How to Find Solo Ads That Work: Successful Solo Ad Campaign

With a market bustling with thousands of solo ad providers, vendors, buyers, and sellers, it could be quite a mountainous task to know how to find solo ads that work. 

Even if you know where to look for and the right marketplaces to helm on, finding high-quality solo ads that would boost your ROI would require a few tricks up your sleeves.

To make it easier for you, I have included tips on how to find solo ads that work and how to steer clear of bots and scams in these marketplaces.

I also discuss a few important tips that can make your first solo ad campaign a successful one. You’ll have to head ahead to know more.

How To Find Solo Ads That Work

In a jammed market like the solo ads and solo ad providers, the challenge is to know how you find high quality solo ads that enrich your conversion rate.

Before you lock in a provider to buy from, here are tips to follow that will help you find top notch providers and the best quality ads.

Researching solo ad providers

Who you are buying your clicks from would predominantly determine whether or not your solo ad campaign is a success story. The most important step to take before selecting a solo ad provider is to invest your time and effort in researching the solo ad provider.

How you can do this by peeping about what former customers are saying about this provider. You don’t want to close out on quoted testimonials given on the provider’s page. That’s one of the mistakes to avoid.

Instead, look for reviews posted with screenshots.

If you want to go a step ahead to verify the authenticity, you should always reach out to the people with the reviews. Other than that, forums and social media groups are other places where you would get genuine reviews for a provider.

If your provider has a good track record, it wouldn’t be long before you find raves or, if they aren’t good enough, complaints on the internet.

Identifying high-quality solo ads

Once you’ve got a reputable solo ad provider on your side, you would only need a high-quality solo ad to get booming click through rates. And what is a high-quality solo ad and how does it look?

A solo ad that converts will be relevant and well written. The copy should be clear and concise with a splendid call to action. Adding too much fluff before getting to the CTA can cause your click rates to decrease.

A high quality solo ad in your email marketing will always address the main problem the product or service is aiming to solve. Additionally, solo ads sent to your target audience should talk about how the product or service will benefit the user.

Using tools and software

Testing and optimization can be the difference between a good solo ad and a bad one. Several solo ad providers in the market integrate the use of builders, tracking tools, and other software. To start with, you would want to use a funnel builder for your solo ad.

Builders like Clickfunnel are what you would want to invest in. Capturing emails and getting your audience on a landing page is to be your aim with the funnel. Other than that, you could look for providers that track your ad’s progress.

If not, you could use click tracking software to understand where your traffic is coming from and whether your solo ad is good enough. You would also find providers that help with email list building and auto responding.

Avoiding scams and low-quality solo ads

The basic way of avoiding scams and below par solo ads is by buying from providers with experience and a good track record. You can also avoid such extra fuss by getting on solo ad marketplaces that have a good reputation.

Remember a scammer will promise too much in too little and if it’s too good to be true, you would want to skip to the next.

To avoid scams and understand what solo ad quality your provider is offering, you would want to inquire about your solo ad provider. If your provider has a contract and is reachable, remember that is a green flag.

IP address tracking of the people who were targeted could be a great way to understand whether your provider is scamming you.

Your provider should be ready to corporate, communicate and should be reachable. Suspicions and tight-lipped behavior should be your sign to say your goodbyes to that provider. Good customer support from a provider is also a sign of authenticity

Here are a few questions to ask your provider:

  • How do they build their email list?
  • What is their experience with your niche?
  • What packages do they have to offer?
  • What are their per day subscription numbers?

Test your solo ad provider

The simplest way to test your solo ad provider is by starting small. Buy only the minimum number of clicks or the smallest package to see how your solo ad traffic responds.

You would know a lot from a few clicks, given the quality of your solo ad is click worthy. In the process, you would also implement A/B testing, with two different versions of landing pages and a trackable link.

Keeping a track of the budget

If the cost per click of the solo ad traffic you are buying is off the roof, you would never reach your aimed return on your investment. Your target should be to lower the cost of the promotion.

Remember that one of the benefits of using solo ads to reach out to your target audience is cost effective as it is supposed to be more budget-friendly than other ads. Check popular marketplaces and reputed solo ad providers to know their rates.

