Solo Ads Arbitrage: Become a solo ads reseller

If you have read my article on how to become a solo ad vendor ( I suggest you do), you would already be aware of the flight of stairs you would need to take before actually getting started. 

Selling solo ads and building a solo ad business from scratch requires work, time and effort. You would need to do your research, choose your niche right and most importantly, build an email list. 

It certainly does not end there. You would have to update your list every now and then, and invest on tools and software to keep yourself updated. 

Now that the bad news is over, I’ll break the good news. Instead of building your own email list and selling solo ads, you can simply resell them and get started right away.. That’s what solo ads arbitrage is all about. 

But whether you would benefit from reselling solo ads and how you can do so, is what I discuss in this article. Read ahead to know it all. 

How Solo Ads Arbitrage Works?

Solo ads Arbitrage is simply a term used to refer to a business venture where solo ads are resold. To put it simply, solo ads arbitrage function when you, as a solo ads vendor, resell solo ads. And how does that go about? 

First, you look for a solo ads provider from whom you will buy your solo ads traffic for a given price. Now, you can look for these providers on popular marketplaces like Udimi. Or you can find them on forums and social media groups. 

I always recommend the former for it entails a lot more security and hence lower chances of getting scammed. 

Moving on, once you buy the solo ad traffic, you will then communicate with your provider and let them know what you intend to do. Convince them how you would be able to increase their customer base through reselling. 

Next, you would have to create a website. Don’t worry, it does not have to be an extensive site with state of the art interface. A simple website which allows your buyers to see that you are indeed authentic would do the trick. 

Once you have a website, get to forums and facebook groups to acquire clients and their testimonials once you resell them the same solo ads you had bought. 

Remember, that your revenue through this business model is the difference in price of what you bought it with and what you are selling it at. This means that the profit margin would depend on your price point. 

Is It legal to Resell Solo Ads?

The legality of reselling solo ads depends on the terms and conditions that have been agreed between you and the seller you are buying your traffic from in the first place. 

This is precisely why we mentioned that you would want to let your provider know your intentions of reselling the ad. 

Generally, if your provider permits you to resell the solo ad they are providing to you, there would be no legal restrictions entailing the resale of the solo ad. 

In case someone goes out of contract to breach the terms that have been agreed upon, there could be legal repercussions for reselling that solo ad. 

Additionally, you would have to make sure whether you are selling or reselling solo ads, it should not contain any sort of misleading, or false content. Any product, service or content that violates any laws or regulations during the reselling of the solo ad would be considered to be illegal as well. 

Why Consider Doing Solo Ads Arbitrage: Pros of Reselling 

Why would you want to resell when you can sell solo ads, right? Well, reselling solo ads has its own perks and virtues. For one, you would not have to go through all the hassle of reputation and trust building as a professional seller.

Other than that, you would want to consider solo ads arbitrage for the following benefits that it includes: 

Low cost to start

The primary benefit of the solo ads arbitrage business model is that you are able to cut costs by quite a considerable margin. Compared to the costs incurred when you sell solo ads, reselling racks up a much higher profit margin for the same reason. 

This is mainly because, as a reseller, you are not having to build your own list. If you are in one of the popular niches like MMO, health and fitness, cryptocurrency or network marketing, it could cost you anywhere from $3000 to $5000 dollars to build a list of about 10000 subscribers. 

You would of course lower the cost by marginalizing on the number of clicks and buying smaller traffic, but that does not prove to be so cost effective either. Why so? The click through rate percentage for most popular niches stands to be on a 1% to a maximum of 2%. 

Now if you do the math, you would know that to get about 100 to 200 clicks from a single email, your list would have to be 100000 to 20000 subscribers long! 

And what does it mean for your return on investment (ROI)? It means that for every one it would require you to have at least 100 click packages before you get half of your returns. 

You would be saving about 300 to $500 per month simply by not having to build an email list. The cost saving trick does not end there. 

Becoming a reseller of solo ads would not require you to invest hundreds on tools, trackers and softwares either. Becoming a solo ad vendor requires you to have all the landing page builders and management tools to begin with. 

Ability to start right away

One of the pros of reselling solo ads includes the ability to start right away. When you are selling solo ads as a professional, you would need ample amount of time before you get into the business fully. 

It may take months to build an email list and to get it right. It requires you to spend time in research on your own niche, and on marketplaces. None of that is a factor when you are buying your solo ad from another vendor only for a solo ad arbitrage building. 

Through reliable metrics, you would only have to understand niches that are in demand, and solo ad providers who are making profit. 

