How To Make Money On Pinterest

How To Make Money On Pinterest [Ultimate Guide 2019]

Pinterest is definitely one of the most underrated social media for making money online. Pinterest isn’t as popular as it used to be but, it’s still a great platform to make money online! Make sure you read through this entire post to find out 3 different ways to make money on Pinterest and make a full-time income!

Why Pinterest over other ways?

Well, the best part about making money on Pinterest is that just like Google SEO, it’s a long term way to make way to make a full-time income online with relative ease. Unlike a lot of other business models, you definitely don’t need to invest a TON of resources to really start making money from Pinterest.

And No you don’t need to be an internet marketing expert or need any sort of thing to make money on Pinterest however, I will show you ways you can leverage to increase your earnings exponentially!

Now there are many different ways to make money on Pinterest and I am going to share you literally all the ways, and share what the best way is.

How do you even Make Money on Pinterest?

There are really three different ways I am going to cover in this article on how you start earning money on Pinterest. Make sure you read the entire post to find out which is the best and which one is right for you

How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing?

Now, leveraging affiliate marketing to make money on Pinterest is the BEST and the most profitable way to make money on Pinterest.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially where you refer/promote a product to someone through a link and whenever the person either signs up or purchases through your link, you will make a commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and low invest cost business models out there. You can get started with affiliate marketing for FREE. You don’t even need any experience, you can get started today and start making money.

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketers out there making a ton of money (We are talking about 7 figure income). There is definitely money to being made in this industry.

Now, there are TONS of different ways to make money through affiliate marketing, you can start a blog and start creating high-quality blog posts recommending products, you can create a youtube channel and have affiliate links in the description, you can create social media and promote your affiliate links on there. There are a ton of different ways!

Why Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing?

Although Pinterest is referred to as a “social network”, it really is more like a search engine. Not only that, many people who come on Pinterest tend to purchase things because of the nature of Pinterest. It is quite a buyer-oriented if people find a cool product, and then click to visit the website, they will most likely end up purchasing.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work On Pinterest?

There are plenty of ways to make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing however, the easiest way is to start pinning affiliate links!

How to make money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing

1. Research and Find a Profitable Niche on Pinterest
What you want to do is find and research a profitable niche where you can create pins daily where people click and purchase through your link so, you get a sale. Now, there are many ways of doing this, the easiest way is to find products that you like and find a common niche amongst them.

Now there are 2 factors into consideration when doing something like this.

  1. Products Which Offer High Commission – These are products which will cost a lot more and offer a high commission however, they won’t sell as much. You can definitely promote affiliate products which are expensive but, you need to take into consideration if they will get a lot repins, or searches. That being said, products which don’t get much traction at the start can get you a couple of sales later down in the road so, you definitely want some products which offer high commissions as well.
  2. Products Which Get A lot Of Repins & Sell – These are products which generally don’t offer much (sometimes they do!), but they get a ton of repins because they look cool or if it’s something viral!
Pro Tip: Go to to find great product idea to post on your Pinterest!

2. Create your Pinterest Account
Now, you want to create your Pinterest account, you can either do a personal type of account or you can create a niche/general type account. What I mean by this is you can have a personal account with your face on it and your whole page is based on you recommending products and creating pins or you have a certain niche page where you only do a certain type of niche like fashion or women’s accessories, and your kind of the go-to place to find these things.

I recommend creating a niche/general type account because later, if you want to create your own blog and what not, you create just write about articles, get traffic to your pages from Pinterest, get traffic from Pinterest to your youtube videos which will get you more views, and so, youtube will push your youtube videos more and more, it’s an endless cycle of traffic. I talk about this in more depth below! (This is a way to really scale and set up a proper business)

After you have signed up on then you want to create a nice bio which tells people who check your page out on what your account/page is all about. For example, you can have something like:

“You’re go-to place to find the cool & nifty products online!”

Then, you want to set up your profile picture on Pinterest, I recommend you have something which is eye catching so, more people are likely to follow.