Where To Find Solo Ads That Work

There are hundreds of solo ad marketplaces to buy your ad from. Here are a few of the most reputable solo ad marketplaces to buy from:


Udimi Homepage

Udimi solo ads are one of the largest and most popular solo ad marketplaces in the digital space. There’s no chance of getting scammed by a provider in Udimi for they have a filtration process where they only allow legitimate providers to do business.

To find solo ads that work from Udimi, you would want to keep your eyes on certain metrics. Look for indicators like “good sales” or Got sales” on the provider’s profile. You would want to measure these two metrics along with the bad solo ratings as well.

Other than that, you would also make use of the repeat buyer metric provided by Udimi to understand the status of a seller. The more repeat buyers of a seller, the better the provider.


SoloAdsX Homepage

SoloadsX is one of the solo ad marketplaces where you can find sellers with over 50% conversion rates under all the niches you can think of including affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

If you buy solo ads from this marketplace, you can expect to receive full transparency regarding how your ad campaigns may be sustained through regular tracking performance. They have a wide range of pricing tiers, the lowest starts from $80 while the highest is $1900 for its premium presell traffic solo ads. 

Traffic Blade

Traffic Blade Homepage

Traffic Blade is one of those marketplaces that offer traffic from Tier 1 geographical regions including the USA, Canada, Uk, and Australia. For a slightly varying price, they provide two tiers including 100% tier 1 or 85% tier one traffic. This means that the quality of traffic you would be getting through this marketplace would be top-notch. They have excellent post order follow-ups and bonuses as well.

How To Run A Successful Solo Ads Campaign

Here are a few golden tips on how to make the best use of solo ads for any business:

Testing and optimizing your ads

Tracking, testing, and analyzing the performance of your ad should be one of your pivotal campaign goals. How you can do this by integrating a few tracking and testing tools and software. You could use link funnel software like ClickMagik and ClickFunnel to understand where your traffic is coming from and how you can optimize your ad copy.

Building a relationship with your list

Once you have an email list built, you would want to get in contact with them to ensure better conversions. Relationship building with your list does not have to be persistent. Reaching out to them through their social media direct messages can be a starter. 

You can also build a relationship through Facebook ads to warm up your potential audience. If you target the right audience, this should not be rocket science.

Scaling up your campaign

One of the benefits of using solo ads as your digital advertising tool is that you would be able to scale it up as it fits your campaign budget. You can fix your campaign duration accordingly as well. 

If you aren’t sure about the promise of a certain campaign, you can always start with a few hundred clicks and then scale up as you gain more confidence.

Measuring the ROI of your campaign

If you have a compelling ad copy and an effective landing page, it should reflect your ROI. To run a successful solo ad campaign, you would want to measure the ROI of your marketing run. 

Simply put, your ROI should be high to indicate that you are gaining more than you are investing.

Why Consider Solo Ads Over Other Advertising Mediums

Solo ads are efficient when done right. To start, solo ads are more cost effective when compared to social media marketing, PPC, or display marketing. It is ideal for a beginner who wants to start small, perhaps with a handful of clicks.

One of the benefits that solo ads have over other mediums is their scalability. You would be able to scale up your campaign to fit your budget and the size of your target audience. Scaling your google ads ppc campaign can be much trickier. 

Other than that, most other mediums like blogging, posting and even content marketing require the use of SEO. Since solo ads are through emails, you would not need to optimize them with the right keywords to get ranked or replaced.

Above all, solo ads are highly targeted forms of advertisement when your email list matches your niche. In comparison to display ads, visual or social media advertising, solo ads directly land on the target’s email. This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to reach a wider audience that has a high potential for conversion.


What should I include in my landing page for my solo ads campaign?

To have an effective landing page for your solo ad, you would want a simplified opt-in form for the email. Make sure there are no complexities. The visuals on the page should also be simple, and clean. You should include a strong copy with a powerful call to action.

How long should I run my solo ads campaign?

Your solo ad campaign duration does not have to be too lengthy. Depending on your niche and your target audience size, you would run your campaign from about 50 clicks to 1000 clicks

Final Thoughts

Solo ads can help you to target a larger audience and you can do so in no time. Compared to other advertising mediums, solo ads can be scaled up and down to match the budget of your marketing strategies.

Whether your solo ads will work would largely depend on the provider and the email list they are providing. It would also depend on the quality of your ad copy, optimization, and analysis performance of your ad campaign.

Overall, you would need to be aware and well researched to be able to avoid scams and low quality solo ads.

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