Warming up your lists, spending time to learn to build lists, even building your own website hampers a solo ad seller’s freedom to start immediately. The story being quite the opposite for resellers of the ad. 

Avoiding churn and burn

Becoming a solo ad vendor and broadcasting your own email marketing to a list that you built is not an easy job. 

More so, earning profit from it requires you to constantly update the list. Email lists that have been sitting for too long without updates are considered to be long in the tooth in the world of solo ads. 

This means that you would have to add new subscribers to the list every time you send out emails. You would also have to get rid of receivers who did not open the email, or ones that came out to be unresponsive or irrelevant as targets. 

For solo ad sellers, the email list depletes and calls for new additions after each broadcast. Becoming a solo ad reseller is great because you get to avoid the burn and churn of updating your subscriber list. 

Solo ad arbitrage will not demand your constant attentiveness in this regard. This is why I recommend solo ads arbitrage as a side hustle which you would be able to do beside a full time job as well. 

The potential for high profits

Solo ad arbitrage can be quite profitable if you have the right providers in hand. The potential for profits can even be for a lifetime. When you resell a supplier’s solo ad, you are creating a bigger subscriber or customer list for them. 

If you are able to refer even a few valuable clients, you would earn thousands without even having to build an email list. 

Additionally, the profit margin on solo ad reselling can be high because of low costs. Since you would save on email list building, tracking tools and website or landing page builders, your potential ROI would also be hgh. 

Getting Started with Solo Ads Arbitrage

Getting started with solo ads arbitrage is uncomplicated and involves a few simple steps. To start reselling solo ads, you would want to do the following: 

Select an Appropriate niche

Regardless of whether you are starting to sell solo ads or resell them, it is important to choose a niche for yourself. 

Choosing your niche narrows down your potential target audience and hence helps to build an email list much quickly. What niche you wish to choose should depend upon your research, but more so on what’s good for the money.

This means that you would want to choose a niche that sits well with solo ads in terms of profit and demand. Few of the popular niches include MMO, Biz opps, business, finance, health, fitness and personal development. 

These are categories of solo ads with consistent and evergreen high demand. Not only would you find enough vendors attempting to sell them to you, but you would also find vendors who are on the same page regarding your reselling business. 

It’s a good mark to have niches with more vendors, which automatically indicates that the audience digits for these niches are generously high. You would be able to sell quickly to a wider target. 

Choosing a popular niche when reselling your solo ads is smart because it allows you to recycle the ads to bigger email lists, churning out more revenue for you. 

Find the right platform to order solo ad clicks 

To buy solo ads from providers, I suggest you get on one of the popular marketplaces for solo ads. 

There are hundreds of solo ad marketplaces which host the selling and arbitrage of solo ads. Because there are so many, you would have to be careful to choose wisely. Using a good marketplace substantially lowers the risk of getting scammed. 

If you are selling directly through your website, there is little chance to conduct your background check. When looking for a platform to order your clicks from, you would want to find one that offers protection against fraud and scam. 

A marketplace that guarantees filtering of its vendor is what I suggest. Other than that, get on a platform that has a wide range of niches to offer unless you are looking for specifics. Few platforms use bot blocking to ensure that the traffic is 100% human. 

All these specifics remind me of a few marketplaces, that might be promising for you to order your solo ad clicks for reselling: 


Udimi Homepage

As someone trying to earn through solo ads arbitrage, I suggest you check out Udimi first of all the marketplaces. Using Udimi as your platform has quite a few benefits. Udimi supports Tier 1 traffic. This means that you will receive high quality traffic from regions like the USA and UK. 

Not just that, you will be able to get refunds from the platform in case you got scammed or something went wrong. WIth Udimi’s advanced filtering process for its vendors, I doubt that would be the case. 

One of the biggest perks of using Udimi as your platform is how all transactions will take place under the platform’s protection since Udimi does not allow vendors to handle payments. Instead they do it themselves. 

It doesn’t end there. With Udimi, you would be able to order in bulk once you figure out what niche works for you. Udimi’s broad network of buyers will only allow you to avail larger discounts and commissions. 

When ordering clicks on Udimi, you would want to buy cheaper solo ads so that you can maximize profits. Udimi has vendors who start as low as $0.40. You can also look at their metrics of “got sales”, ratings and repeat orders to narrow down on who to order from. 


SoloAdsX Homepage

SoloAdX is another marketplace where you could start your solo ads arbitrage venture. In this platform, you would find sellers of all types and price ranges. Many sellers even have over 50% conversion rates under all the niches you can think of including affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

If you buy solo ads from this marketplace, you can expect to receive full transparency regarding how your ad campaigns may be sustained through regular tracking performance. You can expect a bot free, real human traffic from this platform, with time tested sources when it comes to the traffic they provide. 


