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Designrr Review 2019

As lead magnets, eBooks are considered to be a bullseye, Marketers have forever used eBooks as their weapon to create email lists quickly and effectively.

The creation and design of an eBook can be quite complicated without the right tool. Designrr is one of the best lead magnet software that makes it easy for users to create, format, convert, and publish their eBook all under one roof.

There are a few alternatives to Desginrr but the platform stands out when it comes to eBook creation. Find out how you can use Designrr, what it offers, and whether it’s worth it.

What Is Designrr And What Is It Used For?

Designrr Homepage

So, what is designrr? What is it used for?

Designrr is a content management software that helps individuals and businesses create eBooks. Designrr simplifies and speeds up the creation of eBooks through its design wizard.

Not only does it make eBooks instantly, but it also converts video, audio, or written content like blogs, PDF, and social media content into an eBook. With Designrr, one can expect to generate professional templates and have access to a sea of covers, styles, fonts, and templates.

Precisely, Desingrr helps you achieve better sales by being active as a lead magnet. You can generate email lists in a matter of minutes, all the while driving sales and luring potential customers.


Who owns Designrr?

Paul Bannister Designrr CEO

It is important to know who owns a CMS to make sure it’s a credible one. Designrr is owned by founder and CEO Paul Bannister who is an entrepreneur in the field of software. 

With a proven track record of establishing software and working with renowned brands like Nike and Adidas, Desginrrr is undoubtedly in safe hands.

He established Designrr in 2016. Originally, Desginrr was developed by a content marketing software company known as PageOnetraffic. Currently, Desginrr has a team of IT experts and a soaring number of users.

Where is Designrr located?

The company is US based and they are located in Newark, Delaware. They also operate in London.

How Does Designrr Work

Designrr is an all-in-one eBook building tool. Once you sign up for a Designrr plan, you can either import all your contents to the software or simply start from scratch.

If you choose to import as most people do, Designrr will do the work for you. All your content will be transferred leaving behind anything that should not be in the eBook. This includes all background noise and clutter.

With the contents transferred, you will be able to customize your eBook with the help of an array of features, templates, and styles available on Desginrrr. Once you have done your editing, you can preview your eBook. The Designrr lets you publish your eBook online.

More precisely, Designrr helps to create downloadable ebooks, otherwise known as lead magnets. You can create email lists in no time, generate and drive sales and attract more readers.

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Designrr Review: Features Explored

There are several features on Desginrr to explore from. These features optimize your eBook creation and importing to the best of use. The eBook creation tools include the following:

Image Access

Designrr allows users to have royalty free images from Unsplash and Pixabay. It is also possible to add unique images of your own. This helps your eBooks to stand out among many.

Diversified templates

The platform offers hundreds of templates with varying niches. No matter what your subject of eBook is, it is easy to find a template that suits your niche.

Import and convert options

Whether it’s PDF, word web, or blog, you can effortlessly import all your content to Desginrr. You can also convert the format easily. This allows users to work at their convenient interface before simply transferring it all to Designrr.

Table of contents and Page numbering

One click creation of a table of contents, numbered pages, headers, and footers. This makes your eBook easy to navigate for readers.

Image Editor

An all-in-one image editor where you can edit your images, and crop or color them as you like. This helps you create personalized eBooks with unique image designs. You can also make your images as vivid as you’d like.

Text formatting

You can easily build eBooks that are visually attractive to readers by applying different font designs, sizes, and colors.


Combining your content in Designrrr with other sites, platforms, and tools is achievable. Not only does it save time but also makes a workflow more efficient. You can integrate your work with Drive, Docs, Evernote, or Dropbox.

Animated Flipbook

You can use animated flipbooks to work with the ebook that you created on Desginrrr. Not only are flipbooks protecting ebook download but also makes the interface mobile friendly.

You can check out this post on how to create a flipbook on Designrr!

Draft Editor

A comprehensive draft editor in Desingrrr features allows you to start on the platform from scratch. You are allowed to copy and paste too while having the freedom to merge your separate drafts altogether.


Publishing and republishing are made easy with Desginrrr. You can publish your content to any website through any format including PDFs, lead magnets, flipbooks, etc. Republishing would only require a few twerks through the drag and drop option.

Free commercial Licence

You can have a commercial license for free which would otherwise be worth $497. This license will permit anyone to sell without royalties incurred.

Free marketing eBook

You can have marketing books to read that would enhance your knowledge of marketing, branding, and promotions. This includes marketing for dummies books for users of Desginrrr.

Facebook Community

The Facebook community is a hub of over 20000 users from around the globe. You can get instant support and insight from people’s insights. You will be able to enjoy live streams, guides, and coaching.

Training tutorials

Along with on-demand pieces of training, Designrrr users can also learn and experience all the free training materials. This includes both visual and written material to assist you in learning the app.


Desginrr provides round clock in-app support for anyone seeking help. The team responds quickly and efficiently to solve any problem you may present to them.


The premium and business plans allow users to have up to 8 hours of free transcription use. Transcription is a costly process that may incur a higher budget for the same duration through a third party tool.

Pricing and Plans

Designrr Pricing Plans

There are a few pricing plans to choose from if you wish to use Desginrr. Here are your options:

Lifetime plan:

The lifetime deal requires a one-time payment of $27. This deal is a win considering how you can import content, publish content, and access features. 

You can also have chat support, unlimited search options, and full video training. The limitation is that you cannot use the software as many times as you would like.

Standard plan

The standard plan costs $29 per month. This is the popular plan among users where you can have full authority to publish your ebook, lead magnets, and flipbooks. Have access to unlimited searches, pdf, and an array of powerful features. This plan includes 100 templates. 

