GrooveWebinars: Overview, Pricing, And How To Use It For Free (2021)

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Webinars are huge right now, and even that could be an understatement. With the current online race to become the next internet millionaire, every advantage is appreciated. That’s why our topic today is GrooveWebinars.

There’s been quite a lot of fuss around this platform called GrooveFunnels, so it’s only natural you’ve landed here—probably a little confused, too. Don’t worry, I’ll answer quite a few questions in this article.

What exactly is GrooveWebinars?

GrooveWebinars is a webinar platform similar to GotoWebinar or WebinarJam. Speaking of WebinarJam, GrooveWebinars shares its creator: Mike Filsaime, the same man who was part of Genesis Digital team, the company behind Kartra and WebinarJam.

GrooveWebinars looks to offer a similar solution to its competitors with a much better interface, more advanced features and code, solid customization, and more.

The release date for GrooveWebinars has been kind of confusing so far. GrooveWebinars was scheduled as the next GrooveApps release for GrooveFunnels (more on that in a bit), but it was pushed back after backers stated that other platforms—like GrooveMail—were more important.

I’ll cover this topic later on if you’re interested. For now, we can expect it for release before this year ends. Let’s dive into its functionality.

How can you use it?

Starting from registration, you’ll actually be using GroovePages for it by choosing a funnel and landing page. You’ll use GrooveWebinars for the registration form and then the main event setup.

You can design your “thank you” pages for your webinars. It’s entirely customizable except for a few blocks you can’t delete, and doing so will mess up your webinar since it contains the webinar link.

The next page you can configure is the one for your upsells. It’s as easy as choosing whether or not you want to offer upsells during your webinar.

Overall, the entire webinar page timeline would start with the registration page and finish with a replay page. In-between, you have the upsells, “thank you”, and the actual lobby page for your webinar.

All pages for your webinars come with their own templates, so the entire process takes just a few minutes.

The lobby itself comes with its own countdown timer until the event starts, and this block is the same one responsible for redirecting your audience to the actual event.

After your webinar sections are ready, you save it, choose your funnel, and you’re done with GrooveWebinars. The rest of the pages are created via GroovePages, including adding dynamic blocks like your calendar, headers, ToS, etc.

How does it compare to Mike Filsaime’s other products?

As I mentioned, Mike Filsaime also created Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar. The last 2 platforms are widely regarded as some of the best webinar solutions in the market, so it’s only natural for anyone to be curious about how they’re actually different if they come from the same creator.

Firstly, GrooveWebinars is a lot more customizable. The other 2 platforms mostly use their own interfaces for your actual event, minus a few branding options. On the other hand, GrooveWebinars only keep you from deleting a few blocks.

You also receive plenty of templates with many variables already filled: host name, date, etc. You can edit your pages however you want outside of these non-removable elements, including colors and branding.

If you make a mistake and delete one of these crucial elements, don’t worry. You won’t break the entire platform; you’ll be notified about the mistake and offered the chance to reset the process.

You can also add and remove elements like logos via an intuitive visual editor that lets you drag and drop everything until you’re happy.

Summarized, GrooveWebinars is a lot more customizable than EverWebinar and WebinarJam. I also want to mention that GrooveWebinars is available via the entire GrooveFunnels package, so any integrations you might need for these other platforms are already included for the same GrooveFunnels price.

When will it be released?

Alright, this one is easily one of the most confusing aspects of GrooveWebinars. For now, we can safely assume that it’ll be released this year, and it’ll first be available for automated webinars.

GrooveDigital has stated that the webinars platform will be released after development for GrooveVideo, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, and GrooveMember is complete. Automated webinars are also prioritized because most backers are currently happy with solutions like GotoWebinar for live events.

It was believed to be pushed all the way to the first months of 2021 after community poll results. However, Mike admitted that the platform’s UI and overall functionality was already between 70% and 80% completed.

In fact, the most complex steps were already taken. In fact, the UI kit is pretty much done because of the one available for GroovePages, and the webinar functionality itself is really close to GrooveVideo with a live chat included.

Other elements like email followups, paid webinars, webinar offers, and more will also integrate features from other GrooveApps like GrooveMail and GrooveSell.

Therefore, there’s no reason to expect GrooveWebinars for next year by now, but its release date still depends on when the more important GrooveApps are finished and released.

What about pricing?

GrooveWebinars is part of the Platinum account for the GrooveFunnels package, which will cost $299 monthly after release. There aren’t any news about whether GrooveWebinars will be available separately.

If you join the beta program for GrooveFunnels, you’ll be able to buy the Platinum version for life for a single fee split into 3 installments for $497. You’ll get access to the highest account tier without having to pay a monthly subscription.

But I said “free”

I haven’t forgotten about that. Besides the special offer for beta testers, you can use the GrooveFunnels suite for free until its release date if you join for the beta phase. As every future GrooveApps is ready, you’ll also have free access for them until its full release date—including GrooveWebinars.

What’s the deal with GrooveFunnels?

In case you don’t know, GrooveFunnels is a marketing suite filled with different apps—named GrooveApps—that will integrate with each other to create a complete solution. GrooveFunnels is basically the entire package containing GrooveWebinars, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, and other GrooveApps.


GrooveWebinars is a promising upcoming platform that—considering the current state of GrooveFunnels, even in its beta phase—might disrupt the entire webinar industry. It might be a while before its full release, but there’s no reason not to try out the entire package as it’s developed with the beta program.

Once released, you’ll have lifetime access—for a single fee—for a toolkit that you’d otherwise need to acquire separately. It would easily be several hundreds every month, but GrooveFunnels is a unique chance to skip that hassle.

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