Designrr Alternatives: Is it better than its Alternatives?

Designrr Alternatives

There’s no doubt that interactive content sells. But beyond that, lead magnets can be silent but powerful baits. Whether you have an eBook, a brochure, or a flipbook that you can leaf through, these baits drive consumer engagement, leading to better sales. 

Digital publications attract potential customers, augment sales and boost traffic masses. To create one, you’d need a platform that offers an all-in-one solution so you don’t have to jump around to create your flipbook.

While Designrr does the job with its easy to use, ready-made templates, there are several other ebook and flipbook creating softwares that might do the deed with similar efficiency. In this article, you’ll learn about the potential alternative to Designrr and how they compare against each other.

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Best Designrr Alternatives

In this section we’ll explore the alternatives to designrr and find the right fit for you. Let’s start:


Canva Pro Homepage

Posters, presentations, gifs, invitations, social media posts. You name it. Canva is a graphic designing platform, available both on the web and mobile app, that helps individuals create designs for marketing and communication purposes.

The platform uses an uncomplicated drag-and-drop interface, featuring an archive of templates and design elements. Canva stands out for its ease of use as a graphic designing tool.

Additionally, the platform offers affordable plans, including a trial that allows you to use a library of designs, even in its free mode. The Canva pro plan costs $54.99 for one person if you are to pay for one year.

Key Features

  • Edit or convert PDF to other designs, JPG or PPT
  • Convert texts to interesting images and interactive animations
  • Access to stock videos, photos, fonts
  • Access to thousands of editable templates
  • Enhance your pictures with photo effects and image enhancers
  • Convert, Record, and trim videos, online and offline

Canva vs Designrr

Key Factors Desginrr Canva
Goal Specialized in making ebooks and flipbooks Purposed to create graphic design, focusing on visual content
Features & Templates Limited templates and design elements but enough for lead magnet creation. Decent, fully customizable graphic support, custom layout Huge library of templates and design elements. Graphic and animation support is huge. Customization is limited.
Support & Service 24/7 In-app customer support with quick response Inefficient response from the help center.
Pricing No free trial. Cost ranges from $29 to $99 per month. Free trial available. Costs range from $6.49/month to $84.90/year.
Ease of use Easy to use with no coding knowledge required Advanced features may require some expertise
Publishing & Integration Inbuilt integration to make collaboration easy. Importing, and publishing options are wide. Real time collaboration and convenient integration options are available.

Is Canva Better than Designrr?

Overall, the significant edge that Desginrr might have over Canva is how quick and convenient it is comparatively. Designer’s templates library may not be as diverse as Canva but Canva’s advanced features are only available for premium users.

Customers require little to no time to convert any document to other formats. For creating browsable digital books, Desginrr is better than Canva. But when it comes to adding graphics and animation, Canva stands strong.

You can read my Designrr Vs Canva to find a more in depth comparison!

In case you wanted to know more about Canva Alternatives you can read more about them here.


Beacon Homepage

Beacon is a campaign management software that is used to create and manage lead magnets for a business. The software allows you to have access to tools and features that would increase their engagement and conversion rates by manifolds.

You can create lead magnets like eBooks to increase traffic, decrease costs and solidify lead nurturing. With unique pre-made templates and drag and drop usage, it’s really easy to create lead magnets using Beacon. 

Key Features

  • Access to thousands of pre made professional template
  • Use a complete template builder to start from scratch
  • Access to a library to free images to add
  • Ability to recycle blog or social media posts
  • Choose from Smart PDF format or traditional PDF

 Beacon vs Desingrr

Key Factors Desginrr Beacon
Goal Content Management focused on creating, converting, and publishing online Customer Relationship Management focused on Charity
Features & Templates Wider premade templates library. Better image editing More feature rich with advanced options
Support & Service Great support Similar customer support
Pricing Starts from $29 per month. There’s a special $27 lifetime offer too. Starts from $19 per month with the DIY plan to $299/month on DFY+ plan. There’s a free plan as well.
Ease of use Needs little time to get used to Designs ebooks for customers but difficult to use
Integration Decent scope of integration Extensive possibility for integrations
API Not included Included

Is Beacon Better than Designrr?

Beacon is a slightly more polished, feature-rich, and advanced version of Designrr. The software is better than Desginrr in terms of what they offer in the pool of features. It includes API, Payment processing, access controls auction management, CRM, event management, etc.

On the other hand, Designrr is better if you plan to use the following: Image editing, transcription, customizable templates, collaboration tools, etc.