After this, you want to create 20-30 different boards in your specific niche or the general boards. For this, mimic other’s who are already out there doing it.

For example: If you want to create a women’s beauty/fashion Pinterest account then you want to create boards like these:

How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon

Start by repinning 10 – 20 different pins to each of those boards and you are now ready to get started!

Don’t forget to make sure you take advantage of upgrading your Pinterest account to a business account. It’s super easy to do and free. It unlocks all sorts of tools such as total monthly visits and analytics where you can keep track of impressions, link clicks!

3. Sign up for Affiliate Programs
Now, it’s time to join different affiliate programs. Here’s where you encounter a problem if you don’t have a website since certain affiliate networks REQUIRE you to have a website. But, don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of affiliate networks out there for you to join which don’t require a website.

Here are a few affiliate networks I recommend you take a look at and sign up:

  • Magic Links
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Aliexpress
  • Maxbounty
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale

Quite a few of the ones I listed do require a website, however, if you’re just starting out, I recommend you start out with Magiclinks. With Magic links you only need 100 followers to sign up for. The reason why I recommend Magic Links over others is that they cover a wide range of products from thousands of different retailers in just 1 program so, you don’t need to spend time applying for different affiliate networks separately. They have products ranging from all sorts of things like food, pets, crafts, fashion and much more.

However, if your a bit more advanced and have a blog or whatnot, you want to start signing up for many affiliate networks. You see the thing is when your starting there will a lot of affiliate networks which will decline you. However, as you build up a following, maybe start a blog/website or youtube channel, you will start getting approved to these networks.

4. Start Pinning with your affiliate links
After you have created your Pinterest account, set up your profile and joined affiliate networks and approved by some you want to start creating your affiliate product pins.

What you want to do is you want to go to your affiliate network and get your affiliate link. Make sure you don’t shorten it or use any link shorteners because Pinterest Advises against it and sometimes they won’t work properly so, you might miss out on few sales.

Paste the affiliate link in the destination section of the pin when you are creating a pin.

Now, if you’re using MagicLinks then you can just pin straight from the product page where your affiliate link will already be embedded so, it’s super easy to do.

If, your promoting products from other affiliate networks, you can go on, sign up (It’s FREE) and then select the Pinterest graphic and use one of their templates to create your self an amazing looking pin then, you want to copy an image of the product from where your affiliate network provides you and then, you can edit it to make it look nice. Now, with Pinterest images you want to have them as a rectangle which is exactly why what the Pinterest Graphic Template option does. The reason for this is because your pins will take up more space and more people are likely to see it.

Keep in mind not to just spam your content with affiliate links. Keep things natural so, more people decide to follow you and people who already follow you will be more likely to check out your pins.

5. Write Good Description for Each Pin
You want to write good descriptions which contain a lot of keywords people might be looking for. The reason for this is because like I said above, Pinterest is like a search engine so, it’s important that you treat it that way.

You want to try to add as many keywords as you can without the whole description seeming spammy or unnatural. This way you can start to rank for certain keywords people might be searching for!


“This blue moon necklace is a great women’s accessory to stand out among the crowd! It goes great with the blue moon bracelets!”

Notice what I just did there? This way while, you can get them to search the blue moon bracelet and they now might check that out as well. Or, they might have found blue moon bracelet and then now they are finding blue moon necklace so, they check out yours and buy both and depending on affiliate network like Amazon you will get the commission for both if they buy it within 24 hours.

That being said you don’t want to overstuff your pins with keywords.

Don’t forget to let people know that what you recommended is an affiliate product with maybe an “affiliate link” in the description or using #ad. Certain affiliate networks require you to disclose this and it just looks less spammy when your honest and upfront.

6. Start Pinning A lot!
Pinterest naturally likes content which is high quality and one way to Pinterest uses to find high-quality content is seeing if that pin is popular.

You want to start repinning posts which are popular. This way Pinterest will notice your account pinning popular content and therefore push your other posts even more.

Not only that, if you repin popular posts your also getting more followers and better audience engagement because people will generally like content which is popular and so if they like the content and then next time they will definitely pay closer attention to your pins.