7DaysBuyer Homepage

If you wish to go cheaper on buying your clicks, you would want to use 7DaysBuyer. In this platform, you might get about 30% less of the same solo ads you get on other platforms. 

That’s a lot of cost saving to begin with. Buying cheaper ads would mean you would be able to keep a much higher profit margin when you resell the same solo ads elsewhere. 

Referrals on this platform are easy to get since 7DaysBuyer will search for potential vendors for you. Not only do they guarantee high quality, tier one traffic from the west, but also provide one of the quickest delivery times. You can expect to receive your order within a day. 

Track links and deliver results

When you are in the solo ads arbitrage business, getting the right tools and software is mandatory. Tracking and monitoring the performance is a necessity because it allows you to understand where your traffic is coming from. 

It also allows you to comprehend the quality of your ad copy and whether it needs any editing. The benefit of tracking also involves being able to know the demographics of people who are actually interested in your ad. 

Whether they come from a specific social status, or a specific age group. There are a few solo ad link tracking tools and software you can work with. Remember that you don’t want to send your link to Udimi’s integrated tracking page. 

Udimi is an intelligent platform that detects you as a reseller if you do. Instead, you can rely on specialized solo ad trackers. I suggest ClickMagik and ClickMeter.


ClickMagick Homepage

ClickMagick is one such analytics software that allows you to monitor all your actionable metrics. ClickMagik offers few of the most advanced features like cross device tracking. This allows you to track your data even if your targeted traffic switches from one device to another. 

Multi touch attribution models, anti wastage shield feature to save on costs, offline sales tracker are just few of the features that you would get to track and monitor your ad’s progress. 


ClickMeter Homepage

ClickMeter is a similar link tracking platform with which you can target, track, monitor and share. 

Although it does not have the most advanced features like ClickMagik, the workings are simple and let you understand the conversions, views and where your clicks are coming from. You can also get an insight on bot clicks, broken links and fraud or blacklists. 

Find clients

Now that you have your hook, you would need the target. You have  your niche decided, a platform where you have found the right providers and hence the solo ads that you would want to resell,  it’s time to find the clients. 

Where can you find clients? You can find them on Facebook groups and forums. 

Solo Ads Buying And Selling Group Facebook Group

I suggest that you would want to join several Facebook buy and sell groups, and a few popular forums for finding clients. 

Warrior Forum Solo Ads Tag Page

You can join WarriorForum, for instance. 

Advertise your services

If you are willing to spend a little more on advertisements, you would want to get your clients through paid advertising. PPC ads on Google for instance, can get you highly relevant and targeted traffic, that too without having to do much. 

For any kind of paid advertising through blogs, or search engines, you would want to use ad copy optimization tools. Worstream and Anywords are two such optimization softwares that help you to write compelling ad copy, and ensures that your copy is keyword optimized. 

The better the optimization, the higher the chances of getting traffic.

When you advertise your proposals, you can include discounts, bonuses and first time offers. 

Growing Your Solo Ads Arbitrage Business

The only way you can maximize your profits from your solo ads arbitrage business is through growing the business. To ensure consistent growth of you solo ads arbitrage business, you should focus on the following: 

Diversifying your services

In order for your arbitrage business to grow to its fullest potential, you should offer more than just reselling. You would offer more services as you grow which can include consultations, tracking, training courses, monitoring services etc.  

Building relationships with customers

In the world of solo ads, trust is what separates a profitable arbitrage business from a fruitless one. When there is trust between you and your customers, your reputation will grow, and so would your arbitrage business. 

One way to build relationships with your customers is to build a website that reflects your integrity. When you make your website, you should include only genuine testimonials. Buyers these days are wise. 

They cross check on testimonials to know if you are faking it. Once you add more reviews, ratings and testimonials, people are more likely to trust you. It’s very important that your customers are able to reach you whenever they need to. 

Keep a contact page on your website, displaying a personal email, a phone number (initially) and an instant messaging portion. The more reachable you are to your customer, the sooner they would trust you. 

Investing in marketing and advertising

Marketing your solo ads the right way can lead you up to great success. When you are not getting enough clients through facebook groups or forums, you would want to turn your head to more targeted advertisements. 

There’s no limit to what kind of advertisement you want to sign up for. From any kind of digital marketing, social media posts, blog content, influencer marketing and referral marketing can be quite the help. You can also invest in Google PPC ads which would be displayed to relevant audiences. 

