites on platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and SquareSpace.
  • Add Shopify e-business and a secure cart to your website. You can monitor orders through your Shopify Admin.
  • Customize the style and format of your buy button and cart. It will offer your customers a better experience when they open your page through their smartphones or tablets.

There are different ways of using Shopify Buy Button to sell products:

Sell using Sidebar

Are you developing an audience on your blog and planning on selling your goods to them? You can use Shopify Buy Button as it is an easy option.

You can sell your products through the blog sidebar. You don’t need to have an online store for this. It is the best way you can feature a product by highlighting something you are excited to sell.

Keep the errors away

Error pages can be beneficial for your website if you execute them well. Adding a buy button directly to your error keeps the visitors interested and ultimately make a sale.

Add products to the landing page

Want to add e-commerce functionality to your landing page? The Shopify buy button is the most secure and straightforward way to do it. It is a much better way than other options available.

Copy the code from your store admin and drop a buy button into the landing page of your choice, and that is it. 

Likewise, you can sell e-books, photography, and more.

Sell your product within the content

Launching a new product using your blog is quite the right way of seeking the customer’s attention.

All you have to do is paste the code in your blog post, and it will be ready for launch.

As you can customize the Shopify buy button, you can make changes to the color and size according to your website.

Trade on any platform

You need not launch your online store if you are not sure about it, thanks to Shopify buy button you can sell on any platform.

It is an excellent way of getting an overview of the business field if you want to have an idea.

Pros and Cons of ShopifyBuy Button

Using the Shopify buy button is not necessary, but it can have positive impacts on your website.


  • The Shopify buy button is beneficial if you want to sell impulse purchases. It creates an unmatched user experience from one platform for the advertisement to other product pages.
  • The customers have to go through a complicated process, and it only decreases the conversion. The buy button helps to take you to the platform much quicker directly.
  • If you are unable to earn profits with your advertising methods, then the buy button can turn the tables.
  • Moreover, it notifies you in advance about reporting of sales and critical points. It modifies the performance of your page and optimizes your platform.


  • There are a few pitfalls of every useful thing. The buy bottom doesn’t set with Shopify apps. Though it acts as a valuable resource for your website, you have to know about its applicability.
  • As a result, it will become a little tricky for you to retarget customers who visit your site and take action.

Set-Up and Implementation of Shopify Buy Button

The Buy Button generates codes that can be fixed directly into external pages as long as you can use HTML. You can quickly get Shopify Buy Button via Shopify Lite Plan. This plan is available at $9 per month, making it the most cost-effective feature. It also provides access to Facebook integration and the creation of custom orders.

To start with it, go to Settings on the Shopify dashboard, click on Sales Channel. Click at Add Channel in Buy Button.  

Once you add the channel, it will appear on Left Sidebar on Dashboard. Go to the Buy Button in Sidebar and click Create a Buy Button to make codes.

You can customize the aspects of a button.

You may link the buy button to Checkout. Once you choose the option, click on the Generate Embed Code button. Copy the HTML code and paste it to your site. Once you do it, you can redirect to your Shopify store checkout page. There are three simple ways of adding this feature to various platforms.

Embed a product

Choose a product to sell, and Buy Button will give you a single-click link to your destination. Try using a single product embeds within landing pages. Give information about your product to help customers know better about the product.

Embed a collection

Through a collection, you can show your customers an entire selection of various goods. You can use this method to showcase seasonal collections. They will be visible on your website, so make it stylish with the themes.

Embed a product by email

It is similar to single embedding products. You will get a URL to use in the email campaign’s template. These links will directly take you to the checkouts. This way, you can send your customers to checkouts for a great experience.

For any of the ways to become successful, you will need traffic. Just make sure to keep things simple for customers to understand and reach the right platforms.


You have to be unique in your ways of selling goods to the customers. You can quickly increase conversions and make profits by using Shopify Buy Button features. It is resourceful if you already have a following for your brand on the website.

Then you can quickly implement the HTML codes to several sites like WordPress, etc. So have you availed the Shopify Lite Plan yet? Get it now and share your experience.

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