Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review | Don’t Buy It

You must be wondering if Super Affiliate System 3.0 is worth the money? Is Super Affiliate System just another garbage course or is it actually legit? The increasing number of fake gurus out there nowadays is insane who are going around ripping people off. They try to sell you the dream of quitting 9-5 and then they just sell a pile of garbage to people.

That’s why I wanted to review Super Affiliate System 3.0, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not Super Affiliate System is right for you or your business based on my Super Affiliate System 3.0 review.

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What is Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System Dashboard

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is a long-established affiliate marketing tool. It was released in 2015, which makes it an institution in this niche! It was impressive and effective back then, and it even more promises today.

Over the years the system has had a lot of updates, and it is now up to ‘version three’ which has a new, easier to use interface, and updated content to make sure that your ads are as effective as possible in the modern marketplace.

Put simply, SAS 3.0 is an online course. It will not ‘make money for you,’ but it will teach you how to make money yourself. If you are willing to put the time in to learn and understand the content, and then implement it in your niche, then you have the chance to succeed.

Whether you already have a product in mind or are looking for something to market and aren’t quite sure what, yet, you will find that the Super Affiliate System will stand you in good stead. It aims to take a confusing and overwhelming idea and break it down into some simple steps:

Product research and selection

You get access to a separate module where you will learn how to use various marketing and niche research tools. You will then get a detailed tutorial on how to use the information to find the appropriate products which you can then promote to your audience or advertise to generate revenue.

Keyword research

An in-depth, easy to follow module will help you understand the ins and outs of the keyword research and why it’s of so much importance in the field of internet marketing.

Identifying a target market

You will learn how to choose an appropriate niche to generate maximum profit without investing too much time or money.

Developing sales pages

A detailed video tutorial will help you understand the basics of design principals and steps needed to create highly converting sales pages in minutes.

Creating mailing lists

A mailing list is a heart of any marketing technique. It helps you to connect to your customers or subscribers directly. But the question is how to leverage this connectivity to generate revenue. A detailed video tutorial will help you understand the process required to set up an automated email marketing system.

Running Ads

There are mainly two methods to generate revenue from intent marketing. First one is free, and it requires your utmost dedication and needs you to build a trustworthy audience. The second method is for those who want to make money but without waiting. It requires you to spend some money on advertising affiliate products. Now, in either of the case, there is no guarantee of success but if when your guidance from experts and follow their steps, your chances of success increases ten folds.


With the right approach, anyone can make money with affiliate ads, and that’s what Crestani wants to support with his new, updated affiliate marketing system.

Who is Super Affiliate System for?

John Crestani designed the system for anyone who wants to make money from affiliate programs by using paid ads in an effective manner. Let’s face it, and paid advertising is a bit intimidating to get started with. It is easy to lose all your money if you don’t target your ads well. Many online marketers fail because they waste money on poorly targeted advertisements, or even worse, ads that simply will not convert because they are poorly written.

John Crestani wants to help determined and diligent online marketers to make money online using a proven system of advertisements. It explains Google Ads, Youtube Ads, advanced advertising tactics, preselling, and more. It will take someone who has no idea what they want to sell and help them make find a product and make money by promoting it.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Who is John Crestani?

Super Affiliate System John Crestani

John Crestani is the author of Super Affiliate System. He is an internet marketer who has made millions of dollars in revenues through affiliate marketing.

He has been featured in various magazines including Entrepreneur, Fox and has been featured speaker at various marketing forums including Elite Summit among others.

Super Affiliate System Review John Crestani

John Crestani is the LARGEST Clickbank Affiliate!!

According to him, he was introduced to internet marketing while reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” and that time he was just a college student.

From a young age, he knew that college education isn’t going to help him build skills that are essential to have a “financially” stable life. He wanted to become a financially independent individual and not just a 9-5 slave.

Today, John Crestani is not just making millions annually but is also helping thousands of other like-minded peoples to have a better, tension-free, debt-free life.

What’s included in Super Affiliate System 3.0?

With this system, you will get a series of video modules. Each module takes a week to complete:

  • Setting up The System
  • Setting up Google Ads
  • Setting Up YouTube Ads
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Pre-sell Pages and Scaling
  • Selecting Products

Week 1: Basic Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

  • In this first week you will learn:
  • What is affiliate marketing & what is paid advertising
  • What are some good blogs or forums to join
  • Top influencers that follow John in the industry
  • Why promoting weight loss, skin cares and offers similar to those are a good idea.