Expanding your network and connection

As you enter the solo ads arbitrage business, you would only know your providers of the solo ad. In order to keep your business growth intact, you should keep an open mind. 

Talk to your providers and build a network. Keep adding more contacts to the network. As your reputation grows in the network, it is easier to get recommendations, bigger providers with larger lists and hence better chances of more profit!

Separate and retarget

Segmentation and retargeting are important attributes of a successful and growing solo ads arbitrage business. When you are dealing with buyers, segment your list of buyers according to what you want to offer, their niches, and potential returns. Other than that, you would want to keep a retargeting plan in mind. 

When you broadcast an email, there will always be a part of your target who will keep the email unopened. There will be a portion who will open the email but will not take action. Based on previous results of an email broadcast, you can retarget your audience. 

Risks of Solo Ads Arbitrage

Once you have reached an agreement with your solo ad provider, there are no legal risks of getting into hot waters. 

However, with solo ads arbitrage business, there are a few risks you would want to be warned about. Here are few risks you may expect during your reselling pursuit: 

Dealing with fraud sellers

The solo ads marketplaces, facebook groups, forums, chats and all places you can think of buying solo ads are affiliated with fraud sellers. The internet in itself is filled with scams and spams, with every turn and every click. One of the biggest risks of solo ads is dealing with fraud sellers. 

Remember, you would want to check on the seller’s track record before you decide to buy from one. If you are on Udimi, checking on ratings and reviews of any provider is easy. As it is with most marketplaces.

Still, you would want to cross check on personal testimonials to ensure you don’t get conned. You can also contact the seller and ask about his experience. Being able to reach your seller is a good sign of his authenticity. 

Facing market saturation and competition

Solo ads business is already a highly competitive area, particularly with thousands of expert buyers and sellers already dealing on every platform. 

With solo ads arbitrage, the competition and risk of market saturation is even higher. When you are a solo ad vendor selling your own solo ads, you are able to maintain a personalized and unique brand identity. 

That is not so much of a possibility when you are reselling someone else’s solo ads. With so many vendors in popular niches, making your mark can be a struggle in the initial days. 

Ensuring the quality of traffic and results

You will lure in customers when the word spreads that you are a seller who provides high quality traffic. Once there is word of mouth among a network of solo ad buyers, it gets easier to resell ads to larger audiences. 

Nonetheless, when you are reselling from someone else, the quality of traffic is not in your control, and neither are the results. 

Should You Start Reselling Solo Ads? Is It Worth It?

Given the popularity of arbitrage business, reselling solo ads can be worth it. When you are reselling solo ads, there is no need to build an email list. 

Once the most time and effort consuming step is eliminated, all you would have to do is invest a little capital. Why solo ads are worth it is because you would be able to scale your solo ads arbitrage business from start to finish. You can start with a small budget and buy a few clicks to resell. 

You may want to remember that solo ads arbitrage requires little cost and is one of the most budget friendly ways to start earning money online. You only need to be in the right marketplace, find the right provider, identify your niche and get reselling. 

For the little time and effort it requires, solo ads arbitrage can be profitable in the long and short run. It can be a side hustle for anyone having full time involvement. 


How much can I earn from solo ad reselling?

The amount of money you can earn from solo ad reselling would depend on a few factors. It would depend on the niche you have chosen and the size of your email list. Most importantly, it will depend on the price of the solo ad that you bought from a seller in the first place. As an ad reseller, it is possible to earn about 20% to 40% commission. 

What types of niches are best suited for solo ads?

For solo ads, the following are considered to be popular niches: Health and fitness, MMO, Biz Opps, Relationship and dating, Personal Development, Network Marketing, FInance and Cryptocurrency.

How can I effectively price my solo ads to maximize profits?

Determine your pricing depending on the size of your email list,  number of clicks or potential of your solo ads. It’s wise to charge anywhere from $30 to $40 for every 100 clicks, once you are established in the business. You would want to keep low commissions in the beginning. Make sure to adjust your pricing based on your costs. 

Should you focus on a particular niche as a Solo Ads Reseller?

As a reseller, it is wise you keep a few niches in hand. Because you are not having to spend time mastering your craft in any one of the niches as a vendor, you can diversify your buyer list by focusing on more than one niche. This reduces the chance of getting beaten in competition. 

Final Thoughts

Solo ads arbitrage is simply a profitable business model invented by those who did not want to work too hard to become a solo ad vendor on their own. After all, it only involves you to buy solo ads from one provider and resell them to others. 

Solo ads arbitrage is an easy business to get into because it does not involve the taxing work of building an email list, or frequently updating it. With a scalable capital, anyone can begin reselling solo ads. 

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