If you want to keep your work crisp and concise, with the ability to ease through work, we suggest you use Desginrr instead. If you already have expertise in using advanced features and require little customer support, Beacon can be your all-rounder solution.

You can read my Designrr Vs Beacon to find a more in depth comparison!


Flipsnack Homepage

Another online publishing software that you might have come across is Flipsnack. Flipsnack is popular when it comes to positioning your digital footprint.

The tool is now mainly used to create flipbooks but you can also build, edit and publish any other kind of publication like brochures, magazines, albums, reports, or catalogs, among others. Tracking conversions and personalized branding options are perhaps the tool’s strong suits.

Key Features

  • Edit, add, and crop images completely to suit the need of your design
  • Sharing, Collaboration, and integration facility
  • Download your files in most formats
  • Convenient data importing and exporting options
  • Access to integral data and analytics to understand traffic

Flipsnack vs Desginrr

Key Factors Desginrr Flipsnack
Features & Templates Lack of advanced features More additional and advanced features
Support & Service More active customer support No phone support or Forum support
Pricing More features for lower cost. More features for upsells and advanced plans.
Pricing ranges from
$14-$79 per month.
Training Documents, Videos Webinar, documentation, Live online, videos
Customization Fully customizable templates Powerful designing tool

Is Flipsnack Better than Designrr?

Flipsnack is better than Desginrr when it comes to the freedom and ability to highlight a business’s brand identity. Its customization is complex and the editor is quite powerful.

Compared to Desginrr, Flipsnack has more features like audio file management, document classification, SEO management, and Video support. Yet, Designrr, with its basic affordable plans and the more premium plans offer more. Its customer support is more available and the software requires little time to get used to.

Overall Flipsnack is better for personalization and in-depth edits, while Desginrr provides better learning, ease of use, and a concise all-in-one solution.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign Homepage

One of the most popular layout and publishing tools in the market, Adobe InDesign is a branch out of Adobe Illustrator, except it is more specialized.

Adobe InDesign is stacked with tools and templates to build, edit and publish browsable books, magazines, brochures, and any other digital or print publications.

Adobe In design is widely used by graphic artists and designers and may include more complex designing functions compared to other drag and drop publishing software.

Key Features

  • Get a unique multiple page design function and publishing
  • Edit the size of your content as you, please
  • Enjoy the ease of integration and export from one platform or format to another
  • Stand out with Unique content editing, styling, and arranging options
  • Duplicate your content to any form with a content collector and placer

Adobe InDesignr vs Designrr

Key Factors Desginrr Adobe Indesgin
Goal Simple eBook creator Graphic Designing focused
Features & Templates Customizable template, image editor support The complex array of visual design features available
Pricing Affordable prices Lower starting prices but most features in premium plans
Ease of use Drag and drop, pre made templates Steep learning curve
Training Videos and Tutorials Documentation

 Is Adobe InDesgin Better than Designrr?

One of the biggest backlashes to Adobe InDesign is that it is not the easiest of tools to use to create digital publications. Adobe Indesign is primarily used by freelancers and designers who already have a prior knack for using design tools.

Designrr is better than Adobe InDesign when it narrows down to ease of use, digital publishing, and marketing, for both customers and designers alike.

InDesgin sports more complex animation, 3D and customizable tools including art storage, 3D digital asset management, and a custom library but all of it would seem like rocket science if you don’t understand design.

However, unlike Desginrr, you would need to go premium to have access to these features. Choose desginrr if you intend to create a clean and crisp publication that can easily be integrated into other platforms


Issuu Homepage

Issuu is another content publishing platform that allows you to convert and sell content online.

The platform allows seamless conversion of various formats of documents, all of which can be converted to social media suitable publication.

Issuu also offers tools to edit and enhance the content before publishing with the ability to learn from inbuilt statistics to track your progress. You would not be able to embed links or convert from other URLS.

Many people have complained about the limited customization options of Issuu.

Key Features

  • You can upload several file formats for conversion including Word, PowerPoint, rich text format, etc.
  • Edit cover images and pages of documents to alight with the brand image or content subject
  • Hassle free to use on mobile with pinch and zoom option
  • Integrate Issuu’s publication with your lead magnet
  • Include multiple paywalls into the lead magnet for a better sales drive

Designrr vs Issuu

Key Factors Desginrr Issuu


Numerous uploading options Limited uploading scope
Templates Customization possible No customization once uploaded
Support Quick and active customer support Hard to get in contact
Pricing $27 to $99 Free plan included. Premium plan- $40/month.
Option for a customized plan as well.
Ease of use Drag and drop interface, mobile friendly Reader experience is not up to the mark, especially on mobile devices
Training Video, FAQ, tutorial-based training Categorized articles, webinars, weekly workshops

Is Issuu Better than Designrr?

