Shopify Trial Extension: How To Extend Shopify Trial

Shopify Trial Extension

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform and wanting to test out its suitability for your business store online could take a little bit more time. It certainly would take more than 3 days.

From setting up the store to customizing it and testing out payment options, Shopify offers a 3-day trial right now. For most, this would not suffice.

If you are looking for possible ways to prolong your Shopify trial, let me tell you, you’re not alone.

If an extension is possible and how to get it has been on several people’s minds. And that’s how we got here. Read ahead to know about some of the smarter ways to extend your 3-day free trial.

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Is It Possible To Extend Shopify’s Free Trial?

You’ve possibly come across forums and discussions where people have mentioned a 21-day, 44, or 45-day free trial that they got to avail from Shopify.

Would you be surprised to learn that such trials were never offered by Shopify, yet these people were not lying either? This is because they were able to extend their Shopify Free trial. So, yes. It is possible to extend your Shopify free trial.

However, it is also important to remember that Shopify does not offer a free trial extension directly on their website, not through other third party websites or apps.

You would not want to fall into the scammer’s hand by getting tempted by a random pop-up ad. There are indirect ways to do this:

Contact Shopify About it

Contact Shopify Homepage

Contacting Shopify about your extension is how many have successfully gotten theirs, and you can too.  Before your trial ends, you can send an email to Shopify support and ask them for an extension. You would have to give them a good reason and be logical about it. Not just that, you would also want to mention how many days of the lengthened trial you expect.

You would need to mention your store address and email address with which you signed up for Shopify free trial. After that, your account will be inspected by Shopify.

Upon scrutinizing your progress on the trial, Shopify would grant you the said number of days for trial extension.

Post on Shopify Forum or Community

Shopify Community Homepage

Before contacting Shopify about it, it is wise to let Shopify examine your store’s eligibility for a possible extension.

Once they do and provide you with a green signal, obtaining an extension gets much more certain. What you could do is post on one of the Shopify community forums on their page.

The community allows any account holder to post about their queries. Here one of Shopify’s customer support would reach out to you almost immediately. You would also do this on their live chat.

To the Shopify employee who has replied to you, ask them whether you can be granted an extension. They would again need your store name and some time to inspect your store. If you’re eligible to get one, they would contact you about the extension procedure.

Signup for the new offer

Shopify is serving its new users an extension on a silver platter. The special limited time offer allows one to get 90 days of prolonged access to Shopify’s paid plan, by paying only $1 per month.

This is the most effective and efficient way to get an extension. Getting the offer would allow you to have enough time and access to test out the platform more comprehensively.

Partner account extension

If your business has a partner account on Shopify, getting an extension is simple. Shopify allows partner account holders to create new development stores. Doing that allows them more time to customize their store without having to pay extra.

Shopify Free Trial Extension: Step-By-Step Procedure

If you are looking to extend your current 3 days trial, Shopify has got your back as usual. For that, you would have to move to the 90 days for a $1/per plan.

You can either sign up and activate the extension during the 3-day trial or at the end of it.

Here’s how you can obtain the extension:

  1. During your Shopify 3-day sign-up, you would be directed to a Shopify pricing page. From there you can select the offer before even starting the trial.
  2. Or, you could extend the trial on your 3rd day of trial. You would be forwarded to the Shopify dashboard. Here you will be expected to “Pick a plan”
  3. You would need to choose the first plan named Basic which would allow you to avail of the offer. Here, you would notice how the subscription fee would be changed to $1.
  4. At the last stage, you would proceed to checkout where you need to enter your billing address along with credit card information.
  5. If you want to begin your 3-day trial with the extension, You have to click on the tab at the top of the Shopify landing page and press on the link Sign up now. This will directly land you on the special offer page

How Many Times Can One Extend Their Shopify Trial?

There’s no upper limit or restriction to how many times you can start an extension trial. Whether you are signing up for the new offer or getting a new account every time, you want to prolong your trial, you can do it. 

With that mentioned, I cannot guarantee that renewing trials after trials would help you or the progress of your store.

Every time you start a new trial, you would have to set up your store from scratch. Even if you want to use one more feature during the trial, you cannot do so without a store already constructed.

Not only that but how many email addresses would you need to redo the trial extension? That itself is needlessly time consuming and incompetent.

If you do want a trial extension so much, the current offer of 90 days for $1 is the best way out.

Is It Easy To Get Shopify Trial Extension?

It can be easy to get a Shopify trial extension depending on the situation of your store and your progress with it during the trial. However, it could take some time for Shopify to get back to you, given they inspect your store and trial headway.  If you can’t get the extension through customer support, you can avail of the offer of 90 days.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, Shopify is one of the most affordable, easy to use, and safe e-commerce platforms that one can use to set up an online store.

The free trial offered by Shopify helps new merchants to navigate through the different features. They can learn to use the platform before fully committing to it.

However, the free trial duration is too short and demands an extension. Shopify free trial extensions can be achieved by contacting the Shopify help center. Otherwise, you can opt for the special offer that helps to extend your 3-day free trial to 90 days. But, it’s not for free!

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