Does Shopify advertise for you

Does Shopify Advertise For You?

Marketing and advertising for stores play a major are attracting traffic to your store. This also says a lot about your store and the products it has to offer. Setting up your store and going live is not the only task that you have to focus on, attracting organic traffic is what will enable your store to survive longer. While advertising can be a tough task, does Shopify in any way help you advertise your product?

Shopify does not advertise for an individual product or a store. Does that mean you have no resources to market your product? Read this article and find for yourself how you can advertise your product with the help of technology and other mediums.

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Shopify’s Advertising Policies: What Makes it Popular?

Shopify is considered one of the largest eCommerce platform because it offers a cost-effective, complete all-in-one, user-friendly purchase store builder that has all the required equipment. It has grown over the past few years because of its fair and flexible pricing structure. They have over 500,000 customers and have grown naturally and become popular in making an income online.

They also have an excellent retention figure because of the services they provide. Another aspect that makes Shopify stand out is its marketing efforts and ability to acquire new store owners. They use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram for the sole purpose of advertising. Shopify does not advertise a particular store or an individual site, and this is not a part of their services.

You might notice other platforms advertising for an individual product or store. They repeatedly and commonly post advertisements for a particular store or a product. This does seem a good idea, but there is a hidden motive behind such notices. The more sales on their platform, the better they earn from every purchase. These charge a lot of additional fees to the sellers if they intend to sell on their platform.

How can you advertise your Shopify Store?

Marketing keeps changing from time to time. With the advent of technology, there are various mediums you can use to market your product. Depending on your product and the maximum possibility of attracting customers, you can choose the desired platform accordingly. There are numerous ways to go about marketing your product. Since Shopify does not advertise your product, how can you sell your product so that it reaches all the masses?

The main methods that most ecommerce and small businesses use are as below.

  1. Free Methods
  2. Paid Methods

Free Methods

This is the most effective and commonly used medium for content marketing and search engine optimization. With Shopify, this strategy becomes easy and effortless. The blog comes with complete blog functionality and helps you market your product on other platforms.

You can easily target the right audience by using the appropriate keywords and hence increasing your search engine optimization. You can increase the ranking of your product pages in the search engines and enable organic visitors to your site. So that people can easily search the store for what they have been looking for, and you wouldn’t have to navigate the customers through your store. They can quickly find their way to the desired department.

Another exciting way of gaining more visitors to your store is by writing in length about your product, the benefit it offers, target audiences, and other necessities. You can even use social media at your disposal. Nowadays, a majority of the population uses social media, so you can easily target the desired audiences and gain profit via these platforms.

Paid Methods

These methods include paying for advertising your product based on its terms and conditions. These, of course, differ for different sites. If you want only to target a particular type of audience, then this method can be beneficial for you. Using paid methods, you require minimal work and can easily broadcast to a large number of platforms.

You can use Facebook Ads to advertise your product. It is one of the most easily accessible and user-friendly platforms at your disposal. With this platform, you can target a specific audience and attract traffic to your store effectively.

Google Ads is another cost-effective way of advertising your product. This platform will elevate your store right on the top of the search engines. This is the area where people commonly click on, and this way, you can manipulate organic traffic to your store. With Google Ads, you pay based on the clicks you received. This way, you only pay for the visitors to your store and not for any random visitor to your store.

This method might sound a bit archaic to most users, but email marketing is one of the effective ways of introducing traffic to your store. While you can use these platforms for free of cost but eventually, you will have to pay for these platforms to make the most out of it.

You can use whichever method you want to use to attract more visitors to your store because it all comes down to the purchase of products from your store. An effective way to advertise your product is to target customers who have visited your store or purchased from the store.

Other paid methods include using banner ads or influencer marketing to make your product reach the audience.

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The Final Verdict

Shopify does not advertise for your store or product, but there are other methods and mediums that you can use to promote your product and gain enough traffic to your store. Even though it does not promote your product, it provides you with certain benefits that other retailers fail to deliver. With Shopify, you only give payment for the foundation, serviceability, and resources that would be tough and costly for you to set up and manage on your own.