Week 2: The Correct Setup

  • How to set up the entire system properly
  • How to convince your audience to buy your products using psychology
  • Important technical skills which should be learned
  • Understanding what user want, why it’s a big factor in paid ads
  • Targetting buyer ready audience

Week 3: More About Tools & Lander Setup

  • Basics like setting up your domain, hosting, landing pages, etc.
  • Setting up tracking and pixels for analysis on all ad campaigns
  • Why choose Clickbank as your affiliate network
  • Best strategy for promoting Clickbank Products
  • Advantages of working with your affiliate manager

Week 4: Advanced CopyWriting Methods

  • A 17 step story template
  • Writing Advertorials (Trusted formats on advertising)
  • Let Advertorials market for you
  • Understand your customer’s problems and pain points
  • Address those exact pain points properly

Week 5: Advanced Research Tactics

  • Super Simple Approach to eliminate chance of failure
  • Tried and Tested “controls” which have been proven by other internet marketers to work already
  • Be able to replicate the entire process that John Crestani does in his own campaigns Step by step
  • Copy and rip other landing pages
  • Find which landing pages are working and how to copy them
  • Turn your landing page into a sales person to do the selling for you
  • How you can destroy your competitor by properly researching

Week 6: Optimization tactics for Advertising

  • Remove clicks which are fraud pro-actively
  • Learn how to split testing correctly
  • Optimize your campaigns and ads to get you more clicks and conversions
  • Test every aspect of your ads from colours, call to actions, buttons, headlines and more properly.
  • Greatly increase profits on campaigns by adjusting your ads
  • Failproof ways of research to make the most from your campaign

Week 7: Mindset Expansion

  • Learn why people fail in affiliate marketing
  • Avoid and prevent affiliate marketing mistakes before they happen
  • How you can increase your chances of success
  • Maximizing productivity working from home and why it’s important to maintain it.
  • How you can prevent shiny object syndrome from happening to you

Week 8: Network & Coding

  • How you can use other’s success to boost your own
  • Learn how Jv’s, affiliate teams will help succeed more
  • How to get preferential treatment from Facebook representative
  • The 3 most needed programming languages you need to learn
  • How you can be lightyears ahead of your competitors

Week 9: Google Ads

Learning Google Ads very thoroughly
How you can copywrite, target, optimize and remarket ads on Google Ads
Examples of affiliate campaigns which are ready to launch like domain hosting and weight loss niches.

Week 10: Facebook Ads

  • How to maximize success by structuring facebook campaigns
  • Advanced custom audience strategies to get better results
  • How you can take advantage of Facebook’s Artifical intelligence
  • Watch John Crestani make a profitable campaign from scratch
  • Staying Facebook complaint with affiliate campaigns

Week 11: Native Advertising

  • What is native advertising
  • How you can use it to generate tons of traffic for your website
  • Prevent all major native ad mistakes
  • Breaking apart ad campaigns correctly
  • How to structure ads for the lowest costs and maximum conversions

Week 12: Scaling your Media Buying Business

  • How to scale your campaigns 100$ profit to 10,000$ per day
  • When to use Vertical and horizontal scaling methods
  • How to outsource and have teams running things for you
  • Working with developers and designers efficiently
  • How to manage media buyers & the whole process for hiring them

Buyers will also get Network Coupons worth $895.00 which they can spend on paid traffic, as well as some targeting information, and a lot of other value-adds, which make it a significant investment.

What’s particularly impressive is the way that the system is structured. You cannot skip ahead. You have to watch each video in order, and the system will make sure that you do so. You might think that this is overly restrictive and didactic, but John Crestani designed it this way to ensure that people understand all of the content before moving on.

Crestani has a lot of experience when it comes to paid advertising, and the content focuses heavily on how to run ad accounts that actually generate conversions. You can work with any ad provider, but the content is skewed towards Facebook, Bing, Google, and YouTube as the main providers.

Making money online is easy in theory. Spend less than the affiliate marketing generates, and you make a profit. Some people who have worked with him have achieved life-changing successes.

The videos are the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the Super Affiliate System, but there are some great added extras too. The community that surrounds the program and the resources that are offered on the ‘resource vault‘ section are stellar. You can take email lists, ad-swipes, and landing pages from the resource vault and run with them to start your own campaigns. This is content that is proven to work.

You can actually take advantage of a list of 150,000 emails which you can use to build up look-alike audiences. Be aware, however, that Facebook is strict when it comes to marketing business opportunity type products, so you will need to tread carefully when you try online marketing, lest you face a ban.

The ad swipes, though, are definitely worth a look. To run a good marketing campaign, you need a persuasive copy, unique (or at least rarely seen) images, and custom video. The ad swipes will help you get started and while the content isn’t unique (since other people on the course have access to it as well) it’s a good foundation for you to make your own stuff.

PROS AND CONS for Super Affiliate System


  • You Don’t Need Infrastructure
  • Step by Step System
  • Good for any Niche
  • Support & Security


  • Best for Medium to Advanced Marketers
  • You Do Need Money
  • Some Additional Expenses Mandatory

You Don’t Need Infrastructure

So many programs talk about making a fortune online but then demand you already have an extensive email list, make you buy tens of thousands of dollars in inventory, or have a running business going already. That’s not offering value, that’s just adding onto what you’ve already built.