If you intend on focusing on the creation of social media posts only, Issuu might be the smarter choice for you.

However, for conversion of documents, uploading and publishing, and creation of lead magnet, Desginrr would be a better choice. Issuu might have a free plan, but the pricing options for Designrr are more varied offering more for less.

To create alluring eBooks, you would want to have customizable templates to work with, which you only get on Desginrr. Plus, get better in app support as you work through your project, worrying little about reader compatibility and glitches.


Sqribble Homepage

Another online ebook creation and publishing tool, Sqribble, is a close substitute for Designrr. With this cloud based tool, you can create a browsable digital publication, using hundreds of designs and templates.

You can choose to start from scratch for Sqribble has a powerful design feature as well. Importing from PDF and exporting to other formats is made easy with Sqribble.

Once you are ready to spend a little more on the many upsells, Scribble can be quite a profitable platform to work with. Note, that you’d need upsells!

Key Features

  • Get creative with a powerful and feature rich 3D cover designing tool
  • Access to a wide range of page layouts, cover, and eBook templates under all niches
  • Import content from videos and export content to a blog or website
  • Sqribble upsell allows an Auto Job Finder features that connect users to potential customers

Designrr vs Sqribble:

Key Factors Desginrr Sqribble
Features & Templates 200+ customizable templates. 900+ fonts and styling are available. Autosave and undo options included 200+ templates but little to no customization available. 300 fonts available. No autosave or undo option
Support & Service Supports imports from URLs, social media, bogs, and Docs. Quick customer support Limited importing support. Prompt customer service
Pricing The more affordable basic plan with upsells The basic plan costs more with similar upsells
Ease of use Easy to use once you get used to it Automated content engine, no prior installation required
Selling Can build SEO to drive sales Auto job finder to find potential sellers. Can sell designs with a license

 Is Sqribble Better than Designrr?

Sqriblle and Designrr are quite similar when it comes to what they aim to do. Both are excellent eBook creation softwares with similar features to explore from. Designrr is better than Sqribble when it comes to value for money. With Desginrr’s basic plan, you can access and enjoy a lot more at a better price.

Along with wider access to templates and fonts, ease of importing, and better training and support, Designrr might have a slightly better chance to impress you more.

You can read my Designrr Vs Sqribble to find a more in depth comparison!

Flipping Book

Flipping Book Homepage

Flipping book is a cloud-based tool that is designed to convert your PDFs and documents into interactive, browsable digital publications.

Flipping books are used by some of the biggest companies for creating and publishing brochures, catalogs, and magazines.

This is possible because flipping book’s sharing options has an edge when it comes to being secured and breach proof. Flipping book’s interactive publishing focuses on marketing, branding, and driving audience engagement while keeping all else aside.

Key Features

  • Share your digital eBook however you would like through multiple sharing with great SEO
  • Easy collaboration and integration with third party services and CRMS
  • Access to data and analytics to track conversion and engagement
  • Built-in lead capture form to get access to lead information
  • Add pop up images, animated search, content table

Designrr vs flipping book:

Key Factors Desginrr Flipping Book
Features & Templates Has additional transcription options, text editing, speech recognition, video conversion Has document, content, and contact management
Support & Service Quick and responsive 24/7 online live support
Pricing Lifetime starts at $27, basic at $29 per month Includes a free plan, starts at $19
Integration Limited integration options Allows more integration options like WordPress, Zapier

 Is Flipping book Better than Designrr?

On the face of it, Designrr and flipping book are similar. Flipping book specializes in creating digital page turning publications and more on client engagement, brand identity, and boosting marketing and promotions.

On the other hand, Designrr is more focused on the creation of lead magnets like eBooks and animated flipbooks.Designer offers better pricing for a library of features.  One star feature of Designrr is its ability to work with audio and visual content and convert them.

Likewise, the flipping book is designed for better content management and collaboration. Hence the latter is widely used for bigger businesses with teams. Both the software are comparable as both provide easy-to-use interfaces for publishing and conversion.


Visme Homepage

Visme is one of Designrr’s arch rivals with over 4 million users all over the world. With Visme, one can create designs with thousands of templates and a free plan to explore the creative software before anyone gets on board with it.

You are allowed to build attractive presentations, interactive demos, infographics and graphs, and social media graphics. You can also generate alluring videos in the form of reports, white papers, posters, and eBooks.