You definitely want to be pinning a lot of popular content to get started. This will definitely increase your monthly viewers.

7. Scaling Your Pinterest Business

Now, I am going to share some advanced strategies you could use now to earn more money and maybe start earning full time – six figure income! (It’s definitely possible if you set up the right way!)

Firstly, when you have your new account, you want to follow people within your niche. So, find someone who posts super high-quality pins and content and sees if they have a relatively large follower base. Then, you want to follow the people who are following that account. You can follow around 100 or 150 people every 4 hours I believe. So, if your serious start by following 100-150 people every 4 hours. Now, once you hit the limit Pinterest will automatically make it so that you can’t follow more people. It will automatically unfollow any people you followed.

Secondly, you want to optimize your keywords for your niche account name, your account description, your account boards and of course the pins. You can use and try to find your niche in there. After you do that, you want to scroll down and find topics related to your niche… and there you will find board ideas you want to make. It really helps with SEO and getting more repins, monthly viewers and more link click.

If you want to scale your account up even further, you want to start automating. Now, the tool I recommend to automize your Pinterest is by using TailWind.

What Tailwind allows you to do is, essentially you can schedule repins of other people’s content, then you can add yours and this way you can plan ahead and automate the repinning for each day, week, month.

I recommend you repin 14 different pins per day and then have 2 of them be your affiliate links (You can create same exact post may be the different picture next time?) and just setup like 3-4 months ahead and you can just sit back while you follow people. Tailwind has way more features to automate, it also has analytics you can use which can help you out quite a bit. It’s definitely not an expensive tool so, I’d definitely check it out!

Best Pinterest Trick To Earn More Money That No One is Talking About

Make sure you read this part, so this is a way to really boost your Pinterest affiliate pins. You can boost any of your pins however, I recommend doing this on your affiliate ones.

What your going to do is essentially send social signals to your pins.

You might ask what are social signals?

Social signals essentially facebook likes, Instagram likes, Twitter retweets, Pinterest repins.

  1. Head over to and create yourself an account (Completely FREE)
  2. After that, you want to start either following people on twitter, youtube, subscribing, watching youtube videos or whichever social signal you like.
  3. You’re going to get points, now, after you gain some points you can use these points to get repins for your Pinterest content.
  4. Hit Add Site/Page button, it will take you page where you can select the type of social signal you want (Select Pinterest Repins)
  5. Give it a title, and head over to your affiliate pin which you want to boost, copy the ending ID  on your URL when for your pin
  6. Paste that ID in the section where it asks for the ID
  7. Now, you can select how many repins you want total or per day. When starting out remember to start out with less than 10 then work your way up slowly and steadily.
  8. After you have selected all of that, hit save changes and you should be good to go.
  9. Just log in every day to get points by sharing, liking or watching other peoples content. You can buy points but, there’s no need.

This is a great way to boost your affiliate pins and get more clicks towards them.

Pinterest Must Follow Rules:

  • Don’t Spam
  • Make the users aware that the links are affiliate links.
  • Write SEO friendly Awesome Descriptions
  • Re-pin other peoples content which is high quality
  • Re-pin content which is popular
  • Don’t give up! It takes time
  • Take Action!

Now, guys, it’s possible to earn full time doing this however, you need to keep in mind that, that this does take quite a bit of time.

If you truly want to make significant money I highly recommend you don’t just rely on Pinterest. To truly scale you want to leverage affiliate marketing fully, you want to do things like create your own website where you write high-quality content which will get organic traffic, you create a youtube channel where you create videos and send people from youtube to your website, send people from your Pinterest pins to your website, start getting traffic from all sorts of places, set up an email funnel where you collect emails in exchange for valuable information, that way you can keep on sending affiliate products to your audience and keep making money over and over instead of trying to find new people to sell to every single time.

If done right, this can be massively profitable. I highly recommend you take a course which teaches you how to do affiliate marketing properly and the right way because, a lot of the times people try to end up doing things on their own, they end up quitting because they just don’t get results. Now, I buy a lot of courses out there so, I know the kind of crap people are pushing nowadays.