One of the really positive aspects of the John Crestani Super Affiliate System 3.0 is that you don’t need an inventory, clients, customer support, or email lists. In other words, it’s a system designed to help anyone get the results they want, not just people who are already three-quarters of the way there.

Step by Step System

A fully detailed step by step system gives users all the information needed to follow in John’s footsteps. There are no missing steps, no information omitted, but a proven method that just continues to be refined to be made even better.

Properly Updated for Changing Times

The first two versions of the Super Affiliate System were great, but things change, and it is good to see that the new system keeps up. It shows what has been dropped (like Bing ads and LinkedIn ads) from things that no longer work, updates the best ways to go through parts of the original systems that remain and add in new techniques and tools that work today.

Good for any Niche

These aren’t niche-specific tactics that work in one or two places and nowhere else. Because of John’s experience in marketing and advertising what he teaches can be applied to any niche online. That is powerful, and further teaches skills that will be very useful in the online world.

Support & Security

Monthly webinars continue to give further support for buyers of this system. In addition to this, there is 24/7 support, a solid active community, and 60-day money back guarantees.

Best for Medium to Advanced Marketers

This doesn’t mean this program can’t work for beginners or true noobs, but to get the highest value out of this, it helps if you’re already at a certain level. Not necessarily a con, but it is something to be aware of are true noobs should probably start with a more beginner system before jumping onto this one.

You Do Need Money

If you’re on your last dime, this isn’t the right system. This involves incredible strategies that use paid ads and paid ad campaigns. These are effective techniques, but since many rely on paid ads, then you need to start with a certain amount of money to make it work.

Some Additional Expenses Mandatory

While you don’t need e-mail lists, massive amounts of stock in an Amazon warehouse, or freelanced customer service, to have an online presence there are still going to be the basic expenses like hosting, domain names, and possibly a landing page builder. This should be expected of any serious online program and really shouldn’t be a major con, but once again it is something to be aware of before making the purchase.

Personal experience with Super Affiliate System

I found that the most valuable thing was the online forum. This lets members discuss the modules and talk about the problems that they are experiencing. There are a lot of online marketing forums out there so you might be wondering why anyone would want to be a part of another one? The big benefit of Super Affiliate System 3.0’s conference is that it is frequented by people who have paid to be a member of the program.

This level of ‘exclusivity‘ means that you’re talking to people who are serious about making money online. You don’t have to worry about time wasters or people asking dozens of questions which can all be solved by a quick Google search. The quality of discussion is higher, and the information is useful.

Affiliate marketing is a lonely road and having other people to talk to is incredibly beneficial. I knew of Super Affiliate System before the 3.0 release, but back then I hadn’t tried it so I can’t really comment on how improved it is. I gather, however, that there are lots of ‘new’ tricks in there and I can say that the content is up to date. Facebook, in particular, is constantly moving the goalposts, and the system included lots of new tricks that I was unaware of and that helped me to turn a profit with my Facebook ads.

As someone who had dabbled in online marketing before, I found Crestani’s approach slow, at first. It takes two weeks to really get into the advertising side of things.

The first parts of the course focus on tracking software, domains, and making the landing pages. Even if you already think you know what you’re doing there it’s worth hearing Crestani out and experimenting with his way since his ads and system are based on reaching a specific type of audience.

Crestani has a lot of experience online marketing both for himself and for others, and he knows his stuff. I felt impatient at first, but it was worth the wait to build a good foundation and to build something that is profitable on a small scale, but that can grow as you become more confident.


Super Affiliate System 3.0


Name of Product Super Affiliate System 3.0
Author(s) John Crestani
Easy of Use ★★★★★
Features ★★★
Support ★★★★
Quality ★★★
Bonus No

Super Affiliate System Scam?

Nope, this is the farthest you can get from a scam. This software is truly amazing and quite useful. John Crestani himself is an affiliate marketer, in fact, the largest Clickbank affiliate!

Super Affiliate System Alternatives?

Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchet – This is a much cheaper alternative if you want, it includes a lot more free traffic generation techniques, has an entire SEO course included, Clickbank marketing, amazon affiliate marketing, and much more.

Make sure you read my Savage Affiliates Review before trying it out! (This is a far superior course!)

Is there a Super Affiliate System Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

There are other sites claiming they either have Super Affiliate System Coupon or Super Affiliate System Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Super Affiliate System Nulled or Super Affiliate System Free is not a thing.

Final Verdict on Super Affiliate System

This system is good for anyone who wants to sell products online for a profit. You will need some money to get started with it since you have to spend money to sell your products.

If you have that initial budget for an ad spend, though, it will help you to make the most of it and find profitable products and persuasive ads in your niche. The community behind the course, and the resources that come with it, help Super Affiliate System 3.0 to stand out as an effective system, and one that is worth investing in.

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