Visme is known for its highly customizable and configurable content creation, with the added benefit of juggling between projects.

Key Features

  • Storage capacity ranging from 100 MB to 25 GB
  • Access to unlimited stock pictures, styling fonts
  • Versatile download options to choose from: PDF, JPG, PPTX, HTML5, GIF, Video
  • Convenient brand and team collaboration system
  • Advanced security and training option

Designrr vs Visme

Key Factors Desginrr Visme
Goal Digital publication creation and publishing One stop solution for all design needs
Features & Templates Premade templates, reducing desktop publishing time. The quality of images is intact Quality of downloaded images is not the same. Fully customizable animations from templates
Support & Service No live assistance from a representative Live assistance available
Pricing Affordable More expensive
Ease of use Easy-to-use interface Simple drag and drop editor but difficult navigation. Takes time to fully grasp
Training Documentation and tutorial based Webinars, videos,  live online based
Collaboration Simple link embedding option with other platforms Real time collaboration and sharing options
Duplication Project recycling and duplication are smooth Buggy publication

Is Visme Better than Designrr?

With Visme, you would face two major, although occasional problems. Many people have complained about the complications that come with project duplications on Visme.

On the contrary, Designrr project recycling and duplication can be done without breaking a sweat. Other than that, navigating through pages, sides, or multi slides can be a struggle in Visme at times.

The same cannot be said for Desginrr. In terms of ease of use, customer support, collaboration, and publishing ease, both platforms stand toe to toe. However, you would find better graphics, animations, and visual content to customize on Visme, compared to Desginrr. Remember that you can easily learn to use Designrr within a few days while Visme has a huge learning curve.

You can read full Visme Review here.


Flipbuilder Homepage

When it comes to building interactive flip books that give you the look and feel of a real one, this software is known to provide the ease of converting files, multimedia editor, and other trigger animations to make the perfect eBook or flipbook, quite similar to Designrr.

Flipbuilder’s very own hosting service makes uploading and publishing into all digital platforms appropriate. Their word wide reach is far and wide, thanks to over 20 different languages in their user interface.

Key Features

  • User friendly interface is easy to navigate and worthwhile with
  • Access to numerous unique ready made flipbook templates
  • Create portable device friendly designs to work on mobile, iPad, kindle, tables
  • Hands on creative images, videos, animations
  • Cloud based hosting solution for anyone who needs a website for publishing

Designrr vs Flipbuilder

Key Factors Desginrr FlipBuilder
Platforms Saas Windows, Mac, Web/ Saas
Support & Service Online support and quick response Support only during business hours
Pricing One time starting $27 per month Starting $129 per month one time
Training Tutorials and Documents In-person, webinars
Ease of use Easy to navigate, flip, and search Searching, settings and toolbars can be buggy and clunky
Features Audio, Video conversions, Ebook templates, publishing, downloadable formats Rich graphic animations, Analytics and data support, more publishing formats

 Is Flipbuilder Better than Designrr?

When head-on, Flipbuilder offers most of what Desginrr offers but at a much higher price. If you are looking to save cost, go for Designrr. Both the software are mobile friendly as well.

However, Flip builder does offer more file formats in which you can download or publish your periodicals in. Although both are easy to use, Designrr may feel lighter on your hands, with toolbars that can be easily browsed.


Kitaboo Homepage

One of the very few ebook creator tools to offer DRM is Kitaboo. DRM is digital rights management protection that makes transfers and cloud storage of your publications much more unassailable.

Other than that, this tool supports multiple languages for the creation of digital readability. Kitaboo is most appreciated among its users for the integrated project management too that it offers which allows unified management and collaboration.

Key Features

  • Supports EPUB conversion without hassle
  • The interface is available in 25 different languages
  • Protected and secured B2B distribution and sharing
  • Access to statistics and date for better conversion tracking
  • Read aloud support is available

Designrr vs Kitaboo

Key Factors Desginrr Kitaboo
Deployment Web based, Saas Web, SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iOs
Features & Templates Newsletters, magazines, categorization, booking management No booking or advertising management. Has user analytics, read aloud support
Support In app chat, email, phone, forums, FaQs Only chat support
Pricing No free plans Contains free plans
Ease of use Easy intuitive interface No technical knowledge required
Training Tutorials, online, documents Live, online, and in person
Integration Limited integrations Ready system intergrations

Is Kitaboo Better than Designrr?