I personally have bought this course called Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. Franklin Hatchett earns over 7 figures online and he has done all sorts of online businesses ranging from affiliate marketing, drop shipping and software business so, he knows what he’s talking about. There are so many courses out there which are plain garbage, contain generic information and are super expensive. However, with confidence, I can say Savage Affiliates is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there which is not only the best but, also the most affordable course out there.

I wrote up a Savage Affiliates Review if you were curious and were wondering if this is something which can help you out or not.

Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is quite a big social network even though I think of it more as a search engine. That being said, there are a lot of businesses trying to leverage Pinterest for their brand.

Now, you may also know that Pinterest has a variety of different aspects when it comes to optimizing posts with keywords, creating certain boards, creating great looking infographics and much more!

That being said, there are companies willing to pay you money to manage their Pinterest. That’s where a Pinterest Virtual Assistant comes in.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtually assistant is someone who provides services online to business or bloggers. Now, since everything could be done online, it is quite a flexible job and you can work from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Assistants typically do tasks like:

  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management
  • Proof Reading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Email Management
  • and Much more

Now, that you got an idea what a virtual assistant does, a Pinterest virtual assistant is just that except you perform different tasks on Pinterest.

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant’s goal is to help business manage and market their Pinterest account.

So this can be things like:

  • Creating their business account
  • Creating infographics/pin graphics
  • Scheduling pins via either Tailwind or manually
  • Researching and Applying to group boards
  • Keyword Optimizing their pin descriptions

This is a great way to make money because you can work from anywhere, it’s definitely not hard to land your first client considering you have a Pinterest account and know how to grow the Pinterest account, improve engagement, join group boards and design stunning Pinterest infographics.

These are skills which can easily be learned and they don’t take a whole lot of time to learn.

The best part about a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is that you get money right away whereas when you’re doing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing you won’t make money right away.

Another key thing about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is that you can set the hours that you want to work, so, you can really work part-time and be a stay at home mom making money on Pinterest.

Why would someone Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

If you have leveraged Pinterest to get traffic on your blog or your affiliate links, you know how powerful of a tool it is. Now, not everyone knows about growing their Pinterest or leveraging their Pinterest to grow their business.

And a lot of the times companies just want someone else to do their work so, they can focus on doing something else.

That’s why companies and bloggers will hire other people to handle their Pinterest tasks.

How much can you make?

You can definitely earn a full-time income again it really depends on your client so, there’s no exact amount.

However, take a look at this video where Lindsey talks about how she got her first 2 clients within 2 weeks and a few months later, she quit her job to be a full-time VA!

(The course that Lindsey talks about in the video is the Become a Pinterest Today Course.)

You can visit their official website here to learn more.

Becoming a Pinterest Influencer

How to become a Pinterest Influencer

Now, if you have had a Pinterest account for a while where you have a TON of followers and super high engagement. Then this might be for you.

Essentially what a Pinterest influencer is someone who gets sponsored to post certain pins on their Pinterest or letting them join your group board so they can profit from your following.

So, brands will reach out to you and ask you a certain price per pin to leverage your following and engagement to get them leads, sales or brand awareness.

Now, this method only works if you already have a huge following, you can head over and sign up at Intellifluence to get started with making money as a Pinterest influencer.

How much can you make?

There are no set prices for how much you earn because it’s all based on negotiation, your followers, engagement and how much your following benefits them.

It all depends on the influencer themselves and how much engagement you provide from your audience.

Keep in mind that if they pay you less then what they will make from your pin. Which makes sense however, the reason why I point this out is that while this is a decent way if you have a HUGE following, it’s always better to get profits in your own business.

I highly recommend you do affiliate marketing rather than just becoming a Pinterest influencer. Although, you can do both, which you should if you can.

If you liked this guide make sure you check out my other guide on How to Make Money On Youtube Without Showing Your Face!

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If you have any question or concerns, let me know in the comment below I will answer them all!

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