Pro Plan:

This plan bills $39 per month. A step more advanced than the standard plan, the pro plan allows you to explore 200 templates and covers. This plan includes more advanced features like 3D image selection and Flipbook exporting.

Premium Plan

Premium plan costs $49 per month. Premium plan includes 4 transcription hours each month and HTML export option to integrate other sites conveniently.

Business Plan

This plan is priced at $99 each month. The most expensive plan includes 8 hours of transcription each month along with other premium plan features.

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Pros of Designerr

  • Highly Optimized and easy to use: Designrr makes the user experience a seamless one thanks to its drag and drop builder. The software is also optimized and flexible in a way that you can build your ebook quickly and with a few simple steps. It allows one to be creative and exercise freedom.
  • Unending and efficient support: If you have issues with Designrr, you can always contact the support team comprising experts. They are reachable and quick to answer your queries.
  • Powerful features: Designrr sports some of the most powerful features that you might get your hand on with an ebook maker. There are 3D images and editors, strong importers that allow bulk importing within seconds.
  • Several themes and features: You can have access to a range of themes and features to make your eBook attractive. 
  • Mobile friendly: Desginrr is cloud based and makes ebooks that can be accessed and navigated through phones without lagging.
  • Easy to integrate: Designrr, with its in-build tools, makes it easy to embed and synchronize other websites and apps.

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Cons of Desingrrr

  • Can be slow for bugs: There have been complaints about designrr crashing in the middle of work or having a hang down. It can be buggy if the workload is heavy and you have too many tabs open.
  • Upsells after monthly payment: Even when you already have paid for a monthly subscription, Designrr is subjected to upsells which can be quite annoying.
  • Need time to learn: You can’t learn about all the features and usage in one day. The interface may need time to get used to as the software has a steep learning curve that users have to patiently climb.
  • No free trial option: There’s no way to test out the CMS before getting on board with it. The only way to use it is by paying for one of the subscription plans.
  • Exporting options are inadequate: When you are on the lifetime deal, you would not have too many exporting options to choose from.

Tips to make the most out of Designrr

If you want to maximize your utility of Desginrr, you may want to use a few features efficiently. The following tips may help you to make the most out of Designrr:

  • Utilize the freedom to be creative as you are not bound to a format or template of the platform itself. Whichever plan you use, you can have access to hundreds of templates to create and design an eBook that best suits your niche. You can either save time through pre-made templates or put custom backgrounds to use.
  • Make use of the text formatting options and free image access. The better you design your eBook the more readers you would have as you publish it on the web initially. Interesting looking eBooks sure sell more on sight.
  • Press yourself to the services given by the support team. If your designs seem buggy, ask the support for what to do. If you are confused about what template to use, you can know the in-app support any time you want.
  • Try to integrate your eBook that you created on Desginrrr into other tools and platforms. Not only does this give better exposure to your eBook, but also allows others to understand changes instantly. The latter applies to anyone having a team to work with.
  • Make use of the video and written tutorials to learn more about how you can optimize your eBook to convert sales.

How do I publish on Designrr?

Publishing on Designrr is a one-click job. Quite literally.

All you have to do is, find the Publish option and click on it, once you are ready to publish your content. You can find the button on the bottom left side of the page.

Clicking on Publish will open a new window. Here you have to select PDF, followed by Export.

If you wish to download the file, click on the Download icon.

And voila!

You have published on Designrr and download your PDF file.

What is Designrr content creation?

Designrr content creation involves the creation of written and visual content to publish online with the help of Desginrrr.

Designrrr can be used as an all in one eBook creation tool where you can add and edit images through the internet or your own.

You can also add 3D cover images if you like.

With the various image and draft editing options and several different text formatting variations, you can create a highly optimized and customized layout for your eBook.

It is possible to publish and republish your eBook through Desginrrrr.

Is Designrr Any Good

What it comes down to is this: Is Designrr worth buying?

So, if you’re still in a muddle of thoughts of whether you want to design your eBook with designrrr, you’d want to weigh out the goods against the uglies.

Compared to alternatives, Desginrrr is an optimal choice when it comes to creating and converting, publishing eBooks online. Thousands of people prefer using Desginrrr to create their ebooks and lead magnets.

 One reason is how easy it is to use and get familiarized with. No doubt about the little time it may take to learn the technicalities of the software, but one cannot understate the support from the integrated app support team.

Designrr has a winning interface when it comes to creating email lists and converting content to different formats. And the gist of it lies in the speed with which the platform enables this.

Desginrrr may not be the best when it comes to creating versatile designs for social media or animation, but it sure does comprise enough themes, templates, images, and editing options to build an eBook that would be read and sold.

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How do I get a refund from Designrr?

If you want to get a refund, you will have to get in contact with the support service through But you would have to contact them within 30 days of beginning to use the service. You will be given a refund within 48 hours of the request.

What kind of eBooks can you create with Designrr?

You can create all kinds of eBooks with Desginerr. The eBooks may be elaborately designed with images and text formatting. Or simply have a plain outlook. You can also convert various other files to an eBook through Desginrr.

What can you repurpose with Designrr?

With Desginrrr, you can covert or repurpose any PDF, word file, audio or visual content, blog posts, website content, transcriptions,

 What is Designrr pro?

Desginrrr pro is one of the plans offered by the software platform. This plan costs $39 per month, allowing users access to 200 templates and cover designs. The plan includes flipbook conversion and 3D cover designs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you wish to create a downloadable eBook from scratch or simply want to convert one of your old files to a visually appealing eBook, Desginrrr is your all-in-one solution.

Desginrr allows users to convert, edit, publish, and republish an eBook without the complexity and slowing down. The process is quick and convenient, with all the integrated templates, and image and text editing options to choose from.

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