Shopify makes setting up your store and other technical requirements easy for the customers, but they do not market an individual store or a product.

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Many people look for the easy way or a shortcut to get a code for a trial version. Some, for instance, believe that there’s a way that allows you to get the trial version forever. Well, if that is the case I have bad news: those codes do not exist, and it’s a form of digital scam. If you’re unlucky, your details could get compromised.

The codes given to you in places other than Shopify to crack the system are a way to deceive the user. They put you on a fake site so that you empty your information on a fake server and they can steal all your data.

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Shopify And Trial Codes

In the field of web development, many companies create special discount codes. The codes reach you through your email, and you must insert them in a text field for completing the process. An example of this is Godaddy, which creates monthly codes to give a considerable discount to the customer.

Other companies generate promo codes from tools and software combos. Godaddy once released a promotion where the WordPress platform was free.

There are virtual stores that also use this system for code discounts. An example is Amazon or eBay, where sellers can send a promotion code. The vast majority are discounted, but you can also find many diverse promotions.

The codes are fantastic, but the problem is that Shopify does not use this award system. Shopify does not have a promotion system by email or promo codes; they only have promotions on their website. For this reason, no one can receive a code when they do not even exist.

Swindlers take advantage of people’s ingenuity to steal money, information, or both. People put their data on fake Shopify promo codes and send it to a fake server. A computer vice is to put the same password on every personal account we have.

With this in mind, Hackers can get your password and access your email. If you have a Paypal or other payments processor account they can leave you blank with your information.

The Best Trial Code Isn’t A Code

The best trial versions do not have specific codes, which are sent to you by mail or a social network. The perfect trial code is the one that generates for you when you register on the platform for the test service. Shopify applies this principle, only creating a user code when you register.

Shopify allows you to register on the website from various links. You access the test version with a single click, and they show you all the data required for registration. The data is encrypted for identity protection and secured with a strict system.

When the data is filled in and sent, the system sends a confirmation email to ensure registration. By clicking on the activation button, the system initializes the account, and the person’s trial period begins. It clarifies that, by policies, the activation has to be done between 24 and 48 hours; otherwise, Shopify will terminate the account.

At the beginning of the trial period, you will be able to access the system and its features entirely by using your email or username and your password. The system will validate your data and provide you with all the tools for website design and digital marketing.

A feature of the trial version is the day counter until the end of the free period. At the top of the page, you will see an indicator with the days you have been in the system and how many days you have available.

What Features Do You Get With the Trial?

By accessing the Shopify test system, the company makes almost all of the tools available to you. In the designing part, you will have the free templates offered by the network, but you will not be able to access the paid models. The templates you have access to are for a blog, virtual store, and corporate websites, among others.

The available tools are free, such as marketing tools like Woocommerce. You can download the tools or programs to your desktop and add them to your website. You can configure it and adapt it to your taste, to improve the performance of your web portal.

Shopify also provides tools such as statistical analysis of all traffic on each page. You will be able to see the number of visits for each page, post, and product within the website.

Shopify allows you to publish publications or web articles for blogs, with topics or news of interest. For these items, you use an editing tool where you can place the elements to your liking. You will be able to put images and embedded videos from both the server and YouTube.

Other tools available in the trial version for blogs are comments and subscriptions. The blog posts allow comments and suggestions from readers on the subject. You can embed the subscription form so that readers can receive notifications and promotions of interest topics.

An essential feature is sending broadcast promotions for both articles and products. You will be able to send Webinars and newsletters to share promotions massively.

What Happens After 3 Days?

What happens at the end of the 3 days of testing? (You can view it here). Shopify freezes all tools available in the system. The website will remain as you left it, but you will not be able to manage it in any way. The system is blocked until you pay for the affiliation or payment of the platform management service.

The created website and the domain are maintained not to damage the person’s work. At the rate of 30 days, if you have not paid the cost of the service, the domain and the page is removed from the system forever.

If you wish to buy the platform, you will be able to do it with a credit card or certain payment processors. When the transaction is made, the platform will be activated again, and additional paid elements will be available to you.

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