In terms of usability, available features, and customer service, Designrr is better than Kitaboo. On the contrary, Kitaboo offers better resistance and protection against theft and scams with its DRM protection.

In Desginrr, you get to categorize your eBook and manage your booking system. Other than that, you get most of what you get in Designrr, whether it’s the addition of interactive materials or Epub conversion support.

If you’re a freelancer looking to create or convert your document, you might want to work with Desginrr. Kitaboo’s usage and interface favour small enterprises, educational institutions, and ed tech companies a lot more.

Google Docs

A free alternative to Designrr to create eBooks is Google Docs which requires no introduction. The interface is created to be used by anyone without prior software knowledge.

Google docs also have an array of templates available to be formatted. With Docs, you can edit, undo, and save your work both online and offline.

Key Features

  • Both downloadable and cloud-based editing and saving are available
  • Clean and concise formatting and organizing options
  • Time sensitive editing and viewing
  • Collaboration with other editors and team
  • Supports EPUP and PDF formats.

Designrr vs Google Docs

Key Factors Desginrr Google Docs
Features & Templates Premade templates, stock images and videos, animations Menu templates, drop downs, pageless view, notes email draft
Support & Service Free in app chat support, email, phone Paid support. 24/7 live support in multiple languages
Pricing Paid. No free trials Free
Ease of use Takes little time to understand Confusing interface for beginners


Is Google Docs Better than Designrr?

You can surely create, and customize styles and fonts, convert files, and publish using Google Docs. You don’t have to pay a penny to start working on your file conversion or upload. Because you can create interactive publications online with Google Docs, it qualifies as an alternative to Desginrr which many people prefer.

With that mentioned, Desginrr offers a lot more and reasonably so. You are paying for it. If you want a professional looking digital book, you would want to utilize the ready templates, flip animations, and stock content. With Google Docs, the options are far limited.


Pressbooks Homepage

Pressbook was primarily made to be used for educators but the word spread, and now a lot of businesses and individuals use them to create their eBooks.

Pressbook templates and features were designed to be classroom friendly and hence it is easy for educators to create reports, quizzes, logbooks, and other school friendly content.

Key Features

  • Work with user friendly interface that does not require technical knowledge
  • Book file designs and templates are the most Professionally made
  • Easy collaboration with teams, authors, or editors
  • Supports both EPUB and PDF format
  • Addition of annotations, rich media, and animations

Designrr vs Pressbook

Key Factors Desginrr PressBooks
Goal Suitable for general use Education focused design
Features & Templates eBooks, magazines, brochures, Flipbooks Video embedding, interactive learners, quizzes, OER. Access to the pressbook directory
Reusing Duplicating and recycling content available Revising content, cloning licensed material
Pricing Starts at $27 for one time Sign up for free usage. Paid plan starts at $12/month
Ease of use User friendly, drag and drop editor Ideal for beginners, curated for educators

Is Pressbook Better than Designrr?

If you are an educator or student looking to make classroom content, Pressbook would be the better choice.

Still, for generalized use to create interactive ebooks and magazines, Desginrr’s ready made features, a pool of images, and integrated customer support has an edge to the game.                        

Criteria for Evaluating Designrr Alternatives

If you’re looking to make a move from Designrr to another alternative, here are a few features that you’d need to look for:

  • Ease of use, navigation, and browsing
  • Easy to learn. The learning curve is too high may be time costing
  • Keep the budget in mind. Starter plans shouldn’t cost more than 30 to 40 dollars per month
  • Image, animation, and video stock availability
  • Readymade and customizable templates convenience
  • Make sure that downloadable, import, and export file formats include PDF, EPUB, Word, PPT, Audio, and Video formats
  • You may want Google Analytics integration for a better understanding of consumer traffic and engagement, along with ease of integration with other platforms, third party tools and apps.
  • Look for mobile friendly alternatives

Which Designrr Alternative is Right for you?

If you are looking for an alternative that offers more than what Designrr offers in terms of depth of features, you would want to choose Flipsnack.

If your ambition is to achieve better animation, graphics, and design, you would want to pick Canva or Visme.

If you want an eBook creator that matches the affordability of Designrr, you would want to select Flipping Book.

Final Thoughts

Although Desginrr is a cross functional software for creating lead magnets and digital readables, it’s wise to look for better alternatives. Designrr’s limited feasibility of graphic designing could prompt one to look for a substitute.

Or it could be the lack of content or brand management features. Whatever it may be, you’ll find plenty of options here to choose from depending on the needs of your lead.

Make sure you check out my full Designrr Review before making a decision going with any of these!

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